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Declaration of Julio C. Avalos in Support of 88 MOTION to Compel Complete Interrogatory Responses and Documetn Production from StudiVZ LTD, Holtzbrinck Venture GMBH and Holtzbrinck Networks filed byFacebook, Inc.. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit 1, # 2 Exhibit 2, # 3 Exhibit 3, # 4 Exhibit 4, # 5 Exhibit 5, # 6 Exhibit 6, # 7 Exhibit 7, # 8 Exhibit 8, # 9 Exhibit 9, # 10 Exhibit 10, # 11 Exhibit 11, # 12 Exhibit 12, # 13 Exhibit 13, # 14 Exhibit 14)(Related document(s) 88 ) (Gray, Thomas) (Filed on 1/27/2009)

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EXHIBIT 2 FCCM IEEE Symposium FCCM FCCM Home Call For Papers Program Committee Sponsors Conference Dates: Submission Deadline: Location: April 5-7, 2009 Jan 16, 2009 Napa, CA Field-Programmable Custom Computing Machines FCCM 2004 April 20-23, 2004 Napa Valley, California Submit Online! Session 1: Architecture Chair: Scott Hauck (University of Washington) Time-Critical Software Deceleration in an FCCM P. James-Roxby, G. Brebner, D. Bemmann (Xilinx and Humboldt University) Design Patterns for Reconfigurable Computing A. DeHon, J. Adams, M. DeLorimier, N. Kapre, Y. Matsuda, H. Naeimi, M. Vanier, M. Wrighton (Caltech) Virtual Memory Window for Portable Reconfigurable Cryptography Coprocessor M. Vuletic, L. Pozzi and P. Ienne (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne) Related Links Past Programs Top 10 Predictions Contact Session 2: Tools I Chair: Katherine Compton (University of Wisconsin) Overview of the FREEDOM Compiler for Mapping DSP Software to FPGAs G. Mittal, D. Zaretsky, X. Tang, P. Banerjee (Northwestern University) PyGen: A MATLAB/Simulink based Tool for Parameterized and Energy http://www.fccm.org/FCCM04.php (1 of 4) [1/27/2009 9:19:05 PM] FCCM IEEE Symposium J. Ou and V. Prasanna (University of Southern California) Session 3: Arithmetic I Chair: Tom Kean (Algotronix) Automated Least-Significant Bit Datapath Optimization for FPGAs M.L. Chang and S. Hauck (University of Washington) An Arithmetic Library and its Application to the Nbody Problem K.H. Tsoi, C.H. Ho, H.C. Yeung and P.H.W. Leong (Chinese University of Hong Kong) Unifying Bit-width Optimisation for Fixed-point and Floating-point Designs A. Gaffar, O. Mencer, W. Luk and P.Y.K. Cheung (Imperial College London) Session 4: Communications Applications Chair: Wayne Luk (Imperial College) A Dynamically Reconfigurable, Power-Efficient Turbo Decoder J. Liang, R. Tessier and D. Goeckel (University of Massachusetts) A Flexible Hardware Encoder for Low-Density ParityCheck Codes D-U Lee, W. Luk, C. Wang, C. Jones, M. Smith, J. Villasenor (Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine) Session 5: Networking I Chair: Brad Hutchings (Tabula) ShareStreams: A Scalable Architecture and Hardware Support for High-Speed QoS Packet Schedulers R. Krishnamurthy, S. Yalamanchili, K. Schwan, R. West http://www.fccm.org/FCCM04.php (2 of 4) [1/27/2009 9:19:05 PM] FCCM IEEE Symposium (Georgia Tech) Deep Packet Filter with Dedicated Logic and Read Only Memories Y. Cho and W. Mangione-Smith (UCLA) A Methodology for Synthesis of Efficient Intrusion Detection Systems on FPGAs Z. Baker and V. Prasanna (University of Southern California) Session 6: Applications I Chair: Satnam Singh (Microsoft) Smart Camera Based on Reconfigurable Hardware Enables Diverse Real-Time Applications M. Leeser, S. Miller and H. Yu (Northeastern University) FPGA-Based Acceleration of the 3D FiniteDifference Time-Domain Method J. Durbano, F. Ortiz, J. Humphrey, P. Curt, D. Prather (EM Photonics and University of Delaware) Session 7: Tools II Chair: Mike Butts (Tabula) Register Binding for FPGAs with Embedded Memory H. Al Atat and I. Ouaiss (Lebanese American University) Defect and Fault Tolerance for Reconfigurable Molecular Computing M. Tahoori and S. Mitra (Northeastern Univ. and Intel) Communications Scheduling for Concurrent Processes on Reconfigurable Computers M. Gokhale, C. Ahrens, J. Frigo, C. Wolinski (Los Alamos National Lab) Session 8: Applications II Chair: Maya Gokhale (Los Alamos National Lab) http://www.fccm.org/FCCM04.php (3 of 4) [1/27/2009 9:19:05 PM] FCCM IEEE Symposium Reconfigurable Molecular Dynamics Simulator N. Azizi, I. Kuon, A. Egier, A. Darabiha and P. Chow (University of Toronto) Accelerating Seismic Migration Using FPGA-based Coprocessor Platform C. He, M. Lu, C. Sun (Texas A&M University) Session 9: Arithmetic II Chair: Andre' DeHon (Caltech) Closing the gap: CPU and FPGA Trends in Sustainable Floating-Point BLAS Performance Keith D. Underwood and K. Scott Hemmert (Sandia National Labs) FPGA-Based Implementation of a Robust IEEE-754 Exponential Unit C. Doss and R. Riley (North Carolina A & T and AFRL) On-Line IEEE Floating-Point Arithmetic for FPGAs S. Krueger, P-M. Seidel (Texas Instruments and Southern Methodist University) Session 10: Networking II Chair: Jeffrey Arnold (Stretch) Scalable Multi-Pattern Matching on High-Speed Networks C. Clark and D. Schimmel (Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA) Pre-decoded CAMs for Efficient and High-Speed NIDS Pattern Matching Ioannis Sourdis and Dionisios Pnevmatikatos (Technical University of Crete) http://www.fccm.org/FCCM04.php (4 of 4) [1/27/2009 9:19:05 PM]

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