Doe 1 et al v. Ciolli et al

Filing 30

AFFIDAVIT re 25 Motion to quash subpoena. Signed By Steve Mitra filed by Doe 1, Doe 2. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit 1, # 2 Exhibit 2, # 3 Exhibit 3, # 4 Supplement 4, # 5 Exhibit 5, # 6 Exhibit 6)(Ramani, Ashok) Modified on 3/19/2008 to correct linkage (Grady, B.). (Additional attachment(s) added on 4/11/2008: # 7 Exhibit 1) (Grady, B.).

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Doe 1 et al v. Ciolli et al Doc. 30 Att. 3 EXHIBIT 3 02/07/2008 10: 07 fi at&t ~ ~ 2103701073 AT&T INTERNET SRVCS PAGE 01/02 Rhol'da K. Compton T: 210.351.5129 Legal Copllamie Manager F: 210.370.1073 AT&T Internet Servces 130 E. Travis St.. Rm. 3-P-01 San Antonio. TX 78205 Fa To: Steve Mit, Esq. Fax: 415.397.7188 From: Rhonda Compton To: Re: Civil SUbpoena Fax: Date: February 7,2008 Pages: 2 o Urgent CJ Far Rmrew o PleaŤ Comment 0 Plea Reply D PleōŤ Recyle ..Cammenl:: Tha Information contained in this facsimile messge may be confidential and/or legally privilege information iotendÍd 01'1)' for tho use of the indivdual or entity named above. If the reader of this massge Is not the intended reCipient, you are hereby notified that any copying, dissemInation or distributIon of confidential or privileged information is stctly prohibited. If you have received thIs conmuniÁaton in Írror, please Immediately noti 1.$1 by telephone. and we will arrange for the retum of the faimile. Thank you. &f~ Ptlicl ~'tI\i;Ql IJr ttla lj i O"r.(1~ ~'I"'" ~ at&t i‚ 02/07/2008 10: 07 2103701073 AT&T INTERNET SRVCS PAGE 02/02 ~ Rhonda K. Compton T: 210.351.5129 Legl Compliance Manager F: 210.370.1073 AT&T Internet Services 130 E. Travis St.. Rm. 3-P-Q1 San Antonio, TX 78205 February 7,2008 Steve Mitra, Esq. Keker & Van Nest, LLP some St. 710 San VIA FACSIMILE: 415.397.7188 San Francisco, CA 94111 Re: Civil Subpoena re: IP I and Doe II vs, Individuals whose true names are unknown, at al. IIn the U.S. District Court Central District of Californial Case No. Misc. District of Connecticut 07-CV-00909-CFD Dear Mr. Mitra: AT&T Internet Services (AT&T) (formerly known as SBC Internet Services) confirms its receipt of your subpoena dated February 1, 2008 and served on our registered agent February 4, 2008. This is to confrm the agreement we reached that AT&T will respond to this subpoena on February 25, 2008 in order to allow for proper customer notification and production of records. Further, due to increased demands on AT&T resources from third partes seeking its data, AT&T is forced to require compensation for costs in responding to civil subpoenas - as allowed by rules of procedure and applicable case law. AT&T charges a flat rate of $60.00 per search. Depending upon the nature of the request, this fee is charged per IP address search per email address search. This and/or fee is due and payable prior to the response date of the subpona_ Accordingly, since you've requested records pertaining to one (1) IP address on one (1) date/time, please forward a check in the amount of $45.00 payable to "AT&T Internet Services" and mail to the address listed above. Please note that this lesser amount reflects the difference after your $15.00 check is applied. Please call me if you have any questions. Best regards, G10,R.L Rhonda Compton Legal Compliance Manager AT&T Internet Services - Asset Protection (-c ~ :5...i:ir:r .~, ih~i 1I 'S C~lym""l' Tin" UBA

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