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MOTION to Dismiss under the D.C. Anti-SLAPP by ROGER STONE (Attachments: # 1 Declaration, # 2 recent unpublished opinion, # 3 Text of Proposed Order)(Buschel, Robert)

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IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT  FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA    ROY COCKRUM, SCOTT COMER,  and ERIC SCHOENBERG,    Plaintiffs,    v. Case No. 1:17-cv-1370-ESH      DONALD J. TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT, INC.  and ROGER STONE,    Defendants.  ___________________________________________/       HTIFFIRG LIGRIV FO NOITARALCED     I, Virgil Griffith, hereby declare:   1. I  am  a  cognitive  computer  scientist.  This  means  I  study  and  develop how computers think, calculate, and communicate.  2.   I  received  my  Bachelor’s  degree  in  Computer  and  Cognitive  Science  from  the  University  of  Alabama.  I  hold  a  Ph.D.  in  Computational  and  Neural Systems from the California Institute of Technology.  3.   I  currently  am  a  research  scientist  for  Ethereum  Asia  Pacific  Limited researching cryptocurrency and blockchain designs.  4. My  education  and  experience  in  the  form  of  a  curriculum  vitae  is  attached to this declaration.   5. Part  of  my  education  and  background  includes  the  creation  of  WikiScanner.  WikiScanner  is  a  publicly  searchable  database  that  linked  millions  of  anonymous  edits  on  Wikipedia  to  the  organizations  where  those  edits  apparently  originated  by  cross-referencing  the  edits  with  data  on  the  owners  of  the  associated  block  of  IP  addresses.  WikiScanner,  for  example,  exposed  edits  that  Diebold  Election  Systems  and  CIA  employees  were  making  to Wikipedia pages.  6. My  education,  background,  and  experience  qualify  me to comment  and opine on “hacking” and who, where, and when data is edited.  7. I  was  tasked  with  reviewing  the  lawsuit  (“complaint”)  in  the  above  entitled  caption  and  then  answer  two  questions:  1)  Are  the  allegations  of  the  complaint  clear  enough  to  determine if it is possible to identify the hackers of a  databased  described  as  belonging  to  the  Democratic  National  Committee;  and,  2)  even  if  adequately  described  can  a  hack  be  traced  back  to  a  particular  individual or individuals?  8. Some  lay  people  have  misconceptions  about  what  “hacking” is and  it  can  be  confusing  unless  there  is  a  model  for what it means. To begin with, it  is  may  be  helpful  to  conceptualize  the  term  “hacking”  by  changing  the  term  to  “breaking and entering” of a physical structure, such as a home.  9. In  the  allegations  of  the  hacking  there’s  no  description  of  the  method  of  that  hacking,  or  any  description  of  any  technical  process  to  trace,  connect,  or  identify  someone  or  group  in  a  particular  country  responsible  for  hacking  the  database  belonging  to  the  Democratic  National  Committee.  In  other  words,  in  the  allegations  of  the  “breaking  and  entering”,  there  is  Declaration Virgil Griffith 2 insufficient  evidence  to  determine  if  Russian  intelligence  carried  it  out,  beyond  than  Plaintiffs  merely  asserting  such.  To  satisfactorily  evince  Main  Intelligence  Directorate  (GRU)  involvement  would  require  sophisticated  forensics  and  information probably only available to United States intelligence.  10. Based  upon  the  allegations  as  stated,  and  no assumptions outside  of the complaint, the allegations are not specific enough to prove or disprove. In  other  words,  there  is  insufficient  evidence  to  directly tie Russian intelligence to  the hack of the Democratic National Committee.  11. Solely  by  technical  means, it would be nearly impossible to identify  which organization hacked the computer where a database was stored.    I  declare  under  penalty  of  perjury  that  the  foregoing  is  true  and  correct.  Executed in Singapore, Singapore this fifth day of September, 2017.       Virgil Griffith, Ph.D.  Declaration Virgil Griffith 3 Dr. Virgil Griffith AVANT-GARDE TECHNOLOGIST · SCIENTIST  | Virgil_Griffith | Biography |  +65 8822 1365 |  virgilgr |  virgil Summary I mix novel technology and social insight to solve hard problems in legal tech, blockchains, and smart-contracts. Interests Notable Work Proficiencies privacy enhancing technologies, data-science, Internet governance, legal tech, machine intelligence, complexity theory Blackboard, Maiden Names, Polyworld, WikiScanner, Musicthatmakesyoudumb, ϕ, Tor2web, Tor Roster, OnionLink A Python, R, LTEX, C++, Haskell, Splunk, MATLAB, git, awk, Tor, dark web, Mac OSX, Linux, statistics, information theory Education California Institute of Technology PH.D. COMPUTATION AND NEURAL SYSTEMS • Information theory and high-performance C++ for quantifying neural network complexity • Thesis: Quantifying Synergistic Information / Advisor: Christof Koch / GPA 3.4 University of Alabama B.S. COMPUTER AND COGNITIVE SCIENCE • Graduated cum laude in May 2007. Studying cognitive psychology, neuroscience, biophysics. GPA 3.7 Pasadena, CA Sept 2007 - Dec 2013 Tuscaloosa, AL Sept 2002 - May 2004 Employment Ethereum Foundation RESEARCH SCIENTIST • Reviewing technical papers in game theory, distributed systems, blockchains. • Developing decentralized VPN system to replace Tor. Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCHER • Researching graph-theoretic patterns in Darkweb and quantifying of Singapore’s social segregation. Intelllex SENIOR DATA SCIENTIST • Machine Learning for LegalTech doing document classification and search engines result prioritization. National University Singapore: School of Computing RESEARCH FELLOW • Led dark web research group; advised cryptocurrency group. Toroken TECHNICAL PRODUCT MANAGER • Led team to develop a blockchain-based currency for running Tor relays. • Won 250k at 2014 Texas Bitcoin Conference. Adruptive Industries CO-FOUNDER • Invented a targeted advertising method so effective browsers were patched to stop it. Indiana University: School of Informatics RESEARCH ASSOCIATE • Derived mother’s maiden name for ~10% of Texans. Oct 2016 – Present Singapore Sept 2016 – Present Singapore March 2016 – Sept 2016 Singapore Mar 2015 – Feb 2016 San Francisco, CA Feb 2014 – Sept 2014 San Francisco, CA Dec 2008 – Jan 2012 Bloomington, IN June 2004 – May 2007 University of Alabama: Arts and Sciences NETWORK ADMINISTRATOR • Maintained department websites and over 400 servers/workstations. • Supervised Beowulf supercomputing cluster Hecklers Entertainment PHP AND PALM PILOT DEVELOPER 8 MARCH 2016 Singapore Tuscaloosa, AL Feb 2003 – May 2004 Birmingham, AL 1999 – 2001 VIRGIL GRIFFITH · RÉSUMÉ 1 Notable Awards 2015 2015 2014 2010 2010 2009 2009 2009 2008 2007 2007 2007 2007 Fellow, APNIC OpenTechFund Emerging Technologies Senior Fellow, The Tor Project Data Science Fellow, Insight DataScience USA Patent #20100169177, Method and System for Assessing Behavior of a Webpage Visitor Demetriades-Tsafka-Kokkalis Prize in Entrepreneurship, Caltech Creativity Top 50, Creativity Magazine Computational Science Graduate Fellowship, USA Dept. of Energy (4 years funding) Interview: The Grill, Computer World Magazine Innovation in Journalism Award, Knight-Batten Foundation ($10,000) Future Famous Alumni, Indiana University 2007 Year in Ideas, The New York Times Graduate Fellowship, USA Dept. Homeland Security (3 years funding) Win Against Spin award, Center for Media and Democracy Research Experience Santa Fe Institute VISITING RESEARCHER • Discovered mutational bounds for sustained machine self-reproduction. Santa Fe, NM 2005 - 2014 Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Center for Collective Intelligence VISITING FELLOW • Quantified cooperation in neural networks and cooperate teams. Cambridge, MA Harvard Law: Berkman Center for Internet and Society INTERN • Dissected Chinese censorship program “Green Dam Youth Escort.” Cambridge, MA Stanford University: Dept. of Computer Science HOMELAND SECURITY GRADUATE FELLOW • Analyzed Wikipedia edits to discover bad actors. Winter 2013 Summer 2009 Stanford, CA Summer 2008 Keck Graduate Institute RESEARCH ASSISTANT • Quantified what languages are suitable for genetic programming. Indiana University: School of Informatics RESEARCH ASSISTANT • Quantified evolution of neural network complexity in the Polyworld artificial life simulator. Claremont, CA Summer 2006 Bloomington, IN June 2004 - May 2007 Writing Complexity Theory Computer Security Artificial Life 9 peer-reviewed papers: arXiv link 4 peer-reviewed papers: Maiden Names, Tor Analytics, Freezing Bitcoin Assets, etc. 2 peer-reviewed papers: arXiv link Miscellaneous Program Committees Hackers on Planet Earth (2008, 2010,2016) ACM AISec (2008, 2009, 2010) Artificial Life (2012, 2013) Fun Facts • Erdős number: 3 (via Jonathan Harel) • Bacon number: 3 (via Curtis Armstrong) • Owner of IPv4-block– • My complete DNA can be downloaded as part of the data-set for genetic corollaries for general intelligence. • Estonian e-resident #38303060128 • The New York Times has dubbed me the “Internet Man of Mystery” 8 MARCH 2016 VIRGIL GRIFFITH · RÉSUMÉ 2

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