Google Inc. et al v. Egger et al

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Declaration of Jennifer A. Kash In Further Support of Plaintiffs' Cross-Motion to Compel Production of Documents From Defendant Software Rights Archive, LLC filed byIAC Search & Media, Inc., Lycos Inc.. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A, # 2 Exhibit B, # 3 Exhibit C, # 4 Exhibit D, # 5 Exhibit E)(Kash, Jennifer) (Filed on 4/3/2009)

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EXHIBIT B Form PTO.I1595 (Rev. 07W05) OMB No. ('651-0027 (ex .6/3012008) To the Director of the U.S. Patent 1. Name of Conveying party(ies) Software flights Archive, Inc. L o8-15-2007 U,S. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE United States Patent and Trademark Office 111INfl11', 103436693 ---d4 documents or the new adclress(es) below. 2. Name and address of receiving party(les) Name: Software Rights Archive, LLC Internal Address: _____ Additional name(s) of conveying party(iss) attached?ESYes2] Nol 3. Nature of conveyance/Executlon Date(s): Execution Date(s) May 18. 2007 Street AddresS: 485 Madison Avenue 5 Assignment [j Merger City: New York State: New York. Z Change of Name HSecurity Agreement HJoint Research Agreement 5Govornment interest Assignment 5Executive Order 9424, Confirmatory License ITOther 4. Application or patent number(s): A. Patenf Application No.(s) 09/854,577' 11/404,824 Country: USA A A,dmcAe -Zip: 10022 ol,-hO ... r7y., AAdiina Inae 7m El This document is being filed together with a new application. B. Patent No.(s) 5,544,352 5,832,494 :>- DBYRNE 00000018 0 4577 (e .00 aP 6,233,571 o\ Additional numbers attached? []Yes ONo (S; I - 5. Name and address to wham correspondence concerning document should be mailed: Name: Andrew G. DlNovo Internal Address: DINOVO PRICE ELLWANGER LLP Street Address: P.o. Box 201690 ______________________________________ City: Austin Stte-e)s _Zi: 820160a. 6. Total number of applications and p44sts' involved: 7. Total fee (37 CFR 1.21 (h) & 3.41)$jjp H Authorized to be charged by credit card 5Authorized to be charged to deposit account I Enclosed 5 None required (governiment interest not affecting title) 8. Payment Information Credit Card Last State: Te~as78720-1690Expiration Zip: 4Numbers Date _______ _________ Phone Number: 512-681-4060b.DpstAcutNme _________ Fax Number 612-828-3410b.DpstAcutNme Email Adclress: adinovo( Authorized User Name __________ 9. Signature: Z z/tno? '_4190 l r Date 7 Total number of pages including cover kndrew G. DiNovo, DINOVO PRICE ELLWANGER LLP Name of Person Sianingi sheet, attachiments, and documents: Documents to be recorded (including covershest) should be faxed to (571) 27340140, or mailed to; Mil Stop Assignment Recordation Services, Director of the USPTO, P.O.Box 1450, Alexandria, VA. 22313-1450 PATENT REEL: 019714 FRAME: 0723

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