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MOTION to Compel by BASHIR GHALAAB (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit 1)(jf, )

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EXHIBIT A U.S. Department of Justice CivilDivision Federal Programs Branch P.O. Box 883 Washington, D.C. 20044 Ter'ry M. HenrY Senior Trial Counsel Tel: Fax: (202) 514-4107 (202) 616-8470 Email: August 6,2008 Dear Counsel: Guantanamo Bay habeas As discussed in the Joint Status Report of July 2!,2008,in the respondents' August l 2008 ' corpus «ases being coordinated by Judge Hogan, as well as of the unclassified paper record of the Supplemental Status Report, please find encl,osed a copy detainee(s). Respondents hereby combatant status Review Tribunal ("csRT") for the indicated ..protected information" under tķe protective order regime applicable in this casež designate as by blue highlighting'. Such any informatiůn in unclassified documents that is marked permitterl under the protective iniormation, though unclassified, may not be disclosed except as and until the Court rules that such order a°rd is to be treated as "protected information" unless information should not be protected' protective Order and Procedures for Counsel Access to Detainees at the on November 8, 2004,344 F ' United States Naval Base in GuantŠnamo Bay, Cuba, first issued Procedures for "Protected Supp. 2d 174 (D.D.C. 2004);(2) Order Addressing Designation (3) Order Supplementing and Amending Information,,, first issued on November 10, 2004;and Order, first issued on Filing Procedures Contained in Novemb et 8,2004 Amended Protective December 13,2004. ž See Amended DePartrnent of Defense Director, CoŮbaÝnt Status Review Tribunals OARDEC/Ser:0316 3 November 2004 FOR OTTTCIAL USE ONLY From: Director, Combatant Status Review Tribunal Subj:REvIEwoFCOMBATANTSTATI]SREvIE\ryTRIBI]NALFoR DETAINEEISN # 175 Ref: 2A04 (a) Deputy Secretary of Defense Order of 7 Jķy of 29 July 2004 (b) Secretary of the Navy Order Review Tribunal that Detainee ISN #175 I concur in the decision of t]re combatant status (a) and in accordance with references meets thÁ criteria tor designśion as an  t"-yű;ta1Ņnt, (b). l. 2. This case is now considered frnal and ttre detainee will be scheduled for an Administrative Review Board Distribution: FOR OTFICIAL USE ONLY 0000Ż1 TJNCLASSIFIED ' zNov @ MEMORANDUM From: Iśgal Advisor i;- Ůir„°,ot, Combatant Status Review Tribunal Subi: LEGAL SUFHCIEI{CY REVTE:W REVIETýÕ ()F COMBATAI'IT STATUS TRIBIJNAL FOR DETAINEE.ISN # I75 ? July 2004 (a) Deputy Secretary of Defense Order of 2004 ŕnplementation Direldve of 29 July @) Secretary of the Navy Refi Encl: (l) Appointing 2004 Order for Tribu°al #7 of 13 September (2) Record of Tribunal Proceecltngs l.Irgalsuf[rciencyreviewhasbgencompletedont}rqsubjectCombatantStatusRofvthe Tribunal' I e iew (a) ;f0;] Aft;;;Ś;—ng the record Tribunal in accordance with referen°es find tbat: affirnŗtively declined the Tribunal p*lcess and a. The detaiuee was properĢ notified of ,o participate in the Tribunal proceedings' b.'TheTribunalwasproperlyconvenedand.constih°tedbyenclosure(1). c.TheTribunalcompliedwithallprovisionsofreferences(a)and(b). d.]hedetaineemadenofequestsforwitnessesorotherevidence. e.TheTribunal,sdecisionthatdetainee#lT5isproperlyclassifiedasanensmy cornbatant was unanimous' . ! -- ŅL^ the record I f.Thedetainee,sPersonalRepresentativewasgiventtreTrib°nal' toreview -oppof.tgnity conm"nts to the of proceedings and declined to suUmii 2.TheproceedingsanddecisionoftheTribunala'relegaltysufficientandnocorrectiveactionis required. be consideied final' be app-mved and the case that the decision of the Tribunal 3. I recornmend I.JNCI..ASSIFIED 000002 °: @ Tribunals irector, ComUataot Sutus Rcview 13 SeP 04 Denarhent of Defense Revitw Tribr°°sls From: –irector, Combafent Stķ°s Subj:APPOINTMENTOFCOMBAT'{ITITSTATUSRBVIEWTRIBTTNAL#7 2004 Appointmenrt fśňer of 9 luly Ro  (a) Convening Authority Bvthoar°thoritygiventomoinref lrc°°ce(a),aCombatantStatusReviProceķ°resl for cwTrib lu ;iűLuiuŪ"rÔ„t*-n"-i* T4bP"t dat'eŲ29uJuly 2004 *ķor°rna uy c\°bB" cfusntķsnroš"f—""rr Enmy combafants Dst°i°ed at tŪ-titŁ Uu U'oogķt'teforc it witliout fi°rther i° huýy convcneŅ fish"lžirr s°cn *tioo oirefe'nat or oňe°rwiso' -Itpt.-;šš; *o n*' ThofollowingconmissiorcdoŮcergshallśrveasmembtr8oftbgTlibungl: MEMBERS: rColonol, U,S.'lrrrrl PrśidÝt Navr' Mtmber (JAc) :iiŚnn°pŅer'J-AGc, U'S' i tetsdComander, U'S' NavY' Membcrr jiu.rtt„i Adminl Civil EneiDc r CorPs Unftňd S'tdce Nsval ResŮ'c 000003 HEADQUARTERS, OARDEC FORWARD GUANTANAMO BAY' CUBA APO AE 09360 6 october 2004 MEM'RAND'M FoR DIREcroR, csRT FROM: Commander SUBJECT: CSRT Record of Proceedings ICO ISN# 175 of the ImplementÝtion of Combatant Status Rettievt Bry NavÝl Base' Cuba TrŪbunal Proceduresfor Enemy CombAÝnti Detaineiat Guantanamo Tribunal Decision Report for dated 29 July 2004, I am forwarding t°e ComUaÝ"t St"to Review the above mentioned ISN for review and actiůn' 1. Pr°°suant to Enclosure (1), paragraph (–(5) 2. this matter is the If there.are any questions-lggafding this package, point of contapt on undersigned at ColonŤl,.USAI 088004 ffi (u) (2) and (3)' (U) This Docr°ment is UNCLASSIFIED Upon Removal of En'closures ({– TRIBI.INAI PANEL: #7 (U) ISN#: - I7s Ref: (u) convening order °Á° 1'°iĢrrnnl #7 of 13 september 2004 (U') (l– &t ttJ) cSRr ImflemenÝtion Directivg 9f.z!!ty 2004 of 7 Julv 20M (u) (.t (– DEPSECDEF Memo (a) . (g) Euclj (l) (U) Unclassified S'mmary of tra"is For T°ibunat Decision Decision (S/°i– Ťt flt, Classified S rmmary ůf n*ir fs° friĢun‚l (Sil"iF) igÕ G– Copies ofDocumentary Evidence Presented (4t ({J) Personal RepresentatŪve's Record Review (J) 1. (t– This Tribu°at u/af° convened by referen"Ô {u) and.(b) to makc a deterrrination as an enemy combatant as to whetber the detainee meets the oriteria to be designated defined in reference (c). as of, or affiliated 3. (ti) Inparticular, the Tribr°nal finds that this detainee is a member in hostilities are engaged wit!, Taliban o, ru Qšidu forr.r, or associated forces that in'the against the UnŪted. Sta°es or its coalition parbrers, as more enclosrues. ftlly discussed 4.(t.–Englosure(1)providesanunclassifiedaccountol-tn'}*jfortheTribunal's. by the Tribunat and its findings decision. A detaŪled Śccor°nt of the evidence considered offact are contained in enclosures (l) and (2)' Cťlbnel, U.S. ArmY Tribunal President DERV FM: MultiPle Sdurces DECLASS: XI ffi 000005 T'NCI,ASSIFIED//FOUO @nclosure(1)toCombatantstatusReviewTribunqlDecisionReport) TRIBT.TNAI, ISN#: PANEL: 175 #7 l. Introduction (CSRT) Decision Reoort indicates' the As ttrE Combatant Status Review f°iĢrrnal as an enemy combatant Tribunal has determined that this deaineš ý*;dJ'ly;ktsified I".f*hi"g its coriclusions' the or and was part of or supportŪng Taliban information' The foltowing is an T°ibunal considered b„th classifieŅ unŅ,.°ncfņsified uv {e Jnrya and other pertinent account ofthe unclassified evidence .o*ÓŅ"t"„ (2) is discussed in Enclosure tfit °iÔt šnŪt*t. information. to "uiŅro.r.o*iŅ"šiy the CSRT Decision.RePort . Cf*sifiJ i°°*al 2. SynoPsis of Proceedings The Tribunal held this hearing on Tribrural'the Octobe r2A04, At the sturt oetut is adrnitśd that his trr°e name PersonalReprt'"otutiut state„ ttrat rett"ű;√;l;"fue To it h"d been previously believed' Bashir Ghalaab,not Hassan Mujt for the and-the Reco°der confinned resolve this conflict, both the f*:"f"LR"Ů;;;t"tive Muianma RŅbai said' trtt-Ś„šÓt** √ reco°d that io rart, ň√-hir ar'uruuu is Said also apply io Bashir'GhalaŅb' Thus, exhibits refening to Hassan M"jt I -1nštuljfi; -" ķ°ti g*t* The Recorder presented Exhibits R-l and ofEvidence (F':<hibitR-1)' Tribunal. The primary extribit-theUo"f*in.„-SuŚmary and At th. d.t"tt;; il;sociated with the Taliban indicates, among othei things, q { and Pakistan to Tive that ttre ŅetJinee-traÓeŪed from Qaida; early 2001 ; trat the Al Farouq trainins camp in in Afghanistan; Łr; th; Ś"Ýio." attended forces in the Tora the detainee provided support'for.ilid "ķi"tt-ddition on computer that the'deŗi°ss'5 nams was c‚Ptufed Bora region of The Recorder called no witnesses' a;id; media assocŪated on the Detainee in the tribun°°t process- as indicated The detafulee elected to not p1{cipate tell his Personal Represmtative Election Form (Exhibit D-a). The d.t of Evidence' Other than on tn" U*futsifi'ed Summary he denied that perrŚll-n'pttttntuti"e gesented no evidence and relating the detaine;t ŗenials; tn calledio witnesses on behalf of the detdinee' R'2 ýring the unc]3ssrlea no°f9i,qf*t,. lryl q*shf1fy:lra+ ű;ti"* tttttt. Afű;;štand ffi;šil4 h;;ti;h"*t*" il;itlr;;rrŠÝo* Druingtheclassi.fiedsessionoftheTribunal,theRqcgaderpresentedevidence' -Neither tlie r ExhibitsR 3 ttnougb R-l t. rn" i".ronal Repres#š;;;;tot "o°i""sified on the evidence' A-fter considering recorder nor the Personal Representatišcojmented , LNCLASSTF'IEI)//FOUO ,"rtt:H?ts) Page I of3 000006 T'NCLASSIFIED//FOUO and the detainee's denials' the Tribunal the unclassified and the classiŮed evidence, Ņ"t"i"„ i, p.perly classified as an eBemy combatant. determined that the 3. Evidence Coneidered by the Tribunal TheTribr°°alconsideredthefollowingevidenceinreachirgitsconclusions: a. Exhibits: R-l througlrR-ll and D-a' b. Testimony of the following persons: None' c. Statement ofthe detŅinee: None' 4.RulingsbytheTribunalonDetaineeRequestsforEvidenceorWiķnesses The Detainee requested no witnesses' be produced' The Detainee requested no additional evidence 5. Discusslon of Unclassified Evldence R-2 into evidence druing the unclassified The recorder offered Exhibits R'l and While this ofE 'idttt"e' of the prooeeding. ň,.btilt tui ir tnr Uyištif"JSt--tty t°" t°birnal can Íxpect to "ii:-thšÔtt ķ√d.stii"ŗil'*11"" slategenq withor°t supporýing surnmary is belĢflrl "i*t'"t providel„nclusory see, it is not persuuri* io t°u:tit th"FŮ;š;;d;"-;tdfiTtioP pitydtgő"-Ó:l,lt unctassified "uiŅer,Ś-B*r,iuitnlz, r-J1*tffit"iŅence for AŚÓŅ°unA to consider evidence. Because there was r,o oth.r tbe t*e1**qint"teft his Personal Representative' other thanthe on the the.assertions Tribual had to 1*f-i;=ķt";" Ņ "xttiuitt to-support the t#iŮ;„Ū'sionolusions' A discussion of Unclassified Sumnary of Evidence portion d.aiš;i;;Jt ^d tnt ů".Uatant Status Rwiew Tribr°nal classified evideuce is'found inEnclosr°re"fZň DecisionRePorL 6. Consultstions with the CSRT Legal Advisor with the this hearing that required consultation No iszues arose during the cor°rse of CSRT Legal Advisor' 7. Conclusions of the Tribunal makes the presented in this matter' the Tribrmal ca°eful review of all the evidence unon foUo*i"e deśrminations : evidence in tfie Tribunal oroceeding' No a. The detainee chose'not to participate mentallv atrd Śetainee was r" was produceŅ a"tÓ"*eltn" irit*„t 'ht qňffiiltňt I]NCLAS SIF'IED//FOUO' ISN #175 Enclosure Page 2 (l) of3 00000? TJNCLASSIFIED//FOUO to do so' he physically capable of participating-in the. proceeding' had *"s t"quested or deemed trecessary' Accordingly, no -.di„J o, ttot„t heŅlthevaluation **tÝ b.ThePersonalRepresentativeinfornedtheTribunalthatthedeainee participate,as indicafed in Exhibit D'a' underbtood the tibunšŮ;ffi;"n„tt *t to he c. The detainee is properly classŪfied as Šn enemy combatantbecause that a°e engaged in forces of or s'pporting Tatiban or ei quidu fot""t, * √tociateš States or its coalition parhers' hostilitiŤi against the United was part E. DissentŪng Tķbunal Member's report None. The Tribunal reacheda unanimous decision' Respectfully submitte4 cdi6riÍ['‹:S-'AidY Tribrmal President IJNCLASSIFIED//F'OUO ISN#I?s Enclosure (1) Page3 of3 0tŁ008 UNCLASSTTED//rouo DETAIFIEE ELECTION FORM 2004 Ģs1s° 29 SePtember Start Time: 1300 hrs End Time: i337 hrs ' ISN#: 175 Perconal RePresentative: (Name/Rank) - TranslatorRequired? YES Language? ARABIC CSRTProcedureReadtoDetainee--rW--t-t.-n----p--Re- dbyDetainee?YES. -- o --- ri e- Co - y ---a Detainee Election: n tr Wants to ParticiP‚te in Tribunal in Tribunal Affrrmatively Declines to Participal* n Personal Representative Comments: on any ofthe evtdence he did not Personal RePresentativ*" UNCLASSIFIEDi/FOUO L ňxlribit –- a- T}NCLASSIFIED CŰmbatant Status Reviev Board ' TO: Personal RePresentative FROM: QIC, CSRT (20 SePtember 04) ReviewTribunal- Ghalazb'Bashir subjecÔ snmmary of Evidence fqr combatŚnt status Navy MemorandurS JiO9l' 1. Under the provisiors of the Secretary of the Enemy Combatants o°ComÝitant Status n""°"|Ł°niol Pro""duresfor ImplementotÕon Ų.iŚi^l°A"*lhas been appointed to reviewthe Detained at GuantanÝmo Bry NÝal Base „"tainee's designation as an enemy combatanl dated 29 Jul V 2. ?'ff :"'-"ž'Ų:iš:?ffi ffi Ś1ÔitriÚi'"fi#Ó;'**:t*;,š':nf ŁH.:l*flÓl'i Anenemy combatant has been defin:q * "T, ildlllt^9:::,:Ôffii-"i""iiffi#tt*; i#i,"f ŁŚiiŚŚÔš.i:žtrjffidšši;:,.,;;-l"commitredaberiserentactorhas forces'" h"Ūdlid; i" of il;dűportea aid enemv armed detainee is an eneriry d:1"*Ō1]|1:*t 3. The Unit…d SÝtes Government has previously United State's that on infonnation possessed bv ttre combatant. fni, a"t"r-ioution is baseš against the United indicares that the detainee is an a'-Qaida States or its coalitio'n Partners' t;b;;td-tti„gtŅ in hostitities The detŅinee al'Qaida l. 2. finally Trukey, Iran, and Pakistan respectively' –etainee Eaveled from Syria, through aniving at Jalalabad, rń,ith assisrance operative: 'i . Afgbanista°' AfehanistŚn and then on to euetta Detainee was smuggle{ from lran into office in Zabedan, Iran' r pakistan Ż.šň,lrrÓ;"ķňht (Jr i;i';iJ Tablighi) 3. Detainee attended the Al Farouq Eaining camp 4. Detainee was abodyguśd for Usama Bid'Laden' with a senior al captured ha°d d°ives associa°pd detainee's name was on a list of 5 . The Qaeda member in early 2001' 6. ffi šr*"uouu,Afghanistanaround"'-::lo^:1|,o.tril,Óff HÓlf *u with j: |ff"T# iššš1i"iŚffi šr;;;. ;";,h;, Ōff1ffi;Śiššin;*-;o', ontinued to akistan , ,-r ůn llfžo°¬mhcr?O0l^- 16 December 200l' and was rupt*.a p operations against the coalition' Tlrc detsinee participated in mititary Bora' vvith dutiqs consisting of wťapoas Pn"rrary at Tora 1. Detainee was in charge U*Ņi"g out ammunition and taking inventory' of Detaineeworkedinoneofthesupplycaves,loadingandunloadingzuppliesforother mujahideen.  se TINCLASSIFTEI) *"Fobootg Ó4* I E}GTIBIT I]NCLASSIFIED 3. Detainee was in Tora Bora after enough suPPlies' 1l fighting groups had se,ptember 2001 making sr°fe an enemy combatant' The -r!*„ia„y 4. The detainee has the opportunity to contest his reasonabĢ ayaila.bfe TTj:::: * for the pt Tribunat will endeavor to arrange combatant' ,Ņr ;t Ů;;";; t"ir1"y11°" Ůe is not an enemv evidence that the d.t"inš;;r#, io oievidence or v°itnesses' t Óto-n"urt The Tribunal president will detemine t°t "u"iurinty designation aŃ° 0Żs014 oLor 2. PoEe TTNCLASSIEIEII I I I 6 Memorandum 6 Date ' –epartment of –efenee o9/t5/2oa4 &fi;;;ň-eŅ*i"istrat'ive i„t-P„t"ined FBI GTMO Review «Pn'r'atants ' PgÁrnY Ť„"oi"tterrorism Divi sion' űf f iŚ" of General- Cq.U+g_e_l,,ir; Asst. Gen. Counset sullect REQUEST FOR RED'‚'CTION OF I'TATI oN4°r '.9E«URITI IņIFORMATION Jurv prošedures for Naval Base, cul„, sŚct'ion.D' nat ň;„!tl-3:^lnu Śli ,'ft%"iff" rera'Les Lo'che hiF:lś;Ś: :*"'šŚ'B#Ó:l!i:ii:!iŚ iif5ň*io' unrt„Ņ-siŠtÁgt-'' rnappropķiate' ionar damaqe the natronal """,rtit!"„r-tŮe diesemin‚r,ion Śi"„Óa-Ô"e„r*"if"tt-„"ýfŅ ;Ů;;e*is-e-enssi-ns FBI secur_iEy of Áh9. u4iued. sreges"Śiš invŗstigations DETERMINATION THAT THE o::der PureuanE to t'he Secretary "Õ :l-t-. L-*tribu°ral qt Ú„Ř'ba't'ant Review 2004, l*pišš„"i„eio" Guantanamo Bay Enemy combaean;;;;Ņ;i"ed aE- --=-#-* of 29 CERTIFICATIoNTHATREDŚ.CIqPINFoRMATIoN-D-oESNoTS‹PPqRTA NOi EN ENE}TY COMBATA}ffI DETAI—š-iÔ redactiolt The FBI cerLifies the aforemen»ioned a deeermination l suPPorE conbains no information thaE ewouydcombatant' ie noE an nem rhat the deLainee to The following d'ocumenEs relative' trt" oARDEC' piŚii„„„-iů been redacLed. by r,he FBr and 'ISN l-75'have GTIvlo: lRedactions are bLackened out on tb.e document. esee Execu»ive O‚.RDEC ProvLded FBI order L2958 000015 2' «irr9r:. I c)t 'yil L'-ttit, exhiuit- :l» I )Uttqrt 'Ó °'r r; ) . I -pJeg g-g - c onE a c Memorandum ň:'Ō"ffiŲŁšsi-ňŲš ffiÕi√crÔoŮ, from Õlo cof i og ll,s lzrrŲ+ Asslstant General Counselj r f you ne ed add i t i--..4-?1"'eFŚe*t'-qrr'-qÁt'' t 000016 I I I I TINCTASSIT'MD//FOUO Personal Representative Review of the Record of Proceedings to ten:Y'$:I acknbwledge tbat oo{ Ortob.r2004,I was provided tht o.pportunity #175' ,."o„ of prŚr"aings'Śr-tit; Coo,t"Ý"t Sffius Review Tribr°nŅl involving ISN ,rr,/nuu"no comments. My comhents are attached. tt ‘rf *,>V Name Date Signature ' ' rsN #175 Enclosure (4) TTNCLASSI[.IED//FOUO 0000G9 EXHIBIT B TELEPHONE (713) 9s1-3700 BncK, Rnnonx & Sncnnsr, LLP ATTORNEYS 122T FACSIMILE (113)9St-3720 ONE HOUSTON CENTER MCKINNEY STREET, SUITE HOUSTON' TEXAS 77010-2010 45OO WRITER'S DIRECT DIAL (7r3) 951-623s WRITER'S EMAIL August 15,2008 Re: Bay Cuba BashŪr Ghalaab, Detainee, Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, Guantanamo and Robert M' vs. George W. Bush, PresŪdent of the UnŪted States of America Gates, Secretary of Defense of the united states of AmerŪca In the United Siatťs District Court for the District of Columbia Bashir Ghalaab C. A. No. 1:08-CV-01104 Terry M. Henry United States Department of Justice Civil Division, Federal Programs Branch 20 Massachusetts, N'\M. V/ashington, D.C. 20530 Dear Mr. Henry: Fax 202.616.8470 of the CSRT for On August 6, 2008, you sent me a aopy of the u°classified record the-first information Bashir Ghalaab (ISN 175). While I appreciŠted receiving it, and it is helpful. All of the about my client that I have received-from the Government, it is not .,information" contained in the unclassified CSRT record can be obtained on substantive the internet. In fact, by its own description, the unclassified summary of evidence "is not unclassified persuasive in that it provides cůnclusory statements without supporting evidence.,, The Tribunal "had to look to the classified exhibits to support the assertions...." Thus, I am writing to request that you provide access to me, consistent the with the terms of the protective Order, ol a[ of the classif,red evidence submitted to csRT to determine Ghalaab's status as an enemy combatant. the Government has already submitted the classified evidence to the Secure copy of Facility, please let me know. Otherwise, I request that the Government place a the cl‚ssžfied evidence in the Secure Facility as soon as possible and advise me immediately when it is available to review. If 408604 Mr. Terry M. HenrY August 15,2008 Page2 returns rcalizethat the Government has been ordered to provide amended factual the in all of the pending habeas aases. Perhaps the Government intends to supplement I understand I must wait CSRT record to suplort its case against deiaining Ghalaab, and there is no my turn to get u"".r, to this supplťmental information. Meanwhile, however, th.-.vidence already gathered and used at the CSRT hearing reason why you cannot "opy and place it in the Secure Facility. I I look forward to hearing from you soon' Very truly yours, MF/smc Judry L. Subar (Fax 202.616.8470) United States Department of Justice Civil Division, Federal Programs Branch 20 Massachusetts, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20530

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