Blaszkowski et al v. Mars Inc. et al

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MOTION to Compel the Depositions of Plaintiffs and Incorporated Memorandum of Law by Mars Petcare US, Inc., Mars Inc.. Responses due by 8/7/2008 (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A, # 2 Exhibit B, # 3 Exhibit C, # 4 Proposed Order on Motion to Compel)(Ortega, Omar)

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Blaszkowski et al v. Mars Inc. et al Doc. 426 Att. 1 EXHIBIT A UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF FLORIDA MIAMI DIVISION CASE NO. 1:07-21221 CIV- ALTONAGA/BROWN RENEE BLASZKOWSKI, et al., individually and on behalf of others similarly situated, Plaintiffs, v. MARS INC., et al., Defendants. STIPULATION SCHEDULING PLAINTIFFS' DEPOSITION AND CONDITIONS THERETO Pursuant to Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 29, Plaintiffs1 and Defendants,2 through their respective counsel hereby stipulate to the following schedule for Plaintiffs' depositions and the conditions thereto: The named plaintiffs are: Renee Blaszkowski, Patricia Davis, Susan Peters, Deborah Hock, Beth Wilson, Claire Kotzampaltiris, Donna Hopkins-Jones, Marian Lupo, Jane Herring, Jo-Ann Murphy, Stephanie Stone, Patricia Hanrahan, Debbie Rice, Ann Quinn, Sharon Mathiesen, Sandy Shore, Carolyn White, Lou Wiggins, Michelle Lucarelli, Raul Isern, Danielle Valoras, Lisa MacDonald, Cindy Tregoe, Jennifer Damron, Marlena Rucker, Julie Nelson, Yvonne Thomas, Debbie McGregor, Linda Brown, and Tone Gaglione (collectively "Plaintiffs"). The defendants include: Mars, Incorporated; Mars Petcare U.S., Inc.; The Iams Company; Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc.; Del Monte Foods, Company; Nestle Purina PetCare Company; Nutro Products, Inc.; Natura Pet Products, Inc.; Menu Foods, Inc.; Menu Foods Income Fund; Publix Supermarkets, Inc.; New Albertson's, Inc.; Albertson's LLC; PETCO Animal Supplies, Stores Inc.; Pet Supermarket, Inc.; Pet Supplies Plus/USA, Inc.; PetSmart, Inc.; Target Corporation; and Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (collectively "Defendants"). 2 1 1. 4, 2008. 2. 3. 2008. 4. 7, 2008. 5. 6. 7. 8. 2008. 9. 10. 2008. 11. 2008. 12. 2008. 13. 10, 2008. 14. 2008. Plaintiff Donna Hopkins-Jones will be deposed in New York on August Plaintiff Tone Gaglione will be deposed in New York on August 5, 2008. Plaintiff Michelle Lucarelli will be deposed in New York on August 6, Plaintiff Claire Kotzampaltiris will be deposed in New York on August Plaintiff Susan Peters will be deposed in Miami on August 25, 2008. Plaintiff Pat Davis will be deposed in Miami on August 26, 2008. Plaintiff Raul Isern will be deposed in Miami on August 27, 2008. Plaintiff Renee Blaszkowski will be deposed in Miami on August 28, Plaintiff Danielle Valoras will be deposed in Miami on August 29, 2008. Plaintiff Yvonne Thomas will be deposed in Miami on September 2, Plaintiff Lisa MacDonald will be deposed in Miami on September 3, Plaintiff Deborah Hock will be deposed in Los Angeles on September 9, Plaintiff Marlena Rucker will be deposed in Los Angeles on September Plaintiff Sandy Shore will be deposed in Los Angeles on September 11, 2 15. 12, 2008. 16. September 22, 2008. 17. September 23, 2008. 18. September 24, 2008. 19. September 25, 2008. 20. 26, 2008. 21. 29, 2008. 22. 30, 2008. 23. 24. 25. 26. 2008. 27. Plaintiff Patricia Hanrahan will be deposed in Los Angeles on September Plaintiff Stephanie Stone will be deposed in Washington, DC on Plaintiff Carolyn White will be deposed in Washington, DC on Plaintiff Joanne Murphy will be deposed in Washington, DC on Plaintiff Jennifer Damron will be deposed in Washington, DC on Plaintiff Jane Herring will be deposed in Washington, DC on September Plaintiff Cindy Tregoe will be deposed in Washington, DC on September Plaintiff Marian Lupo will be deposed in Washington, DC on September Plaintiff Julie Nelson will be deposed in St. Louis on October 6, 2008. Plaintiff Beth Wilson will be deposed in St. Louis on October 7, 2008. Plaintiff Lou Wiggins will be deposed in St. Louis on October 8, 2008. Plaintiff Sharon Mathiesen will be deposed in St. Louis on October 9, Plaintiff Debbie Rice will be deposed in St. Louis on October 10, 2008. 3 28. Plaintiff Linda Brown will be deposed in Minneapolis on a date to be determined in September 2008. 29. 30. Plaintiff Ann Quinn will be deposed in Las Vegas on September 8, 2008. Without a prior agreement by all defense counsel planning to attend the deposition at issue, a plaintiff may miss his/her scheduled deposition only for legitimate illness or personal emergencies, the circumstances of which must be explained to defense counsel as soon as possible but in any event prior to the date of that particular plaintiff's deposition. 31. Plaintiffs who miss their scheduled depositions are required to sit for deposition in Miami during the weeks of September 2, 2008 or October 20, 2008, even if the parties are required to double track the depositions during those periods to complete all of the depositions. 32. As part of the interrogatory responses and mandatory disclosures that are due from Plaintiffs on or before June 30, 2008, each plaintiff agrees to disclose the name and contact information for each veterinarian who has provided treatment or advice regarding a dog or cat owned by a plaintiff. 33. At least 30 days prior to a particular plaintiff's deposition, defense counsel will propose a location for the deposition in the city in which the deposition has been set, which location will be at no charge to Plaintiffs. If Plaintiffs' counsel is dissatisfied with the location selected by the Defendants for any reason, Plaintiffs' counsel may suggest an alternate location, which will accommodate all defense counsel and telephone and videoconferencing access to the deposition, all at Plaintiffs' expense. 4 34. Further formal notice of the taking of Plaintiffs' depositions shall not be required, and defendant Natura Pet Products, Inc.'s prior deposition notices on behalf of all Defendants shall be deemed amended to the dates and locations set forth herein. 35. Defense counsel for each defendant and Plaintiffs' counsel may observe and participate in all depositions in person or via telephone and/or video conferencing to be arranged by the respective participating parties at their sole expense. One counsel for Plaintiffs and one counsel for each defendant attending the deposition, whether in person, by phone or by videoconferencing, shall be allowed to ask questions of the witness. 36. Each defendant will be able to designate the location of its own deposition(s) and that of its employees, at no charge to plaintiffs, provided that the deposition location shall be within the general proximity of the facility in which that defendant/witness is primarily employed. 37. No defendant will be required to sit for deposition until at least the first two sets of plaintiffs' depositions (New York and Miami) are concluded. Plaintiffs' counsel will discuss with each particular defense counsel the further specifics of his/her client's depositions. 38. Except as set forth herein, all depositions in this action will be subject to the local rules of the United States District Court, Southern District of Florida. STIPULATED TO AND AGREED BY: DATED: ________________________, 2008 [Signature Pages Follow] 5 _______________________________ Catherine J. MacIvor E-mail: Jeffrey Eric Foreman E-mail: Jeffrey Bradford Maltzman E-mail: Darren W. Friedman E-mail: Bjorg Eikeland E-mail: MALTZMAN FOREMAN PA One Biscayne Tower 2 South Biscayne Boulevard, Suite 2300 Miami, FL 33131-1803 Telephone: (305) 358-6555 Facsimile: (305) 374-9077 Attorneys for Plaintiffs ___________________________ D. Jeffrey Ireland E-mail: Brian D. Wright E-mail: Laura A. Sanom E-mail: FARUKI IRELAND & COX P.L.L. 500 Courthouse Plaza, S.W. 10 North Ludlow Street Dayton, Ohio 45402 Alan G. Greer RICHMAN GREER, P.A. Miami Center ­ Suite 1000 201 South Biscayne Boulevard Miami, FL 33131 Telephone: (305) 373-4000 Facsimile: (305) 373-4099 E-mail: Attorneys for Defendant The Iams Company ____________________________________ John B.T. Murray, Jr. E-mail: Barbara Bolton Litten E-mail: SQUIRE, SANDERS & DEMPSEY L.L.P. 1900 Phillips Point West 777 South Flagler Drive West Palm Beach, Florida 33401-6198 (561) 650.7120 Fax: (561) 655.1509 Attorneys for Defendants PETCO Animal Supplies Stores, Inc., PetSmart, Inc., Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., Target Corporation ____________________________________ Rolando Andres Diaz E-Mail: Maria Kayanan E-mail: KUBICKI DRAPER 25 W. Flagler Street Penthouse Miami, FL 33130-1712 Telephone: (305) 982-6708 Facsimile: (305) 374-7846 Attorneys for Defendant Pet Supermarket, Inc. 6 _____________________________ Alexander Shaknes DLA PIPER U.S. LLP 1251 Avenue of the Americas New York, New York 10020 E-mail: Lonnie L. Simpson E-mail: Douglas Knox E-mail: DLA PIPER US LLP 100 North Tampa Suite 2200 Tampa, FL 33602-5809 Attorneys for Defendants Menu Foods, Inc. and Menu Foods Income Fund _______________________________ Philip A. Sechler E-mail: Dane H. Butswinkas E-mail: Thomas G. Hentoff E-mail: Patrick J. Houlihan E-mail: WILLIAMS & CONNOLLY LLP 725 Twelfth Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 200005 Omar Ortega E-mail: DORTA AND ORTEGA, P.A. Douglas Entrance 800 S. Douglas Road, Suite 149 Coral Gables, Florida 33134 Telephone: (305) 461-5454 Facsimile: (305) 461-5226 Attorneys for Defendants Mars, Incorporated, Mars Petcare U.S., Inc. and Nutro Products, Inc. _______________________________ Hugh J. Turner, Jr. AKERMAN SENTERFITT 350 E. Las Olas Boulevard Suite 1600 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301-2229 Telephone: (954) 463-2700 Facsimile: (954) 463-2224 E-mail: Attorneys for Defendant Publix Super Markets, Inc. _______________________________ Richard Fama COZEN O'CONNOR 45 Broadway New York, New York 10006 Telephone: (212) 509-9400 Facsimile: (212) 509-9492 E-mail: Sherril M. Colombo COZEN O'CONNOR Wachovia Center, Suite 4410 200 South Biscayne Boulevard Miami, FL 33131 Telephone: (305) 704-5945 Facsimile: (305) 704-5955 E-mail: John F. Mullen 7 COZEN O'CONNOR 1900 Market Street Philadelphia, PA 19103 Telephone: (215) 665-2179 Facsimile: (215) 665-2013 E-mail: Attorneys for Defendant Del Monte Foods, Co. _______________________________ Benjamine Reid E-mail: Olga M. Vieira E-mail: Ana M. Craig E-mail: CARLTON FIELDS, P.A. 100 S.E. Second Street, Suite 4000 Bank of America Tower at International Place Miami, Florida 33131-9101 Telephone: (305) 530-0050 Facsimile: (305) 530-0055 James D. Arden E-mail: John J. Kuster E-mail: SIDLEY AUSTIN LLP 787 Seventh Avenue New York, NY 10019 Telephone: (212) 839-5300 Facsimile: (212) 839-5599 Attorneys for Defendant Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc. _______________________________ Craig A. Hoover E-mail: Miranda L. Berge E-mail: HOGAN & HARTSON LLP 555 13th Street, NW Washington, D.C. 20004 Telephone: (202) 637-5600 Facsimile: (202) 637-5910 Robert C. Troyer HOGAN & HARTSON LLP 1200 17th Street One Tabor Center, suite 1500 Denver, Colorado 80202 Telephone: (303) 899-7300 Facsimile: (303) 899-7333 E-mail: Carol A. Licko HOGAN & HARTSON LLP Mellon Financial Center 1111 Brickell Avenue, Suite 1900 Miami, FL 33131 Telephone: (305) 459-6500 Facsimile: (305) 459-6550 E-mail: Attorneys for Defendant Nestlé Purina Petcare Co. 8 _______________________________ W. Randolph Teslik E-mail: Andrew Dober E-mail: AKIN GUMP STRAUSS HAUER & FELD LLP 1333 New Hampshire Avenue, NW Washington, D.C. 20036 Telephone: (202) 887-4000 Facsimile: (202) 887-4288 Craig P. Kalil E-mail: Joshua D. Poyer E-mail: ABALLI, MILNE, KALIL & ESCAGEDO, P.A. 2250 Sun Trust International Center One Southeast Third Avenue Miami, Florida 33131 Telephone: (305) 373-6600 Facsimile: (305) 373-7929 Attorneys for Defendants New Albertson's Inc. and Albertson's LLC _______________________________ Ralph G. Patino E-mail: Dominick V. Tamarazzo E-mail: Carlos B. Salup E-mail: PATINO & ASSOCIATES, P.A. 225 Alcazar Avenue Coral Gables, Florida 33134 Telephone: (305) 443-6163 Facsimile: (305) 443-5635 Attorneys for Defendants Pet Supplies "Plus" and Pet Supplies Plus/USA, Inc. 9 ___________________________________ Kristen E. Caverly HENDERSON & CAVERLY LLP P.O. Box 9144 16236 San Dieguito Road, Suite 4-13 Rancho Santa Fe, California 92067-9144 E-mail: Jeffrey S. York E-mail: Michael M. Giel E-mail: McGUIRE WOODS LLP 50 N. Laura Street, Suite 3300 Jacksonville, Florida 32202 Telephone: (904) 798-2680 Facsimile: (904) 360-6330 Attorneys for Defendant Natura Pet Products, Inc. 10

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