Filing 1733

NOTICE Of Filing Of Status Report Addressing Information Gathering Efforts Of Guantanamo Review Task Force by BARACK OBAMA, ROBERT M. GATES (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit)(Warden, Andrew)

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IN RE: GUANTANAMO BAY DETAINEE LITIGATION Doc. 1733 IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA ___________________________ IN RE: GUANTANAMO BAY DETAINEE LITIGATION Misc. No. 08-442 (TFH) 02-cv-0828, 04-cv-1136, 04-cv-1194, 04-cv-1254, 04-cv-1937, 04-cv-2022, 04-cv-2035, 04-cv-2046, 04-cv-2215, 05-cv-0023, 05-cv-0247, 05-cv-0270, 05-cv-0280, 05-cv-0329, 05-cv-0359, 05-cv-0392, 05-cv-0492, 05-cv-0520, 05-cv-0526, 05-cv-0569, 05-cv-0634, 05-cv-0748, 05-cv-0763, 05-cv-0764, 05-cv-0877, 05-cv-0889, 05-cv-0892, 05-cv-0993, 05-cv-0994, 05-cv-0998, 05-cv-1048, 05-cv-1189, 05-cv-1124, 05-cv-1220, 05-cv-1347, 05-cv-1353, 05-cv-1429, 05-cv-1457, 05-cv-1458, 05-cv-1487, 05-cv-1490, 05-cv-1497, 05-cv-1504, 05-cv-1505, 05-cv-1506, 05-cv-1509, 05-cv-1555, 05-cv-1592, 05-cv-1601, 05-cv-1602, 05-cv-1607, 05-cv-1623, 05-cv-1638, 05-cv-1639, 05-cv-1645, 05-cv-1678, 05-cv-1704, 05-cv-1971, 05-cv-1983, 05-cv-2010, 05-cv-2088, 05-cv-2185, 05-cv-2186, 05-cv-2199, 05-cv-2249, 05-cv-2349, 05-cv-2367, 05-cv-2370, 05-cv-2371, 05-cv-2378, 05-cv-2379, 05-cv-2380, 05-cv-2381, 05-cv-2384, 05-cv-2385, 05-cv-2387, 05-cv-2444, 05-cv-2479, 06-cv-0618, 06-cv-1668, 06-cv-1684, 06-cv-1758, 06-cv-1759, 06-cv-1761, 06-cv-1765, 06-cv-1766, 06-cv-1767, 07-cv-2337, 07-cv-2338, 08-cv-1085, 08-cv-1104, 08-cv-1153, 08-cv-1185, 08-cv-1207, 08-cv-1221, 08-cv-1223, 08-cv-1224, 08-cv-1227, 08-cv-1228, 08-cv-1229, 08-cv-1230, 08-cv-1231, 08-cv-1232, 08-cv-1233, 08-cv-1235, 08-cv-1236, 08-cv-1237, 08-cv-1238, 08-cv-1310, 08-cv-1360, 08-cv-1440, 08-cv-1733, 08-cv-1805, 08-cv-2083, 08-cv-1828, 08-cv-1923, 09-cv-0031, 04-cv-1166, 05-cv-0429, 05-cv-0431, 05-cv-0573, 05-cv-0766, 05-cv-1239, 05-cv-1310, 05-cv-1311, 05-cv-2223, 06-cv-0619, 08-cv-1173, 05-cv-0765, 05-cv-0886, 05-cv-1234, 05-cv-2348, 06-cv-1725, 08-cv-0864, 08-cv-1222 NOTICE OF FILING OF STATUS REPORT ADDRESSING INFORMATION GATHERING EFFORTS OF GUANTANAMO REVIEW TASK FORCE Pursuant to Court Orders in several Guantanamo Bay habeas cases,1 on April 16, 2009 Respondents filed a status report including the declaration of Matthew G. Olsen, Executive Director of the Guantanamo Review Task Force, addressing the efforts undertaken by the Guantanamo Review Task Force to assemble information in accordance with Section 4(c)(1) of Executive Order 13,492, 74 Fed. Reg. 4897 (Jan, 27 2009). Because the Task Force's information gathering efforts have been raised in many of the pending Guantanamo Bay habeas cases, Respondents hereby submit the status report in the above-captioned cases. Dated: April 20, 2009 Respectfully submitted, MICHAEL F. HERTZ Acting Assistant Attorney General TERRY M. HENRY Assistant Branch Director /s/ Andrew I. Warden ANDREW I. WARDEN (IN Bar 23840-49) PAUL E. AHERN Attorneys United States Department of Justice Civil Division, Federal Programs Branch 20 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20530 Tel: (202) 616-5084 Fax: (202) 616-8470 Email: Attorneys for Respondents 1 See, e.g., Order, Civ. No. 05-1646, Feb 9, 2009 (Dkt. No. 146) at 4-5; Order, Civ. No. 08-987, Mar. 4, 2009 (Dkt. No. 89) at 2; Order, Civ. No. 08-1101, Mar. 4, 2009 (Dkt. No. 85) at 2; Order, Civ. No. 04-1164, Mar. 27, 2009 (Dkt. No. 207) at 6; Order, Civ. No. 081101, Apr. 10, 2009 (Dkt. No. 104). -2-

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