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MOTION for Leave to Appear Pro Hac Vice :Attorney Name- Corynne McSherry, :Firm- Electronic Frontier Foundation, :Address- 815 Eddy Street, San Francisco, CA 94109. Phone No. - (415) 436-9333. Fax No. - (415) 436-9993 Filing fee $ 100, receipt number 0090-3862145. Fee Status: Fee Paid. by PUBLIC.RESOURCE.ORG, INC. (Attachments: #1 Affidavit of Corynne McSherry, #2 Text of Proposed Order)(Stoltz, Mitchell)

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UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA AMERICAN EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATION, INC., AMERICAN PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION, INC. and NATIONAL COUNCIL ON MEASUREMENT IN EDUCATION, INC., Plaintiffs, v. PUBLIC.RESOURCE.ORG, INC., Defendant. ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) Civil Action No.: 1:14-cv-00857-CRC MOTION TO ADMIT CORYNNE MCSHERRY PRO HAC VICE Pursuant to Local Civil Rule 83.2(d), MITCHELL L. STOLTZ, counsel for Defendant, Inc. in this matter, and a member in good standing of the bar of this Court, respectfully moves this Court for an Order admitting Corynne McSherry as counsel pro hac vice. Ms. McSherry is a member in good standing of the Bar of California and is the Director of Intellectual Property at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, located at 815 Eddy Street, San Francisco, California 94109. Accompanying this Motion is Ms. McSherry’s declaration containing the information required for pro hac vice motions pursuant to Local Civil Rule 83.2(d). Counsel for Defendant has conferred with counsel for the Plaintiffs concerning this motion as required by Local Civil Rule 7(m). Plaintiffs consent to the pro hac vice motion. In accordance with Local Civil Rule 7(c), a proposed order is filed herewith. Dated: October 6, 2014 Respectfully submitted, /s/ Mitchell L. Stoltz 1 Mitchell L. Stoltz ELECTRONIC FRONTIER FOUNDATION 815 Eddy Street San Francisco, CA 94109 Telephone: (415) 436-9333 Facsimile: (415) 436-9993 Attorneys for Defendant, Inc. 2

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