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COMPLAINT filed by Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Inc. and Sage Publications, Inc.. Consent form to proceed before U.S. Magistrate and pretrial instructions provided. ( Filing fee $ 350.00 receipt number 576545.) (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit 1, # 2 Incorrect PDF, # 3 Incorrect PDF, # 4 Civil Cover Sheet) (Additional attachment(s) added on 4/18/2008: # 5 Correct Exhibit 2, # 6 Correct Exhibit 3) (fmm). (epm) Please visit our website at to obtain Pretrial Instructions.

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Ex hibi t 1 SCHEDULE OF WORKS P[ 1 E31 , l S kIER PLAI N rrF H COURSE T I TLE TITLF OF BOOK TITLE OF EXCERPT(S) AND SEMESTER Political F,conoiiiy of Japan (POLS Caukbridgc University Press 42SG), tall 2006 Democracy without Opposition Failure in Japan Political Econuiiiy Cornpctilion in Background and Explanation of East Asia Japan (Chapter 2) (POLS4255), fill 2007 Cambridge University Pr ess Baro qu e Music ( Mi JS8840), f l l, 2006 a Colliparalivc Political Analysis (POLS8200), fa l l 2007 Cambridge Organ Catholic Germany mi d Austria, 1648-1900 The North Gerrn a n Orga n Schoo l Explaining Social Revolutions ( Ch 1), Old-Reginic States In Crisis (Ch 2 ) Patrick Russill 1204-218 Geoffr ey Webber i 2 19 -2 35 Eih an Schemer I 31 - 63 Application for Registration Filed and in. Process AU THOR ACES P COPIED COPYRIGHT REGISTRATION NU MB E R Companion to the States mid Social Revolutions A CoiYipar a tivc Analys i s ol ' icc, First published in United Kitigdoni Cambridge University Press Theda Skocpo l 1 3-46, 47-111 1 TX-300-300 Russia , and China Carnb ridgc University P ress Material Desigii, Materials Using corpus data hi the Gw}+n .etii Fox 25-43 TX 6-829-599 classroom (Ch 1) Development and A framework for materials David Jolly & Rod 90-115 TX 6-829-5754 DC V CI O ~Ill C ill Publication iii writing (Ch 4) Bolitlio (AL8660), fall 2007 Language Teaching How writers write testimony Philip Prowse 130-145 TX 6-829-750 from authors (Cli 6) (,ariibridge University Press 157-I68 169(t1LR900), fall 2007 Language (Ch 9), Receptivity sonic & Kathleen M 193 TX 6-829-7i8 Classroom relevant research (Ch 10) Bailey Practicurn Focus on (lie Receptivity (lie issues involved Richard Allwright 1 SCHEDULE OF WORKS P UBL I S H E R PLAINTIFF Cambridge University Pi css COURSE '1 ' 1TLF AND SEMESTER V I T L E OF BOOK TITLE OFEXCERPT(S) AUTHOR PACES COPIED 99- 1 26, 1 21 0 COPYRIGHT REGISTRATION NUMBER 53- Application for R cg i stral ion Filed mid in Process American ~ Theor y of l . eg i s l a l i ve Parties Gary C ;ox & Legislative Pr o ce ss, Legislative (Cli 5) , Party Loyalty and Matlaew ( YOL S8 1.70), Lc v i d tl ian Committee Assignments (Ch 7), McC ubbin s spring 20 08 Contingents and Parties ( Ch 8) science of Defm uig Psychological War (Chapter 1), Wor l d War uid Early Communication Research (Chapter 2) Theories of the Coercion Co ui 1 riuuicdt i ou Oxford Univer s ity Public, Press , 2006 Research .md Inc loll P s ychological Warfare 1945 - 1960 O x ford University Press, inc Survey of World Hi s tor y Since 1500 ( H ISO' 1 112), sprin g 2007 White Supremacy A Comparative Study of American and South African History Christopher Simpson 3-30 TX-4-367-232 Settlentent and Subjugation, 1600-1840 (Chapter 1) George M 3-53 Fredericksm TX-625-807 Awakening T .The Psychology of n Children's Minds O x fo rd University You ng Childre I low Parents and Press, Inc (EPY7090 ), fall Teachers Can Make 2007 (3 secti ons ) a Difference (2001 ) African-American 7`l i c Slave MaIe/Fern a lc CommunityOxford University Press, Plantation Life in Press , Inc (P ,pS4030) , fall die Antebellum 2007 South Lcanfflig ui Classrooms (Ch 6) 1 Laura E Berk 181-219 'TX 5 -33 .5-981 The S la ve Family (Ch 4 ) John W Rla ssiiig ar ue 149-191 TX-367-220 A-381467 2 SCHEDULE OF WORKS PUBLISHER PLAINTIFF COURSE TITLE AND SEMESTER TITLE OF BOOK TITLE OF EXCERPT(S) AU T HOR PAGES COPYRIGH I ' COPIED REGISTRATION NUMBER Oxford University Press, Inc 2008 Plantation Life in Plantation Realities (Cli 7) the Aiitcbctluiri African-American South Family (AAS3000), Afiricdu-Anncncan --Malc/Fcnialc Relationships The Slave ( AAS4030), spring Community The Slave Family (Ch 4), John W Biassiiigairie 149-191,249TX - 3 67- 220 283 A- 381467 sprang 2008 SAGE Publications, Integ)retive Inquiry Sage Handbook of Narrative Inquiry (Cli 25) luc in Education (CPS Qualitative 9280), fell 2006 Research, Third Edition Sagc Handbook of RethinkingObservation From Qualitative Method to Context (Ch 25) Research, Second Edition SAGE Publications, Ethnographic Sage Handbook of Frceuig Ourselves from li 1 c Qualitative Approaches (EPIZS Research, Third Neocolonial Domination in 8500), fall 2006 Edition Research (Ch 5) Su s an Chase 651 -680 TX 6-175-2 8 7 Michcal Angrosunn 673-702 & Kimberly A nays de Peru TX-3-721-799 TX-5-220-475 Russell Bi shop 1 109 - 138 TX 6 -] 75 -2 8 7 3 SCHEDULE OF WORKS PUBLiS11ER COURSE TITLE PLAINTIFF AND SEMESTER SAGE Phli ca ti o n s, Qualitative i uc Research (A I. . 8961 ), spring 2007 ( Bclch c r) TITLE O F BOOK TI T L E O F EXCERPT(S) Sage Handbook of 11,ira(ligniatic Controversies, Qualitative Contradictions,and Emerging Research, Second Confluences (Ch 6) Edition Case Studies ( Ch 16 ) Ethnogr aph y and Ethnographic Representation ( Ch 17) Grounded Th eory . Objectivist and C:o nstruclivist Med i ods ( Cli 19) AUTHOR Yvonna S Lincoln & Egon G Guba Robert Stake Barbara Tedlock Kathy Cliariuaz l'A C F,S COPIED 1 63- 1 88 COPYRIGHT REG I S TR A TIO N NUMBER 435-454 455-486 509-5 36 TX-3-721-799 TX- 6 - 1 75-287 The Interview From Stnjcturcd Andrea Fontana & 645-672 Questions to Negotiated Text James H Frey (Ch 24) SAGE PuhlicaUons, Qualitative Sage Handbook of Ilic Research (AL Qualitative 8961), spring 2007 Research, Third (Esposito) Edition SAGE Pub lications, Ethnographic Sage Handbook of 111c Approaches (EPRS. Qualitative Rethinking Critical Theory and Joe L Kincheloe & 303-342 Qualitative Research (Ch 12) Peter McLaren Narrative IiiqUiry (Ch 25) Susan Chase 65 1-680 TX 6- 1 75-2A7 8500), Ia112007 Research, Third Edition Rethinking Critical Theory and Joe L Kinchcloc & 303-342 Qualitative Research (Cli 12) Peter McLarcri Narrative Inquiry ( C li 2 5 ) Susan Chase 651-680 T X 6-175-287 4 SCHEDULE OF WORKS PUBLISHER COURSE TITLE TITLE OF BOOK PLAINTIFF AND SF M ESTER , TITLE OIL EXCERPT(S) AUTHOR P A GES COPIED 1 09- 1 38 co P vrt I r. II r NUMBER REGiS 'fRA' 1 ' ION S A GE Publications, Qu ,1 lilativc/ Sage Handbook of Freeing Ourselves tioin Ru ss ell Bishop 111c Interpretive Qualitative Neocolonial, Dom ll ia(ion in Research in Research, Third Research (Ch 5) Education I Edition (EPS8500 ) , Gill Critical Humanism and Queer Kenneth Plummer Theor y Li v ing With the 200 7 357-375 Tensions (Ch 14) Qualitative Case Studies (Cli Robert Stake 17) Testimuiiao, Suballcniily, wid John Beverley Narrative Authority (Ch 22) Narrative Inquiry (Ch 25) Susan Chase Relativism, Criteria, and Politics John Smith & Phil. (Ch 36) F lodkiusoii Sage Handbook of Qualitative Research, Second Edition Femmist Media Studies Rethinking Obscrvaiioif From Method to Context (Ch 25) Mic h cal An &qosm u & Kimberly A ways de Perez Liesbelvan Looncn 443-465 'I'X 6-175-287 547-558 651-680 9 1 5-932 Qualitative SAGE Publicati o n s, Inc Sociolog y ( SOC1. 8342 ), fill 2007 SAGE PublicaU o us , Women and Media 111 c (JOU4780 ) Method s in TX-3-721-799 6 73-702 "i'X-5-220-475 Ch 2 , 3 , 4 11-GS First published in United Kingdom 5 SCHEDULE OF WORKS PUBLISHER PLAINTIFF CO I i RS I, TITLE AND SEMESTER TITLE OF BOOK I TITLE OF EXCERPT(S) I AU T HOR Sage Handbook of Freeing Ourselves from Russell Bishop Qualitative Neocolonial Domination in Research, Third Research (Ch 5) Edition Critical Humanism and Queer KciuicQi Pluiiuner Theory Living With the Tensions (Ch 14) Qualitative Case Studies (Ch Robert Stake 17) T CSU113 0111 0, Suballeniity, and John Beverley Narrative Authority (Ch 22) Narrative Inquiry (Ch 25) Susan Chase Relativism, Criteria, and Politics John Smith & Phil (Ch 2(i} Hodkinson Writing a Method of Inquiry Laurel Richardson (Ch 38) & Elizabeth ams St Pierre PAGES COPIED 109 - 138 COPYRIGHT R E GI STRA TIO N NU MB E R SAGE Publications, ' Qualitative Luc Rcs carc h in Education( E P RS S SIU ), spnn j 200 8 357-375 443-465 X47-ii8 TX 651-680 915-932 959-978 6-175-287 6 SCHEDULE OF WORKS PUBLISHER PLAINTIFF COURSE T IT LE AND SEMESTER TITLE O F BOOK TITLE OF EXCERPT(S) AUTHOR P A C ES COPYRIGHT REGISTRATION C OPJ E ll NUMBER SAGE Publications, Inc Introduction to community Psychology (PSYC8200), fill changing flit 2006 Systcrn Pol itical Understanding Succcssful Advocacy for Advocacy, Sharpening introduction to Disadvantaged Advocacy kalls community Groups Psychology (PSYC8200), fall 2007 Milan J Dluhy 1 17-26, 91-108 TX 6-826-963 7

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