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Memorandum in opposition to re 13 MOTION to Dismiss or Transfer filed by PETER B.. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit 1 - Contractor E-mail# 2 Exhibit 2 - Zaid Declaration# 3 Exhibit 2a - CIA Secrecy Agreements# 4 Exhibit 3 - Doe v. Goss)(Zaid, Mark)

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PETER B. v. CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY et al Doc. 20 Att. 1 Case 1:06-cv-01652-RWR Document 20-2 Filed 06/21/2007 Page 1 of 1 On 10/4/06, brad juneau < > wrote: peter we need to speak. in our brief interaction i think you find me honest and frank. this relationship is trending in a direction i may not be able to recover. the customer you met with has declined any interest. their decline was a 'firm' decline. additional research on our side re your utility from there is finding some inconsistancies in what you provided and what is a matter of public record. please let me know when we can speak via telephone. b On 10/4/06, Peter [DELETED] <DELETED > wrote: Confirm receipt of your instructions. I have managed to clean up a few things and still working to that end. Do you want me to call you? p On 10/4/06, brad juneau < > wrote: peter, we need to speak. there are a number of things that have either surfaced or brewing that may undo what we are trying to do here. until we speak, please stand down on all activities. again, stand down on all activities. do not expend either money, time or energy until we speak. b

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