Netquote Inc. v. Byrd

Filing 176

Unopposed MOTION to Seal Reply Briefs and Exhibits in Connection with Defendants' Motions for Summary Judgment and to Exclude Plaintiff's Expert Witness by Defendants, Inc., Brandon Byrd. (Attachments: # 1 Proposed Order (PDF Only) Granting Motion to Seal)(Isenberg, Ryan)

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Netquote Inc. v. Byrd Doc. 176 IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLORADO Civil Action No. 07-cv-00630-DME-MEH NETQUOTE INC, a Colorado corporation, Plaintiff, v. BRANDON BYRD, an internet user making use of the IP Addresses and, and MOSTCHOICE.COM, Inc., a Georgia corporation Defendants. ______________________________________________________________________________ UNOPPOSED MOTION TO FILE DOCUMENTS UNDER SEAL IN CONNECTION WITH DEFENDANTS' MOTIONS FOR SUMMARY JUDGMENT AND MOTION TO EXCLUDE EXPERT TESTIMONY ______________________________________________________________________________ COMES NOW,, Inc. and files this Motion to File Documents Under Seal in Connection with Defendants' Motion for Summary Judgment and Motion to Exclude Expert Testimony and shows this Court the following: 1. The Court entered a protective order [Dkt. #74] on 8/23/07. 2. As part of the protective order, the parties have been granted the ability to designate certain documents as confidential and highly confidential, including documents produced and deposition transcripts. Page 1 of 3 3. Defendants wish to file Reply Briefs in support of its motions for summary judgment and to exclude plaintiff's expert witness. The replies include references to information and testimony, and exhibits, that have been designated by the plaintiff as confidential or highly confidential. Section 10 of the protective order requires documents that have been so designated to be filed under seal pursuant to LR 7.3. 4. Accordingly, defendants request permission to file the following under seal (1) (2) (3) Reply Brief (Re: Motion for Summary Judgment) Reply Brief (Re: Motion to Exclude Expert Witness Master Exhibit Supplement and Deposition Transcripts 5. Defendants have conferred with counsel for the plaintiff pursuant to LR 7.1 and the plaintiff does not oppose this motion. Dated this 18th day of January, 2008. s/ Ryan Isenberg Ryan L. Isenberg, Esq. Isenberg & Hewitt, P.C. 7000 Peachtree Dunwoody Road Building 15, Suite 100 Atlanta, Georgia 30328 Telephone: 770-351-4400 Facsimile: 770-828-0100 (Fax) Email: Page 2 of 3 CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE I hereby certify that on this 18th day of January, 2008, I served the foregoing Motion to File Documents under Seal by electronic delivery, as an attachment to an email, to the following counsel of record: David W. Stark Heather Carson Perkins Daniel D. Williams Theresa T. Tate FAEGRE & BENSON LLP 3200 Wells Fargo Center 1700 Lincoln Street Denver, Colorado 80203 s/ Ryan Isenberg Page 3 of 3

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