Trump v. United States of America

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COMPLAINT/Motion for Judicial Oversight and Additional Relief against United States of America. Filing fees $ 402.00, filed by Donald J. Trump. (Attachments: #1 Civil Cover Sheet, #2 Text of Proposed Order)(jas)

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Q! Case 9:22-cv-81294 Document 1 Entered on FLSD Docket 08/22/2022 Page 1 of 27 U M TED STATES DISTRIC T CO URT SO U TH ERN DISTW CT OF FLO RIDA CA SE N O . 22-cv-81294-AMC In the M atterofthe Search of M ar-a-Lago 1100 S.Ocean Blvd. Palm Beach,FL 33480 / M OTIO N FOR JUDICIA L O W RSIGH T AND AD DITION AL RELIEF PresidentDonaldJ.TntmptEtM ovm1t'D,throughhistmdersignedcotmsel,respectfullyfiles thisMotionForJudicialOversightAndAdditionalRelief,whichseeksan orderthat:(a)appoints aSpecialM aster;(b)enjoinsfurtherreview ofseizedmatekialsbytheGovemmentuntilaSpecial M asterisappointed;(c)requirestheGovemmenttoprovideamoredetailedReceiptforProperty; and (d)requirestheGovemmenttorettu' n any item seizedthatwasnotwithin thescopeofthe Search W arrant,and statesasfollows: 1. .IN TR ODU CTIO N Politicscnnnotbe allowed to impactthe administration ofjustice.PresidentDonald J. Tnlm p is the clear frontrunner in the 2024 Republican Presidential Prim ary and in the 2024 G eneralElection,should he decide to 1-tm .1Beyond that, his endorsem entin the 2022 m id-term 1Forinstance, a June 2022 nationwide pollof Republican prim my voters fotm d that84 percent w ould supportD onald Trum p if he ran for President in 2024.M cLaughlin & Assoc.,National SurveyResults,at26tltme24,2022),hlpsr//mclaul linonline.coe zozz/o6/z4/ma-poll-naéonimonth1y-june-2022/.PresidentTrumpleadsthenextpotentialRepublicancandidateby44points, id.at27,and leads the inctlmbentPresidentby 5 pointsif a generalelection w ere held today.1d. at30.Otherpollsvalidatethesem lmbers.See,e.g.,lowansforTax Relief,GT o11:Iow nnqlike Gov. Reynolds as Biden's jupport Slides''(Ju1y 2122022),hûpsr//tr reliefaor#poll-iowrs-likegovemor-reynolds-%-bidens-suppol-slides/(PresldentTrumpleadsBiden by 11pointsl:2'TIPP . Insights,'IGolden TIPP Poll:President Trum p, a form ldable candidate in 2023 Republlcation primaries''tlune 24,2022),hûps://ameHcre rOews.coe épp-president-tmmp-a-forH dable- Case 9:22-cv-81294 Document 1 Entered on FLSD Docket 08/22/2022 Page 2 of 27 elections has been decisive for Republican candidates. On August 8, 2022,in a shockingly . aggressivem ove- and with no understanding ofthe distressthatitwotlld causem ostAm ericans- roughly two dozen SpecialAgentsoftheFederalBureau ofInvestigation (&TBI'),directed by attom eys ofthe'U .S.DepartmentofJusticettheRGovernmenf),raidedthehomeofPresident D onald J.Tnzm p.According to the Governm ent,the agents seized domlm ents,privileged and/or potentially privileged m aterials,and otheritem s- including photos,handwritten notes,and even PresidentTrum p'spassportsz- thatw ereoutsidethelaw fulreach ofan already overbroad warrant. President Trum p,like a11 ciézens,is protected by the Fotu' th Am endm entto the United States k Constittztion.Property seized in violation ofhisconstitutionalrightsm ustberetum ed forthwith. Law enforcementis a shield thatprotects Am ericatls.Itcnnnotbe lzsed as a weapon for politicalpurposes.n erefore,weseekjudicialassistanceintheaftermathofanunprecedentedand lmnecessaly raid on PresidentTnlm p'shom e atM ar-a-Lago,in Palm Beach,Florida. From the firstm oméntthatthe Governmentinform ed M ovant,through counsel,thata search w as tmderway,he dem anded t' ransparency.M ovant asked the G ovem m entthe questions thatany Am erican citizen would ask underthe circzlm stances,nam ely: * W hy raid m y hom ew1111aplatoon offederalagentswhen 1havevoltmtarily cooperated n4t11yourevery request? ' * W hatare you trying to hide from the public- given thatyou requested thatltum off a11hom e security cam eras,and even refused to allow m y attom eys to observe what youragents were doing? * W hy haveyou refused to tellm e whatyou took from my hom e? cr didate-in-zoz4-republicr -pHmo es/(PresidentTrump leadsthe2024 Republican primmy fieldby439M. > 2On A ugustl5, 2022,oneweek aftertheitenlswere seized,theGovem mentacu owledged that the seized m aterialsincluded passportsbelonging to M ovant.Recognizing thatthe passportswere notvalidly seized,the Governm entnotifed counselforM ovantso thatthey could be retrieved. 2 ' r , Case 9:22-cv-81294 Document 1 Entered on FLSD Docket 08/22/2022 Page 3 of 27 X As setforth in detail below,the Government has declined to provide even the mostbaqic inform ation aboutwhatw astaken,orwhy.H ow ever,the scantillform ation the Govem m enthaq provided- a vaguely-w orded Receipt For Property and the warrant itself- raises signiûcant Fourth Am endm entquestions aboutthistmprecedented and lmnecessary raid. For instance,the Govem m enthms inform ed counselforPresidentTrum p thatprivileged and/or potentially plivileged docllm ents w ere nm ong the item s taken from his hom e.But the G ovem m enthasrefused to provideany inform ation regarding thenature ofthese domlm ents.'l'he Suprem e Courthas held thatdocllm entsretlecting com m tmications betw een a Presidentmzd top advisors are presllmptively privileged.United States v.Ntxon,418 U.S.683,782 (1974). Protecting the integrity of these sdocllm ents is im portant not only to M ovant but also to the institution ofthe Presidency. Significantly,the Govem m enthœsrefused to provide PresidentTnlmp with any reason for 1 , the unprecedented,generalsem'ch ofhis hom e.To date,the Govem m enthas failed to legitim ize itshistoricdecision to raid the home ofaPresidentwho had been fully cooperative.Instead,faced w ith public backlmsh,the Attom ey G eneralhastaken the llnheard-ofstep ofnn 'notm cing atapress conference that he w is w illing to release portions of a sealed sem'ch w arrant application. Govem m ent leaks to favored m edia outlets have provided ever-changing, atld inaccurate, Ijustifications''forthepoliticizedconductoftheFBIandDepartmentofJusticeC;DOJ'').These tmsupported Kjustifications''by anonymous sourceshintata breakdown in commtmications between PresidentTrum p'srepresentativesand theGovem m ent,orthatthere developed a need to obtain a search w arrant.The actual chronology of events clearly establishes thatthere w as no raidandthereisnobasisforkeepinginfonration ibouttheraidfrom the I'exigency''foraforceful , public.M ovantthereforerequeststhattheCourtordertheGovem menttoprovidetheinformation 3 I I Case 9:22-cv-81294 Document 1 Entered on FLSD Docket 08/22/2022 Page 4 of 27 soughtby thism otion,and to takethe otherm emsuressetforth in detailbelow,in orderto protect V ovant'sconstitutionalrightsundertheFourth Amendment. II. BA CK GR OUN D A. PresidentDonald J.Trum p'sV oluntarv A gslstance On January 20,2021,PresidentTnlm p and hisfnm ily leftthe W lliteH ouse.They m oved back to theirhom e atM ar-a-Lago in Palm Beach,Florida.M ar-a-taago is a historic landm ark,a m ansion with 58 bedroonls and 33 bathroom s on 17 acres of land extending from the Atlantic Ocean tothelntracoastalW aterway- hencethenam e,which m eansttsea-to-lake.''Consistentwith every m odem Presidentialtransition,staf conducted the m ove on a condensed tim efram e.' Ihat m ove,like hom e m oves tmdertaken by m ostAm ericans,involved boxes.Itwis done during the day,with the boxesin fullviem 3 / . After President Trump and his fnmlly settled back into their hom e, em ployees at the NationalArchivesandRecordsAdministTation CGNARY'Iinquiredastowhetherany docllments w ereinadvertently transferred by the m oversto M ar-a-Lago.In January 2022,M ovantvoluntarily asked NAllA movers to come to M ar-a-Lago to receive 15 boxes of docllments CG15 NM tA Boxes'')thathad been broughtby nioversto M ar-a-Lago,so thatthey could be transferred to N AltA headquartersin W ashington,D C. On February 8,2022,N AltA m adethe following public statem ent: Throughoutthe coutse ofthe lastyear,N AltA obtained the cooperation ofTrum p representativesto locate Presidentialrecords thathad notbeen transferred to the N ationalArchives atthe end ofthe Trum p adm inistration.W hen a representative inform ed NA ltA in D ecem ber2021 thatthey had located som e recordsfN AltA arranged forthem to be securely transported to W % hington.N AltA officialsdid notvisitor'kaid''theM ar-a-Lagoproperty. A photograph typical of the m ove of boxes accompanies the article fotm d at ho s:. //><essionZ-pK el-G ll-inveségate-M psrem ovi-of-wh te-house-docllm ents. 4 : Case 9:22-cv-81294 Document 1 Entered on FLSD Docket 08/22/2022 Page 5 of 27 NationalArchives,RpressStatem entsin Re 'sponsetoM ediaQueriesAboutPresidendalRecords'' (Feb. .8, 2022), available at he s://w w.rc/ Som etim e thereafter,NA RA em ployees involved the W hite H otlse and DOJ in the m atterofthe voltmtarily retum ed 15 N AltA Boxes. M ovant wms contacted because the 15 NAltA Boxes contained docum ents from his Adm inistration that were protected by executive privilege,and M ovant's cotmselcom m unicated w ith representatives ofthe W hite H ouse,the DOJ,and N AltA regarding these m atters. OnM ay 11,2022,M ovantvoluntarilyacceptedserviceofagrandjurysubpoenaaddressed to the custodian of w cords for the Office of Donald J. Trum p, seeking domlm ents bearing NJ cl% sification m arkings. President Tnlm p determined that a search for docllm ents bearing classification m arkings should be conducted- even if the m arked docllm ents had been de- cl%sified- and hisstaffconducted adiligentsearch ofthe boxesthathad been moved from the W hite H ouse to Florida.On Jtme' 2,2022,PresidentTrump,through counsel,invited the FB1to com eto M ar-a-Lago to retrieve responsive docllm ents. The next day,on Jtm e 3,2022,Jay Bratt,Chief of the Counterintelligence and Export ControlSection in the DOJ'sN ational Seèurity Division,cam e to M ar-a-Lago,accom panied by three FBlagents.PresidentTrtm lp greeted them in the dining room at M ar-a-Lago.There w ere two otherattendees:theperson designated aqthe custodian ofrecordsforthe Office ofDonald J. Tnlm p,and cotm selforPresidentTzump.Before leavihg the group,PresidentTrum p'slastwords I toMr.BrattandtheFBlagentswereasfollows:GçW hateveryouneedpjtlst1etusknom '' Responsive documents were jrovided to the FBI agents.M r.Brattasked to inspect a storageroom .CotmselforPresidentTnzm p advised thegroup thatPresidentTrum phad authorized him to take the group to that room .The group proceeded to the storage room ,escorted by two 5 Case 9:22-cv-81294 Document 1 Entered on FLSD Docket 08/22/2022 Page 6 of 27 Secret Selwice agents.The storage room contained boxes, m any containing the clothing and personalitem sofPresidentTntmp and the FirstLady.W hen theirinspection w m com pleted,the group leftthe area. Once baék in the dining room ,one ofthe FBIagents said,ff-lhnnlcyou.Y ou did notneed to show usthe storage room ,butwe appreciate it.N ow ita1lm akessense.''Cotm selforPresident Trum p then closed the interaction and advised the G overnm entoffcials'thatthey should contact him with any furtherneedson the m atter. On June 8,2022,M r.Brattw roteto cotm selforPresidentTnzmp.H isletterrequested,in pertinentpart,thatthe storage room be secured.ltlresponse,PresidentTlum p directed hisstnF to place asecond lock on the doorto the storageroom ,and onew asadded. In the days that followed,President ' fnlmp continued to mssist the Government.For instance, m em bers of his personal and household staff were m ade available for voltmtary intelwiew s by the FBI.On June 22,2022,the Governm entsent a subpoena to the Custodian of Records forthe Tnlmp Organization seeking footage from surveillance cam eras atM ar-a-Lago. AtPresidentTrum p'sdirection,serdceofthatsubpoenaw asvoltmtarily accepted,and responsive video footage w as provided to the Govem m ent. B. A pplieation For Search W arrant D espite the voluntary assistr ce provided by PresidentTrump,the G ovem m enttook the unprecedented step of requesting a search warrant for his hom e.' lhe Governm ent sought an expansiveatld intrusivesearch ofPresidentTrum p'som ce,a11storageroom s,and fKallotherroonls orareaswiththepremisesusedoravailabletotheusedby EpresidentTnzmp)andhisstnF andin whichboxesordocumentscouldbestored.''SearchW azrant,AttachmentA (Case9:22-1%-08332BER,ECF 17at3of7).R'heGovernmentalsosoughtan expansivedeûnitionofpropertythatit 6 Case 9:22-cv-81294 Document 1 Entered on FLSD Docket 08/22/2022 Page 7 of 27 could seize,wllich included notonly responsive docum ents and associated boxes,butalso iGany othercontainers/boxes thatare collectively stored orfound togetherwith theaforementioned documentsandcontainers/boxes.''* 4 of74(emphasisadded).Essentially,theGovemment secured courtauthorization to seize boxesthatjusthappened to be located nearpotentially responsiv: m aterials. The Search W arrantw assigned at12:12 p.m .on Friday,August5,2022.Search W an' ant (Case9:22-mj-08332-BER,ECF 17at2of71.' l' heGovernmentwmsgiven 14daystoexecutethe Search W arrant.1d. C. TheU nprecedented Search O fPresidentTrum p'sH om e Belying any actualurgency,the Governm entw aitedthree days- tmtilM onday,Augttst8, 2022..-40 executethe Search W arrant.Early in the m om ing on August8,2022,agroup ofroughly two dozen FBIagents gathered on theprem ises atM ar-a-Lago canying boxesand otheritem s.At approximately 9:10a.m.,M r.BratttelephonedcotmselforPresidentTrtunp arldinformedhim that a group ofFBlagents was atM ar-a-Lago to execute a search warrant.H eated discussion ensued asto why the Governm entdid notm ake avoluntary requestto furtherexplorethe premises,given the expansive assistance thatPresidentTrump had provided to thatpoint. 4TheAfidavitrem ainsunderseal.On Auglzst15,2022,PresidentDonald J.Trump issued apublic statem enton this,which readsms follows: ThereisnowaytojustifytheurmnnouncedRAID ofMar-a-Lago,thehomeofthe 45th PresidentoftheUnited States(whogotmorevotes,by far,than any sitting PresidentinthehistoryofourCotmtryll,byaverylargemlmberofgtm totingFBl Agents,and the Departm entofGiltstice''but,in theinterestofTRAN SPA REN CY , lcallfortheimmediaterelemseofthe cômpletely Unredacted Affidavitpertaining to this honible and shocking BREAIG IN. Also,the Judge on this case shotlld rCCUSCj ' ho s://%* users/re2DonidT= p/statœ es/108830529259405266 (last visited on Augtlstl9,2022). I Case 9:22-cv-81294 Document 1 Entered on FLSD Docket 08/22/2022 Page 8 of 27 M r.Brattthen m ade several requests.The firstrequest m ade by M r.Brattwas that a11 closed-ciicuittelevisionIECCTV''Icn' mùrasatMar-a-LagobetumedofEPursllnnttoMar-a-Lago policy,and in the absence ofany courtorderdirecting such a m easure,this requestwasdeclined. M r.Brattalso requested thenam es ofany atlorneyjwho mightarrive atM ar-a-Lago on behalfof PresidentTnlm p.ln turn,counselforPresidentTrump requested acopy oftheSearch W arrantand Am davitin Support,and asked to be provided with alistofanything seized,oncethe search was com pleted.M r.Brattdeclined to providethe Search W arrantand Affidavit,stating thatafterthe FBIagentsfinished theirsearch,PresidentTnlm p w ould be provided w ith a copy ofthe Search W arrantand a ReceiptforProperty,'butnotthe Affidavit. Am ong other actions taken aqer being notified of this tmprecedented event,cotmselfor PresidentTnlm p contacted three attom eysin the generalarew who agreed to go to M ar-a-laago. Oncethey arrived,they requested the ability to enterthem ansion in orderto obselwewhattheFBl agentsw eredoing,w hich theGovem m entdeclinèd to permit. M terapproxim ately ninehours,theFBlconcluded its search.An FBIagentprovided one ofthe attom eyswho had been w aitiilg outside for nearly the fullnine hoursw ith a copy ofthe Search W arrant.The FBl also provided a three-page Receiptfor Property.ReceiptforProperty lcase9:22-mj-08332-8E11,ECF 17 at5-7 of7).Thatlistprovided almostno information that W ould allow a readerto tmderstand whatw asseized orthepreciselocation ofthe item s. On A ugust11,2022,cotm selforPresidentTrtzmp spoke with M r.Brattby telephone.The firstitem ofdiscussion wasam essagefrom presidentTnlmp to Attorpey G eneralM errick Garland. Them essagew asasfollows: PresidentTrum p wantstheAttom ey Generaltoknow thathehasbeen hearing from Peop1e a11overthe countly aboutthe raid.Ifthere w as one w ord to'describe their m ood,itisIGangry.''The heatisbuilding up.The pressureisbuilding up.W hatever Icandototaketheheatdown,tobringthepressuredown,justletusknow. 8 Case 9:22-cv-81294 Document 1 Entered on FLSD Docket 08/22/2022 Page 9 of 27 In addition,cotmselforPresidentTrampaskedM r.Bratt(1)toprovideacopy ofth8Affdavit; (2)toagreetotheappointmentofaSpecialMastertoprotecttheintegrityofprivilegeddocllments; (3)toprovideadetailedlistofexactlywhatwastakenfrom PresidentTrump'shome,andwhere ithad been located in themnnsion;and (4)to allow cotmselto PresidentTrtzmptheability to inspectwhathad been seized.M r.Brattdeclined these fourrequests.To endthe call,cotmselfor PresidentTrum p requested thatal1on thecallkeep the linesofcom m tmication open. D. Attornev GeneralM errick G arland'sPressConference Jtksthotlrs afterthis August l1,2022,telephone call,Attom ey GeneralM errick G arland tooktheunusualstep ofholding apressconference to deliverrem arksregardingthesearch ofM ara-lvago and theG overnm ent'sm otion to unsealthe Search W arrantand ReceiptforPropert y.M r. ( G arland m adeno m ention ofPresidentTrnm p'sclearand unequivocalm essageto him .In fact,the G ovem m ent m ade no response at a11 to President Trum p's invitation to help reduce public constem ation with the Govem m entaftertheraid.Instead,M r.Garland stated,in pertinentpart: JustnoW,the Justice Depnrtm enthas filed a m otion in the Southem District of Florida to tm seala search warrmq and property receiptrelating to a court-approved searchthattheFBIconduc/ed earlierthisweek. Thatsearch was ofprem iseslocated in Florida belonging to the form erPresident. The D epartm entdid notm ake any public statem enlson the day ofthe search.The form erPresidentpublicly confrm ed thesearch thatevening,asishisright. Copies ofboth the warrantand the FBIproperty receiptw ere provided on the day ofthe search to the form erPresident's cotmsel,who w mqon site during the search. The search warrantw as authorized by a federalcourtupon the required finding of probable cause... SeeU.S.Departmer!tofJustice,cGAttorneyGeneralM enickGarlandDeliversRemarks''(Aug.11, 2022), ho s://ww .ûomey-generi-meM ck-grlrd-delivers-remrks. H ethen stated,regarding the issuanceand execution ofthe Search W arrant: 9 Case 9:22-cv-81294 Document 1 Entered on FLSD Docket 08/22/2022 Page 10 of 27 First,lpersonally approved the decision to seek asearch w arrantin thism atter. Second,theD epartm entdoesnottakesuch a decision lightly.W here possible,itis standard practice to seek less intnsive m eans as an altem ativeto a search,and to narrowly scopeany search thatisundertaken. 1d. Thispublic statem entisdeeply troubling,given thatPresidentD onald J.Trum p isthe clear frontnmnerin the2024 Republican PresidentialPrim ary and in the 2024 G eneralElection,should he decideto nm .The statem entclearly suggeststhatthe decision to raid M ar-a-Lago,a m ere 90 days before the 2022 midterm elections,involved politicalcalculations aim ed atdim inishing the leading voice in the Republican party,PresidentTnlm p.A11facts laid outherein show thatthere wascompletecooperation betweenPresidentTrllmp,histeam,mldtheapprojriateagencies.Mr. ( G arland'srem arksstray from long-standing DOJpolicy.sThe decision by theAttom ey Generalto conductahastily preparedpressconferenceto nnnotm cehisintention to rele% etheSearch W arrant and ReceiptForProperty w asan ill-founded reaction to thepublic outcry thatfollow ed theraid on PresidentTrum p'shom e. 111. A RG UM EN T A. The Extraordinarily Unusual Conduct Of The DOJ Raises Fundamental Fourth Am endm entConcerns. TheFourth Am endm entto the Constitution oftheUnited Statesprovidesasfollows: The rightof the people to be secure in theirpersons,houses,papers,and eFects,againstunreœsonable searches and seizures,shallnotbe violated, and no W arrantsshallissue,butupon probable cause,supported by O ath or affirm ntion, and partictllarly describing the place to be searched,and the personsorthingsto be seized. U .S.Const.nm end.lV . 5seeU .s.Dep'tofJust. ,JusticeM anualj1-7.400CEDOJgenerallywillnotcon;rm theexistence oforotherwisecommentaboutongoinginvestigations.'). Case 9:22-cv-81294 Document 1 Entered on FLSD Docket 08/22/2022 Page 11 of 27 Prior t: any indictm ent, and the availability of variotks grounds of suppression from evidence at trial, the m echanism that protects the rights of the individual from unreasonable searches arld seizures is FederalRule of CrilninalProcedure 4l(g).The rule specifically contem plates protecting the rights of citizens who have been ''aggrieved by an lmlawfulsearch and seizure of property.''Even asthe Governm enthas dug in againsttransparency in the instant m atter,fghting releaseofthe Am davitand claim ing aredacted version w ould be Gtwortllless''due to theneed to hide the actualsubstance ofthe swom statem ent,there m'e significantred flagsthat implicatePresidentTzump'sFotu'th Amendmentrightsandcry outforjudicialintervention by w ay ofSpecialM asterm onitoring and discovely assistance. The W arrantls Faciallv O verbroad Pennitting agentsto seizesboxesofdocdlm entsm erely becausethey arephysically fGfotmd together''w1t11 boxes of other item s purportedly w ithin the scope of the warrant is clearly overbroad. A s instructed by the Supreme Court and the Eleventh Circuit, l Gltlhe Fourth A m endm entrequires that Gthose searches deem ed necessaly shotlld be as lim ited as possible.''' United Statesv.Blake,868F.3d960,973(11th Cir.2017)(citingCoolidgev.New Hampshirc, 403U.S.443,467(1971:.'Grf' hefspecificevil'thatlimitationtargetsEisnotthatofintrusionper se,butofageneral,exploratory nlmmaging in aperson'sbelongings.7''Id.(citing Coolidge,403 U.S.at467).Indeed,Eigtlhattypeofrummaging waspermitted during thecolonialeraby the G generalwarrantr'''which theFourth Am endm entisspecifically intended to preclude.1d.;see also Paytonv.New York,445U.S.573,583(1980)(ç<1tisfmniliarhistorythatindiscriminatesearches and seizures conducted tmderthe authority of çgeneralwarrants'were the im m ediate evilsthat motivatedtheframingandadoption oftheFourthAmendment'). Case 9:22-cv-81294 Document 1 Entered on FLSD Docket 08/22/2022 Page 12 of 27 M oreover,boxes ofpersonaldocllm ents,photographs,and item s such as clothing are by desnition not iGcontraband''and thus m ay notbe lawfully seized.In fact,the Search W arratlt's broad scope was in violation ofthe Fotzrth Am endm ent's particularity requirem entand thtls the w arrant perm itted a Gigeneral searchr''prohibited ms tmconstittztional since red-coated doldiers createdtheneed forthe requirem entin thçfirstplace. The G overnm entSoughtTo Im properly Evade Lim itationsO n Enforcine The PresidentialRecordsA ct The investigation regarding PresidentTrum p's retum ofthe 15 N AlkA Boxes involved a NA llA E:referral'' to the DOJ based on questions relating to docum ents falling w ithin the PresidentialRecordsActCTRA').ButEV ePRA accordsthePresidentvirtuallycompletecontrol overhisrecordsduringhisterm ofoîfice.n'Armstrongv.Bush,924F.2d282,290(D.C.Cir.1991). Thereisnocriminalenforcementmechanism orpenalty inthePRA.See44U.S.C.A.jj22012209.DidDOJ'sNationalSecurity Division(GN SD'')recognizethatdeficiencypandthendecide to re-categorizethiscase asrelating to nationalsecurity m aterials- sim ply to m antlfacture a basis to seek a search w arrmlt? Relatedly,and im portantly,did N SD and the FBI mischaracterize the typesotdocllmentsitsoughttoseizeasan efforttoavoidthelack ofenforcementmechanism in thePRA? The G overnm ent'sRecklessPursuitOfA Search W arrant Im plicatesW ell-Established BasesFor Suppression Under The Fourth Am endm ent Undercontrolling Suprem e Courtprecedent,a search w arrantviolates a person's Fourth J Am endm entrights and ij invalid ifthe afûanteitherm akes m aterialnusstatem ents or m akes a '.. materialomission in the amdavit.Franks v.Delaware,438 U.S.154 (1978).Did the D0J m ischaracterize or om it from its Am davitthe true extent ofthe President's cooperation? Press reportsby anonym otls Govem mentsourcesraisethis queséon. 12 Case 9:22-cv-81294 Document 1 Entered on FLSD Docket 08/22/2022 Page 13 of 27 In addition,did the am antto thé warrantfairly disclose any pretextualorRdual''purpose atwork in obtaining the warrant? For exnm ple,the ReceiptforProperty largely fails to identify led GlExecutive seized docllm entswith particularity,butitdoesreferto the seizure ofan item label , G rantofClem ency re:RogerJason Stone,Jr.''A sidefrom dem onstratingthatthiswasan tmlawft tl - generalsearch,italso suggeststhatD OJ sim ply w anted the cam el'snose tm der the tentso they could nzmm ageforeitherpolitically helpfuldocum entsorsupportothereffortstothw artPresident Tnlm p from running again,such astheJanuary 6 investigation.Interestingly,in the Govem m ent's response to m otions to tm seal the Search W arrant Afûdavit, the Governm ent claim s public exposure of the Affdavit would çjeopardize'' this investigation and Gcother high-prosle investigations.''lcase9:22-mj-08332-BER,ECF59at8(emphasisaddedll.Thephr%ingsuggests that DOJ has other interests at work thm1 sim ply collecting docum ents w 1t1: classification m arkings. Finally,the elem ents of nationalsecurity statutes such msthose referenced by the Search W arrant,as wellasthe adm inistrative process ofclœssificalion and declassification,are com plex m atters.D id the afllant fully disclose the strictures ofthese stam tes as w ell as the President's overarching authority to declassify docum ents? Did the nfzant disclose that there are public statem ents by those w1t11 knowledge indicating the docum ents soughtin this search had been decl% sifed? Thege are the typesofm aterialolnissionsthatim plicateFranks and could establish a clearviolation ofPresidentTrum p'sFourth Am endm entrights. n e Governm entH asLone Trea.ted Presidento onald J.Trum p r nrairlv The FBI and DOJ have dem onstrated a willingnessto treat PresidentTrum p differently than .any other citizen.Tw o years of noisy 'A ussian collusion''investigations led to a Special Cotm sel's finding of bia ed FBl agents and officials; stories of FBI agents engaging in 13 Case 9:22-cv-81294 Document 1 Entered on FLSD Docket 08/22/2022 Page 14 of 27 çEinform ation laundeling,''where a fired inform ant continued to feed the FBI false inform ation through a DOJ officialto investigate the President; and even a!l FBl General Counsel lawyer falsifyinédocumentstoiupportaForei> IntelligenceSurveillanceActwarrant'spenetrationinto then-cr didateTnzmp'sirmercircle.An AssistantDirectorattheFB1wasreferredto prosecution forlying repeatedly abouttheTrump probe,andtextexchangesbetweenthelead agent(Peter Strzok)andhisparamolzr(LisaPage)reflecttheircompletedisdain and biasagainstPresident Trtzm p and his supporters,while they were entrusted w ith probing the farcicalRussian collusion Cj. mm * S. W ithout further inform ation from the Govem m ent, President Tnlm p currently has no ability to assesswhetherany FBIagentsinvolved in theRussiadefnm ation m atterarepnrticipàting with N SD in the currentsituation.Historically,courts tend to give significant deference to 1aw enforcem entrepresentativeswho weigh in againstnon-disclosureofpotentially sensitivem aterials because of EEinvestigative''needs or witness safety.But,in light of recent FBl behavior when President Trum p is a part of its aim , this Courtshould feel obliged to dem and candor and transparency,andnotjust''tnlstus''assertionsfrom DOJ.TheappointmentofaSpecialM aster ! with a fair-m inded approach to providing defense cotm selwith inform ation needed to supportany Rule41(g)filingisanappropriateuseofthisCourt'sauthorityonsuchsensitivematters. B. This Court Should A ppoint A Special M aster To Protect M ovant's ConstitvtgpnalRiehts. - M ovantrequeststhatthisCourtappointa SpecialM asterpursuantto ltule53(a)(l)(B)of theFederalRùlesofcivilProcedureaizdthiscourt'sinherentequitablepowersandauthority.This step- which the Govem m ent itself has requested in cases involving the seizure of privileged and/or potentially privileged m aterials- is needed to preserve the sanctity of executive com mtmicationsand otherprivileged materials.Furtherm ore,M ovantrequeststhatthisCourtissue 14 Case 9:22-cv-81294 Document 1 Entered on FLSD Docket 08/22/2022 Page 15 of 27 aprotectiveorderenjoiningtheUnitedStatesfrom anyfurtherreview oftheitemqseizedtmtilthis CourtcanruleonthepresentMotion.SeeFed.R.Civ.P.26(b)(5)& (c)(1), 'S.D.Fla.L.R.26.l(g). In addition,M ovant requests that this Court directthe United States to prepare and provide a specificanddetailedReceiptforProperty.SeeFed.R.Crim.P.41(9.ThelilkeceiptForProperty'' provided to M ovanton August8,2022 isso vague and lacking in specifcity thatthereaderdoes notknow whatw asseized from M ovant'shom e. Seized Docum entsReflecting Presidential Com m ungcationsW ith AdvisorsA re Presum ptivelv Privileeed The docum ents seized at M ar-a-Lago on August 8,2022, were seized from President Trllm p and w ere created during his term ms President. A ccordingly, the docllm ents are GGpresllm ptively privileged''tmtilproven otherwise.Nixon,4l8 U .S.at782.Only an evaluation by a neutralreview er,a SpecialM mster,can securethe sanctity oftheseprivileged materials. Asageneralm atter,the likelihood thattheGovernm entseized privileged m aterialsuggests the need for a carefulreview process.Forexam ple,while there hmsneverbeen a search wan'ant executed atthe hom e of a President of the United States,federal regulations acknowledge the delicatenatureofreviewingalltypesofprivilegedmaterial.Under28C.F.R.j59.4(b)(2),federal officers m ay seek to search for and seize docllm ents from certain classes of professionals- including lawyers- orlly aftersecuring therecom m endation oftheU.S.Attom ey andtheapproval of a Deputy AssistantAttom ey General.The m essage ofthatgtzideline is clear- the utm ostcare m ustbetaken in theseiztzreofpotentially privileged m aterials. The presentm atlertmdoubtedly involves such m aterials.During the Clinton presidency, this issue of privilege- specifically,thepresumption of privilege- was raised in response to a grandjurysubpoenadirectedtoW hiteHousecounsel.SeeInreGrandluryProc.,5F.Supp.2d 21(D.D.C.),ay ' dsubnom.In?':Ltndsey,148F.3d 1100(D.C.Cir.1998),andJ-J/' 1inpart,rev'd Case 9:22-cv-81294 Document 1 Entered on FLSD Docket 08/22/2022 Page 16 of 27 inpartsubnom.InreLindsey,158F.3d1263(D.C.Cir.1998).W hilethecontextdiffersfrom the presentcase,thecourt'sanalysisofthenatureoftheevidencesoughtbythegrandjuryinthatcase applieswith equalstrength here.There,theU .S.DistrictCourtfortheDistrictofColum biaadhered to the Supreme Court's holding pertaining to evidence sopght(orseized)from a President: EElm henthePresidentoftheUnitedStatesassertsaclaim ofexecutiveprivilege,thedistrictcourt hasaIdutyto...treatthesubpoenaedmaterialmspèesumpttvelyprivileged.'''1d.at25(quoting Nixon,418U.S.at713).Furthermore,i: ilatthetimethedocumentsormaterialswerecreated,they içreflectpresidential decision-m aking and deliberations,''they are presllm ptively privileged.1d. (quotingInreSealed Case,121F.3d729,744(D.C.Cir.1997)), .seealsoDellumsv.Powell,561 F.2d 242,246 (D.C.Cir.1977)CThe Epresdlmptive'privilegerforexecutivecommunicationsl embpdiesasjrongpresllmption,atldnotmerelyalip-servicereference.'). W ith the concltlsion that the m aterials seized from the M ovant are a1l presllm ptively privileged,itis tmrea onable to allow the prosecutorialtenm to review them withoutm eaningful safeguards.Shortof rem rning the seized ' item s to M ovant,only a neutral review by a Special M astercan protectthe Gûigreatpublic interest'in preserving tthe confidentiality ofconversations thattake place in the President's performance oflzis om cialduties'because such confidentiality isnecessary to protectlthe eFectivenessofthe executive decision-m aking process.'''In re Grand JuryProc.,5F.Supp.24 at25(citingNixonv.Sirica,487F.2d700,717(D.C.Cir.1973), .Inre SealedCase,12lF.3dat742). A DO J FilterTeam W illNotProtectPresidentTrum pgsRiehts TheGovemmenthasadvisedcotmselforPresidentTrllmpthatitisu'tilizinglawyerswithin D OJ'sN SD as a GGliltertenm .''ln certain instances,a flterprotocolcan serve an im portantrole w here theD epartmentofJustice seizes docum entsthatare likely to be privileged.Asthe Justice 16 Case 9:22-cv-81294 Document 1 Entered on FLSD Docket 08/22/2022 Page 17 of 27 Manualnotes,afiltertenm (alsocalledaEEprivilegetenm''orLç taintteam'')canbeused forthe G'lim ited review ofarguably privileged m aterialto ascertain whetherthem aterialiscovered by the w arrant''and to protectthe disclostlre of privileged com m llnications.U.S.D ep'tofJust,Justice ' M anlkalj9-13.420,atjE.However,ratherthanrelyingonthepresentûlterprotocol,thisCourt should appointaSpecialM asterfora variety ofre% ons. 'l'heim plementation ofthisflterprotocolwasprocedtlrally defcient.The Eleventh Circuit haswritten,G:(cg . xparte communicationsgenerally aredisfavored becausethey'conflictw1t11a d ftmdsmentalpreceptofoursystem ofjustice:afairhean'ngErequiresareasonableopporttmityto know the claim softheopposing party andto m eetthem .'''fn re Colony Square Co.,8l9F.2d 272, 276n.12(11thCir.1987)(quotingInreParadyneCorp.,803F.2d604,612(111 Cir.1986)).In InreSearch WarrantIssuedJune13,2019,942 F.3d 159,178-79(4th Cir.2019)(GGBaltimore f.tzw Firm'à,theFourthCircuitspecifcallypotedtheproblem ofsettingflterprotocolsexparte, in reversing a districtcourtdecision denying a restraining orderon the review ofseized m aterial. Among otherissues,theBaltimoref. tzw Firm courtreversed àecattsethemagistratejudgehad approved a filter protocolw ithoutconducting appropriate adversarialproceedings,which w ould have allowed the defense to advocate forpropersafeguards.Id G'In such contested proceedings, thejudgecouldhavebeenfully informedoftherelevantbackgroundonthe(defendant),mswell as the nature ofthe seized m aterials.''16L W ithoutthe affdavit,the defense doesnotlœ ow what disclostlresw erem ade to the m agistrate in supportofitsfilterplan. Here,too,themagistratejudgeapprovedtheflterprotocolwithoutinputfrom thedefense. 'rhe resultisaprotocolthatisplainly ineffective- itsim ply doesnotensurethatprosecution tenm m emberswillnotaccess orbecom e aware ofpiivileged m aterials particularly asth: filtertenm 's leaderis adeputy tothe lead prosecutorin thism atler. Case 9:22-cv-81294 Document 1 Entered on FLSD Docket 08/22/2022 Page 18 of 27 Fundam entalFairnessR equiresThatThisCourtAppointA SpecialM aster Courtsconsidering analogousissueshaveappointed SpecialM asters,w 1t11onecourtnoting thevalue ofa SpecialM % terin com parison with a filterteam .ln particular,thisCourtand others have % sessed the use of SpecialM asters follow ing the execution ofsearch warrantsatattom eys' offices- contexts involving sim ilar m atters pf privilege with far less historic importance.For example,in Unitedstatesv.Stewart,No.02-cr-395,2002W L 1300059(S.D.N.Y.Jtmel1,2002), theU .S.DistrictCourtforthe Southem DistrictofN ew Y ork weighed an attorney'srequestfora SpecialM aste 'r afterthe G overnm enthad searched heroffce pursuantto a warrant.A ccordingly, thatcourtconsidered thenarrow question ofwhetherseized m aterialshould bereviewedby aflter tenm orby a SpecialM mster.The courtappointed a SpecialM mster,highlighting certain concerns inherent to m any filter prötocols- including the one presently in place- and the benefits of appointing aSpecialM aster.Stewart,2002 W L 1300059,at*7-8.The courtalso cited three other courp thathad allowed filterteamsto review seized materialsand lateropined Rthatthe use of other m ethods of review w ould have been betten''1d. at *6.For example,in United States v. Hunter,13F.Supp.2d574,583& n.2(D.Vt.1998),thecourtnoted,withthebenefitofhindsight, that:Etliltmay havebeen preferableforthescreening ofpotrntially privilegedrecordstobeleft nottoa(ûlterteam)buttoaspecialmasterormagistratejudge.'' Ultim ately,theStewartcourtappointed a SpecialM aster- w ith the authority to determine responsiveness,privilege issues,and w hether any valid exceptions to the privilege exist- on faim ess*8-10.In appointing a SpecialM aster,the courtnoted the im portance of establishing aprocedurethatwasGGnotonly ...fairbutalso appearled)tobefair,''addingthat tGrtlheappearance offaimesshelpsto protectthe public'séonfdencein theadministTation of jtlsticeandthewillingnessofclientstoconsultwith theirattorrleys.''*8.SeealsoIn the 18 Case 9:22-cv-81294 Document 1 Entered on FLSD Docket 08/22/2022 Page 19 of 27 Matterofsearch WarrantsExecutedonApril9,2018,No.l8-MJ-3161(S.D.N.Y.),Dkt.38at8, Dkt 104at88(similarlyappointingaSpecialM atertoreview docllmentsseizedfrom attorney's offceinlightofb0thfaimessandtheperceptionoffaimessl;Unitedstatesv.Abbell,9l4F.Supp. 519,519(S.D.Fla.1995)(findingthatKGtheresponsivenessandprivilegeissuesraised''following the seizure ofmateriks from a law firm GEare exceptionaland wazrantreferralto a Special M RS 'ter.'').'' A s a general m atter, given the circllm stances here, a taint tenm is insllm cient. ET he appearance ofJtkstice m ustbe served,as wellasthe interests ofJustice.Itisa greatleap offaith to expectthatm embers ofthe generalpublicw ould believe thatany such Chinese wallw ould be impenetrable;thisnotwithstmldingthehonorofan (AssistantUnited StatesAttomeyl.''Stewart, 2002W L 1300059,at*8 (citingInreSearch WarrantforZlw OfhcesExecutedonM arch 19, 1992,153F.R.D.55,59(S.D.N.Y 1994:. This m atter has captured the attention of the Am erican public. M erely Kiadequate'' safeguards are notacceptable when the m atter a 'thand involvesnotonly the ccmstitutionalrights of PresidentTrum p, but also the preservation of executive privilege.M ovant submits that the appointm entof a SpecialM asteristhe only appropriate action and,foritto' have any m eaning at al1, a protective order should issue ordering the United States to cease review of the seized m aterialsim m ediately. C. The G overnm entM ustProvide An Inform ativeReceiptForPropertv. Rule41(9 oftheFederalRulesofCriminalProcedurerequiresthat1aw enforcementleave a G:lkeceiptfor Property''with the person from whom the item s w ere seized,oratthelocation of thesearch.Fed.R.Crim.P.41(9(1)(C).And,Rule41(9(B)states,G'lnventory.. Anom cerpresent during the execution ofthew arrantm ustprepareand verify an ihventory ofapy property seized.'' 19 Case 9:22-cv-81294 Document 1 Entered on FLSD Docket 08/22/2022 Page 20 of 27 'rheruledoesnotjtkstdictatecreating an inventory butrequiresthatitbeftverifiedr''aterm that suggests som e assessm entofthecontentsofthe receipt.Therule furtherrequiresthatthe Giofficer executing the warrant ... prom ptly retum it- together with a copy of the inventory- to the magistratejudgedesignatedonthewarrant''Fed.R.Crim.P.41(f)(1)(D).Onrequest,thejudge m ustççgive acopy oftheinventory totheperson from whorq orfrom whoseprem ises,the property wastakenl.l''1d. Attachedhereto asExhibitl arethethreepagesofEGRecçiptforProperty''lef4by theagents following the sem' ch ofthe form er President's hom e on A ugust 8,2022.' Fhe GEReceipt''lists 45 entries describing itemq as a EEBox labeled (mlmberl''orGçBinder ofPhotos,''in addition to documentsthatarevariously identified asmarked Secret,Top SecretorConfidential.Combined with asealed Search W an'antAm davit,thisEGlR. eceipt''doeslitlleto identify the m aterialsthatwere seized from President Trtlm p's hom e. This level of detail does not m eet the standard of I' verification''requiredinRule41(9. An inventory ofproperty seized is m inisterial.United States v.Robiytson,N o.08-60179- CR,2008W L 5381824,at*9-10(S.D.Fla.Dec.19,2008).However,itisamatteroffundnmental fairnessthatthe agents atleastidentify from whatlocations each box ofdocum ents was seized; whetherthese boxes w ere atthe location or were boxes thatthe agents broughtw ith them and Glled;whetherotheritem sw ere contained in those boxes;whetherconfidentiallabelswere b% ed upon labelsim printed on thedocllm entsthem selves,and whetherthereturn labelwastheresultof areview (ofpresllmptivelyprivilegedexecutivecommtmications)tomakethatdetermination. M ovant submits the current Receipt for Property is legally deficient.Accordingly,the G ovem m entshould berequired to provide a m ore detailed and inform ativeReceiptForProperty, which statesexactly whatwasseized,and where itw aslocated when seized.In addition,M ovant 20 i Case 9:22-cv-81294 Document 1 Entered on FLSD Docket 08/22/2022 Page 21 of 27 requeststhatthe Courtprovide him w ith a copy ofthe inventoly.This,along w1t11inspection of the fullAffidavit,isthe only way to ensure the Presidentcan properly evaluate and availhim self oftheimportantprotectionsofRule41. lV. C ON CLUSION Forthe foregoing re% ons,PresidentD onald J.Trum p respectfully requeststhattllisCourt l issueanorderthat:(a)appointsaSpecialMaster;(b)enjoinsfurtherreview ofseizedmaterialsby theGovemmenttmtilaSpecialMasterisappointed;(c)requirestheGovernmenttoprovideamore detailedReceiptForProperty;and(d)reqtlirestheGovernmentto remm any item seizedthatwas notwithin the scope ofthe Search W arrant. Dated:August22,2022 Respectfully subm itted, /s/Lindsev H alliaatl Lindsey H alligan FloridaBarN o.109481 511 SE 5th Avenue FortLauderdale,FL 33301 /s/Jam esM .Tnzsty Jam esM .Trusty Ifrah Law PLLC 1717 Pennsylvania Ave.N .W .Suite 650 W ashington,D C 20006 Telephone:(202)524-4176 ( proJlccvicesledcontemporaneously) lsIM .Evan Corcoran M .Evan Corcoran SILVEU M IY OMPSONISLUTG I M ITE,LLC 400 EastPrattStreet- Suit: p()() Baltim ore,M D 21202 Telephone:(410)385-2225 Email:ecorcorr@ silvermr +rohacvicesledcontemporaneously) 21 Case 9:22-cv-81294 Document 1 Entered on FLSD Docket 08/22/2022 Page 22 of 27 CER TIFICATE OF SERW CE l HEREBY CERTIFY that on this 22nd day of A ugust 2022,a copy of the foregoing M otion ForJudicialOversightAnd AdditionalReliefw asserved via electronic mailon counsel forthe Governm ent,assetforth below . /s/Lindsev Halliaan Lindsey H alligan Served on: Juan M tonio Gonzalez UNITED STATES ATTORN W FloridaBarN o.897388 99 NE 4t11Street,8th Floor M inm i,Fl33132 Telephone:(305)961-9001 Email:jur Jay 1.Bratt Chief Cotm terintelligence and ExportControlSection N ationalSecurity Division 950 Pennsylvania Avenue,N W W ashington,D.C.20530 IllinoisBarN o.6187361 (202)233-0986 22 Case 9:22-cv-81294 Document 1 Entered on FLSD Docket 08/22/2022 Page 23 of 27 E X H IB IT 1 Case 9:22-cv-81294 Document 1 Entered on FLSD Docket 08/22/2022 Page 24 of 27 Case 9:22-mj-08332-8ER Document17 Entered on FLSD Docket08/11/2022 Page 5 of7 Page 1of1 Fm59;(D-%4-4:4:$6) MNIYED STATESDEPARTM ENT OFIUSTICE FEDERALBUREAU OFINVESTIGATION R EC EIPT F0 R Ph oyr PERTY ' j y ' ' case lD: i WF . on(date) 8/8/2n22 j '' Itemls)Ilxehbelowwerq: . . H collèœ dlsel4e# (E1 ReceivedFD ReturnvdTo D Rel#as4dTo (Name) Mar-Aqagp (StreetAddress) 1100SM EAN BLVD . ' (ciâ) PALM BCACH,FLj3h8ù ' Destri/tiunofltemtslt 4 -Dpcumentj 29-Boxlabeled A-14 ab -BoxLqbpled A-> ' 31-Box LabeledA-43 32-Box lbeled A-13 33:-Boy Labeled A-33: (. . L l ) ' Rekphed By: . '( . . k ù 1 l i . . ' -. .. ' Rqtelved e= : .. . (ilgnature) prin,eaxameznee: . '.p-z. 4 . ,, .. l t t ) l ) j t I è j ( 1 ), . . .. , < , ' . .. ..... . .. (signàture) . . . ! ( i i . . . .tjjyo > . q zy prinledNamerritle: .J/-? . . . Case 9:22-cv-81294 Document 1 Entered on FLSD Docket 08/22/2022 Page 25 of 27 Case9:22-mj-08332-8ER Document17 Entered on FLSD Docket08/11/2022 Page 6 of7 Page 1of2 FD. . S97(RBv.4-$3-2010 UNITED 5TATE5 DEPARTM ENT O FJUSTICE FEDERALBUREAU OF INVEW IGATION R EC E IP T F9 R P R O P ER T Y Case ID: WF On(date) 8/8/2022 itemls)listedbelow were: W Colleœ d/elzed Q ReceivedFrom D ReœmedTo D ReleasedTo (Name) Mar-A-tago (StreetAddress) 1100SOCEAN BLVD . (ciw) FAI. M BM cH,FL33480 Desçripti/n@fltemts): 1-ExecutiveGrantofClemencyre:RogerJason Stone,Jr. 1A -Info re:Pro identofFrance ' 2 -O atherb.ound boxdfz d.ii .(#.,qn> 2A -Variousclassified/rs/K ldocumenu 3-PotentiplPlesidentialRecord 5 -Binderofphotos 6 -Blnderbfphotos $' LX' an' dWrgttmnngte r. x. , .. 9-BoxIabeled A-12 10-Box Labeled A-15 10A -M. i#çl,llanqou,SqcretDoqument: 11-BoxLabeled A-16 11A -MiscellanousTopsetretDocuments 12 -Boxlabeled A-17 13-BoxlabeledA-18 13A -M iscell#neousTopsecreyDocuments pb@led A-27 14-B(p I ., 14-A-MlscellaneousEpnfidqntlalDocuments . , . . . .. . .... . Case 9:22-cv-81294 Document 1 Entered on FLSD Docket 08/22/2022 Page 26 of 27 Case9:22-mj-08332-8ER Document17 EnteredonFLSD Docket08/11/2022 Page 7of7 FD-69;(Rew 4-43-2416) Page2of2 UNITED STATES DEPARTM ENT O FIUSTICE FEDERALBUR:AU OFINVESTIGATION RECEIPT F@ R éRO PERTX 15-BoxtabeledA-28 . 15A -MigcellaneousSecretDocuments 16-BozIabeled A-30 17 -BoxIabeledA-32 1:-BoxIabeled A-35 19-BoxIabeled4-23 , 19A -ConfidentialDocum ent , 20-BoxLabeled A-22 21-Boxlabeled A-24 l 22-BoxLabeled A-34 23-BoxLabeled A-39 23A -M iscellaneousSecretDocuments 24 -BoxIabeled A-40 ' 25 -BozLabeledA-41 25A -MlscellaneousConfldentialDocuments 26-BoxLabeled A-42 26A -QiscellaneousTopSecretDocuments ' 27-Box LabeledA-71 28 -Box Labeled4-73 28A -MiscellaneousTop ecretDocuments Reeelved From : Reeeîve By: ' signature (signature) prlnteu xamep ltle: a(@> . èb ;:!f?m 'qïlzx PrintedNamemltle J . Case 9:22-cv-81294 Document 1 Entered on FLSD Docket 08/22/2022 Page 27 of 27 U NITED STATES DISTRIC T C OURT SO U TH ERN DISTR ICT OF FLO RIDA CA SE N O . In the M atterofthe Search of M ar-a-taago 1100 S.Ocean Blvd. Palm Beach,FL 33480 CER TIFICA TION OF M .EVAN COR CO M N M .EvanCorcoran,Esqtlire,pursuanttoRule4(b)oftheRtllesGoverningtheAdmission, Practice,PeerReview,andDisciplineofAttorneys,hereby certifiesthat:(1)1havesttzdiedthe LocalRulesoftheUnitedStatesDistrictCourtforthegouthern DistrictofFlorida; (2)lam a m em berin good standing oftheBarofthe DistrictofColllm biw the United States DistrictCourt fortheDistrictofM aryland,theUnited StatesDistrictCourtforthé DistrictofColum biw andthe UnitedStatesDistrictCourtfortheEastem DistrictofVirginia;and(3)1havenotfiledthreeor m ore m otionsforpro hac vice adm ission in tlzisDistzictwithin thelast365 days. /s/M Evan Corcoran M .Evan Corcoran

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