Riches et al v. Vick et al

Filing 1

COMPLAINT filed. Consent form to proceed before U.S. Magistrate and pretrial instructions provided., filed by Jonathan Lee Riches. (Attachments: # 1 Civil Cover Sheet)(fap) Please visit our website at to obtain Pretrial Instructions.

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Case 1:07-cv-01858-WBH D T/O TAE U N ZT V STq T E5 coU !zT No R rh ~--R N D T- ST Pl c.T OF 6EDR& z 9 L ee R i Gkr,e S A/efA (-*As ~. Document 1 Filed 08/03/2007 Page 1 of 13 FILED IN Con oFm P i a,N V -~ I ~ sr f ND ; AUG 0 3 2007 JAMES N . HATTEN, CLERK .-~ M IC HWEL v r c- K , ) :, I 07-CV-1858 P En P LE Fob Tlf F E T141 CA L 7K ~-A TM EEN T or-A N = M ptLS ` A TLArv T R F R LC o A) 5 NFL TEAM' ) .TNMPc-TS LOOKUP-) H UM A N~. SO cZE-TY ~ FED F-9 AL DZ. S r2zc:T WtLLTA M5C3uRCr ' ~TL LS 5 oRoU &H CoVn) T~ TA-LL TAMPA FLoR=DA 'T ul]Cr s ME LI NDA H A g, M o N ) h o USTDN Tx i ~ASon3 MLc.HA F- L o NR Zb F, )D C3Au 4CNFCN T , WA R D B rJ OF FE DE2 A j- Co R R S cT ro .N A L TN57r7urzp A) "P L rA ~ . C A (LPf N`r E R -1 DEFENDANT S CUMPLRZN T i~ VI: 0 Ll1T Z 0 ,rJ OF M Y " T J 4E Z LLt GA L ~rvcRRc- ~. R RT Z O~ aGA~NsT M E ~ (04" f! 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G0 (.0 \1 .3t~ ~ Na G+-e . 6 e r, ~D V i o1cd-c,cX user +~ e ZA~4 I y'~^ ~k , MeAxAr,z,1 # ' 0~- ~,l~ c ~ 000` 000 re- +~c s~k4a ~ IA) , 0 oG~oC- v . vC ) 7'P-- LC;o.ti }Jol ) ars c)-~ )--e-, Le rj L to~rzc,~,~NG~ Q L4 Prr4 a Lf I -RA i5 or~ 6 1 e- V ic-\ TS 4u ~J1~ gN ~ r ULlX w D . :sG L 4-r- r -S 5, C. , ays rf ~ . ant tv ~ 1 , e- #-ro N + Ca - 11 Tu~s 4 t r, 'C . ~-_ . M iG 4.,,e C. V i G kl, DOtVca LA ~i Nc ~ T . k7a VKtV t.C.47 ulX<!4e/J G ,~" ; G ~ t.-Jr ll yu ^^SDV ~`y ~ Tvc lcj Q- m 2' C+iNcAC-x (4c, !'r " O/ ) \ 'vv k o 7CN4 e+VC,G A ~ ~(ley ~:,,Ilt~ 4v d T~ec~ e " q L S iJ ~S- Q r `~r i < A ' Iz5 M o ~u' H,s'~ 4fe. Coflec. i w e I~ IN -4 ucr~-~- C o,usp i!' f.~, G ~ +1-e CJl.~/~. 6C1 U4f'~ (~ GT ~r ` ,J Q~~? (~G ~~Q/~ r J I~C1'1 ~( ~INHNCI S C. ~~fi.N '_J~ ~/ -Prcm 'F- .:,~,n~3o v lc l,(, o rcatr -eA -~~ wur-A e+j hare, TODCJ~r k'G C+6 t +`FAA ~ C. 54<4^L,2 T l I` S"'r G O G! j 5. 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[1"et!'M O h] I N c ~V~ N Me . . ~ 0'b Tv ct y e- me, G 1 ..J c,ZGt ~ rt~J` C ~tSe. # M a w +~n ra I W 2fiel ~I mi c FJ " {.C vtc.k ~._3 J Llotl k(,( .cJl a -.t 01-OM o AJ 5 w P[ S u15o Nu i "~ kL'P- pu,u qAn ~C.~~~,+ !v3 rx p lv5iv~u v n~.!" ~- ,',) 5C, 0~C .1(~r.J~, bla-,eLutoG/L k)u4Kch, seXu(-tL r64t~cv .jS~ilo w , 44 , r-,77 M /c4 w e- c, k r Ln e, ~i r ~'S, Cctr-p eti 4-o-- r A 5 a CG uJ S~,n,cl wq ~ .Mori L ~ G, rA t .J ~~ fit' . ,. CG, ~'P ao 414 p " aG J W,+4- jAj No v, Zoo', +0 p r i v, - p fe S~ W , 4 ln " . U~e N E C .iJ~ .'J0~1 t N 'I 'Gf 064ci/N A C Y -4~-e. X61 -r0 5 e cre -~ G~ yA.~ . r Mc, r3 A. c A Ps /uR-r-it 'ToN/V 4n) Lt--E P-1- tATE5 w-k-I c o, Arqc f, S~Pz r c,;7 y s4r 4c j (tiJ 4v c nAGA~-IU JJ = .C(14A opea), .J~) 4-eMP . S4vr,e. SAopp,-jJ Crea ;~' fN tl er evarhe *% GP---A-4n (r~r v- ( .J (AA l zJzw~ i~ n S. J G N - Z + keN o o~U JC~'~i+~ rw! FGor A A G '. eAJJ-r4 (. t,~ Nu1H2 0,)-:, 0 n 9-ukr, -1 vJ Cj N SO AAA ~rJ~ G -P G M G Ic: 40 k o, d^l 7, e,A USZC ~ .~ accOSe. A o rr X prO tivnn~ Q v ~c .LC w~1 o . AJ o Gorp~~-~ ~-e pq 55 Gvclc5 w ,44., Gcc 4?, 55 -~v Mil Iru /,J S Case 1:07-cv-01858-WBH Document 1 Filed 08/03/2007 Page 6 of 13 con tJ a (V, c.N,* c, y 14 +5 o .a (;JI ;'~ j GAtu A a a rx U - S, PCI r.i.,on; viut~~ec~( c ro., lA, .rl C e e, s e # N- 5 3 -- Z , COtJSPircA(, ~, J'nj -a-L, w pie. P)2~ Wu5 llJa e, e n, c-. ony~ ~ oi AA-e SM u.. ,+ Z P 1 -e .CA 4- 3 -~ v o Pj ~ ya5 wed- Jol llirs'i 44Q ~-- C -I- -'Vlr 64 i t i G f ' aP,o uAA . LJ!U A Zs ~P-T' C. C . s e N~c,vc f t~ 1S ( )Q L e -,j er(. U . A-~10 ' Na c. IN ~crNC, } JO .,.,e, C. 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L e , n> c.c c, 5r u 1 c. lC a5 Spr 5 . ~ 1.. `~ !' .~~ s :y4- 3,,,j crer~4~- ~~u M,7 N~r~~, Wi~,Le I 6e,en~ -'0 5~~-- (3egnu R-1-50N vrck 4l5o 4-~E-ew S,,jOwAwlts ct+ M :~ e.c4A, r M~Scarrs~,5e v~- SuS~-LC,~ . ~ ~MU N ( ~ ~ ~ V 1 c, ~ M~ P G rS~J4 G Case 1:07-cv-01858-WBH Document 1 Filed 08/03/2007 Page 7 of 13 7IQ SG~naU l. Z Un~C 3 one N (4p(,,C. ;~U+41't ZOUb Ml c~ Is eC urc, k i5 c, A) C. ~ti Lf u ic,k %'s, IBC c. t v L e o. 4 c: i M aN ~ ~ k w C, r J s ' S v!r- ~~ ec \, r nj ~ rc+ ;, A-r-~ uM c% Ilk, C ON C (~ 4 1 0 A~ r s C, a o Q 2N !he, -I-, U tic J ~A-> - -Z,is 50,'t-, CG:.t'~- tc~ l` + ' l-~ ~ 94-C, f'e. L EG-F CA- ~u Li z--zz--4 ~ . { L - J ~G r-, A # q s -o~~ 5 G t,+u, \sL gq -5 4 (? Case 1:07-cv-01858-WBH Document 1 Filed 08/03/2007 Page 8 of 13 MLI P RO D UCTIO N S F,~V -w December 19, 2005 Jonathan Lee Riches #40948-018 FCI Bennettsville Federal Correctional Institution P .O . Box 52020 Bennettsville, SC 29512 Dear Jonathan, I was in Houston last week meeting with Special Agent Dunlap at the FBI . You are clearly one of the best . You know it and the FBI knows it . So I'm planning to include you and your case in our one-hour program on Identity Theft . I'm writing, again, to ask for an interview with you . With your expertise, having you in our program would go a long way to educating the public about Identity Theft . If you're still trying to get the FBI's attention, I don't see how this could hurt . And who knows? I've seen people in your situation testify before Congress . We interviewed Jason several weeks ago . But as much as anything, I want to tell your story . Please write me and let me know your decision . 11 . Sincerely, Andy Senior Producer 421 CNN Productions 6-South One CNN Center Atlanta, GA 30303 CNN PRODUCTIONS ONE CNN C ENTER Atl anta, GA 30303-2762 A TimeWarner Company Case 1:07-cv-01858-WBH Document 1 Filed 08/03/2007 --_ ~ 1 Page 9 of 13 ~ fiPreston Gray juvenile at the time of the instant offense, was charged and convicted of `'~ enga ' 'n or an iz d criminal act i..i.ty, in the 174` District Court of Harris County, -, v . ~~ -'ouston, Texas, un er ause No . 0940268, and received 5 nears probation, on August 20, 2003 . The Offense Conduct 7. Informati on for this section of the report was o~ tained from a review of the investigat ive files of the United States5Attorn '. Office and die Federal Bureau . cif Ix vestigation (FBI): Case agents with de FBI and Harris County Sheriff's Office were also interviewed . 8 . In November 2001, a Harris County constable began monitoring suspicious mail deliveries to a vacant house on Village Trail in the northwest area of Houston, Texas . By early summer of 2002, the FBI was contacted and an investigation was initiated which identified rnen tr-F , previously handled by the FBI, as the recipient of the packages and mail Jas addressed to various names at the Village Trail address . 9. On August . 8 ; 2002, Jason Carpenter cQptacted the FBI, unaware that he was under 4 - 5 was 'involved cred i t card and identity fraud . investigat i on, and re orted . in In a subsequent interview w ith the FBI, Carpenter admitted he was also involved 'a-n3 d as a broker for stolen erPd;+ ra*d and ? denti information. Carpenter advised he obtained the stolen information through Preston Gray in Dallas, Texas . Carpenter then provided the information to Jonathan Riches thiough e-mail correspondence . The stolen credit card and ident ity information was sufficient to either establish new cred i t card accounts or alter current accounts by changing the cardholder's billing address to an address controlled by the conspirators . Carpenter provided FBI agents w i th records containing credit card and personal identifying i nformation of 637 ind ividuals to include names, social security numbers, dates of birth, addresses, teleuhane numbers, car ~. c~ s, card numbers a d expiration month and ,year . An additional 13 indivzduaIs~ names with addresses and social security numbers were provided . Carpenter also gave FBI agents seven illegally obtained credit cards which he had applied for using the name and identifiers of others . FBI agents corroborated Carpen'.er's statements through analysis of his computer hard drives . Add itionally, in a recorded telephone conversation on November 1, 2002 between CarUea7ter and Jonathan Ricbes , it was learned that Jonathan Riches was attemntin iz to _ own software to Fications . By the end of November 2002, meeting investigation later determined that during Carpenter's brief period of cooperation with the FBI, Carpenter continued to engage in the fraud scheme . FBI agents theorize that Carpenter initially reported Jonathan Riy?[ie out of ange~~r'ecause Jonathan Riches was realizing far greater profits and not sharing those profits with Carpenter. The investigatio d that beginning some time prior to February 2002, Carpenter met Preston Gra a juvenile the time of the conspiracy, on-line in a chat room . Gray 4 10 . 11 . Case 1:07-cv-01858-WBH Document 1 Filed 08/03/2007 ~ WIL 1330.13A Administrative Remedy October 17, 2006 Attachment A Page 10 of 13 DOCUMENTAT I ON OF INFORMAL RESOLUTION AT T EMPT Bureau of Prisons Program Statement 1330 .13, Admin is t rative Remedy Pro ram, (December 22 , 1995 ), requires , in most cas e s , that inmates attempt i nformal resolution of grievances prior to the filing a formal written complaint . This fo r m will be used to document your efforts tLe eA,'rtoward informally resolving your 9 ri vance. ` ~ Inmate Name : -3-dnoot-0o"ri Lee-, I r' q 1 Cn,'JL~ C" [Yom Reg . No . : -Old Unit : ~- Specific Complaint and Requested Relief-P u ) .ll c,r ~5S coN Vr o c A,.,m L GuMto )c,'AA ^ oN~er ~2J e r-i L p -avSe r~Gl-G~r c,N . I G. G e j~M "E ,M 5 L ., v 19 CA-cA 1n ' L ~ M~~es~t[S p 05 c A ~ ~Se~~ a~N eK kV w\\ ~,,,1 .dttt~~~ ~ OrAAA ~-~~b~d a y ~' reds re . v ,~U~ ,~ L. urs j G~a W r W Gaa ~ T c `1 oan~ +s Glew~~ G f-Gl W AWu t'~ b,rr) - U'S , {- '~"o tj ~~ I a coLK-k, N o ~ ( Ga M .~) e54u S ~ Li wS q r b~~U w1-a-t e., -rA M ' W s G k I G kw c;v CT ytilG, k?, Gs S ~ /,)e ke WS v,~d-e- f Efforts Made by Staff to Informally Resolve Grievance (be specific) : Comments : Correctiona Counselor Review / Date Un an -i "7 --7 .S Review 1 Date .`Signature 1 Date Case 1:07-cv-01858-WBH ff-41L,~- Document 1 Filed 08/03/2007 Page 11 of 13 FEDERAL CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTION WILLIAMSAURG, SOUTH CAROLINA PART B - RESPONSE TO REQUEST FOR INFORMAL RESOLUTION ATTEMPT RICHES, Jonathan Reg . No : 40948-018 UNIT IBL OG-IF-1077 SUBJECT : Convicted Child Molesters On March 15, 2007, you filed an informal resolution attempt . You claim, FCI Williamsburg visitation is in violation of child molesters laws . Also, you stated the visiting room is clearly a public place where families and children congregate . You stated, yci, have siblings and nephews under the age of eighteen, that you intend to add on your visiting list . The Bureau of Prisons shall not discriminated against inmates on the basis of race, religion, national origin, sex, disability, or political belief (P .S . 1040 .03) . Due to the sensitive nature of your request, the Bureau of Prisons is unable to provide you with the information you requested . This information is exempt from disclosure under the Privacy Act . It should be noted that the safety of every inmate at this institution is covered under such Act . However, the Bureau of Prisons specifically must notify State/Local law enforcement and Sex Offender Registration Officials at least five calendar days prior to an inmate's release who have been convicted of certain sexual offenses (P .S . 5141) . If you are not satisfied with this decision, you may appeal to the Warden on an Administrative Remedy Form BP-229 Q . U,~c Corzo , C . Et~r i dg C rrect i onal Counselor 3-"\q-Cn Date Date Unit Manager Case 1:07-cv-01858-WBH Document 1 Filed 08/03/2007 Page 12 of 13 Response to Attempt at Informal Resolution TO : RICHES, Jonathan #40948 - 018 This is in response to your request for attempt at informal resolution received on May 8, 2006 . You state in your complaint that you feel you are being subjected to infectious diseases by being pat searched by officers who do not change gloves before completing the pat search . In the program statement for searches of inmate~-, anyd their property, it is not mandated that officers wear or change gloves when conducting pat searches of inmates . Pat searches of inmates are conducted for the security and orderly running of the institution . Furthermore on your Inmate Request To Staff you were spoken to by Lieutenant Moreno on this issue, and signed stating you were satisfied with the response you were given by Lieutenant Moreno . In the event you are not satisfied with this response, you have the right to continue your request for administrative remedy by filing a BP-229(13) to the Warden . P. Powells, Counselor May 15, 2006 Case 1:07-cv-01858-WBH Document 1 Filed 08/03/2007 Page 13 of 13 /1 Gu J S- ~ Cam( : WiL 1330 .13 October 17, 2004 AT TACHMENT A FEDERAL CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTION, WILLIAMSBURG, SOUTH CAROLINA REQUEST FOR ADMINISTRATIVE REMEDY ATTEMPT AT INFORMAL RESOLUTION ** TO BE COMPLETED BY INMATE ** Inmate Name : Register No.: Unit : :IG t-' (E) e~ 4- tW, J~.~ .~it+A,~ 1 . State, briefly, the complaint - include all details and facts to support the complaint and request : , r ~: ~f~ S r:.~ S. ` 1 Woo . j ,,~ 'u n1.S r.~ C. ~nl ; c+* ; ~v~~ -6e .. sc~M.~~t,~r'b~' G l0+r47 "EDx. 1n( ,~ ~v lsl a ~ i t. I .inn;, ~~t Slnl~n-~`jo~ ,c,v bi~a iS ~.]G: ~~@3'SON :n (.'~IGJ~~ "'G t- %Ao V,uw_ . r'u.~ :;~,.aCF Q`~'' ~'W .'.W !' c lO V 6~~-~- c+ in~i~-CA i ~. ~ ~l~ L . IURrf ik~tS ITV L ~ t~1s ~1 \ N Ir is t ~ 1 ~ . What actions do you wish to be taken to correct the situation : Or r ry OtJ ~JL1 4 r~S ~IU'JZ~ A 1 ,~ ~ ~ (,'~~O h ~ ~ZZ rn r :~ ~ ~SV ~ ,{a,2 iNS t ' w7~ICeJ~ f~ESI"rtSC-:a c~JCa .+.~ Sm' ~` cOU ,N~S li P DSi ~V ~J C}l'r7 ~ rTM , GCIM~'llt ---- ~~ 4s~r-~ , NO V ct~bk-M b 2w ) 5~,..rfi~+ e.c~l c.L4 a~ ~ 1 vl. V ~nowi . ..i.,~ }p T 1'~G GD4 ~ ~ S~`W W 64' NSI~ TK . jviniirti5 p V'f' U!e~ Cl, G ~?h ~w ' c'H- (~ Ifl-L7 W ('ZN ~r1MNtr~vi .t(n IM,, 01 . evi S F' o ci cla f w 3 . Indicate below the efforts made to resolve the matter : (Be specific but brief and include names of staff contacted to attempt resolution) . on) , A1cN ~ I A, e, J-0 1p, GapoJ+ y ~ .~ ~'(7 j-~.,~, w c4~ :,SG1 ,y L1~iwG."aS~A~ ~"~niS ISSVL., .1 'vJ:: +`a 1? ``'1 nla' ~ Ch cWt. k' .4, ~+ Mur, 4 ~~ ~,, ,L,t, t~ e' J ~ fJ ~ ] 1 VC.I.I . 4 NJ "tS (/ ., . tA(i r C 0-Z 1 1~ C ~'J"LS5 -~Nlv'\`A Lt , ra M` g ^. ** TO BE COMPLETED BY STAFF ONLY ** Indicate below the efforts made to resolve the matter : (Be specific but brief and include names of staff contacted to attempt resolution) . Attach any pertinent documentation related to the inmate's complaint to the back of this form . Counselor Date Inmate Date Unit Manager Date

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