Cambridge University Press et al v. Patton et al

Filing 124

Supplemental Initial Disclosures by Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Inc., Sage Publications, Inc.. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A - Expert Report of Robert B.K. Dewar, # 2 Exhibit B - Expert Report of Debra J. Mariniello, # 3 Exhibit C - Expert Report of Steven M. Sheffrin)(Krugman, Edward)

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Cambridge University Press et al v. Patton et al Doc. 124 Att. 3 EXHIBIT C EXHIBIT C - 1 EXHIBIT C - 2 EXHIBIT C - 3 EXHIBIT C - 4 EXHIBIT C - 5 EXHIBIT C - 6 EXHIBIT C - 7 EXHIBIT C - 8 EXHIBIT C - 9 E X H I B I T 1 EXHIBIT C - 10 STEVEN M. SHEFFRIN Department of Economics One Shields Avenue University of California, Davis Davis, California 95616-8572 Office: (530) 752-1576 Fax: (530) 752-9382 E-mail: ACADEMIC LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE Professor of Economics 1985-present Dean, Division of Social Sciences, College of Letters and Science, University of California Davis , 1998-2008 Provided academic and strategic leadership for 254 faculty FTE in 10 major departments, 8 interdisciplinary programs, 4 centers, and serving over 6000 majors. Oversee and administer a budget of $24 million. Worked with faculty and staff to develop innovative interdisciplinary programs including a Center for Mind and Brain and Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies. Provided leadership for divisional fundraising and institutional advancement. Provided oversight for the Undergraduate and Education Office within the College of Letters and Science. Collaborate with senior leadership on College and University-wide affairs. Director, Center for State and Local Taxation, UC Davis, 1991-present Founded the Center in 1991 in collaboration with the Franchise Tax Board and the Board of Equalization. As director, lead the Center's educational and outreach programs, including a yearly Summer Tax Institute, and other public policy forums. Conduct and coordinate research on tax policy and state fiscal affairs. Chair, Department of Economics, UC Davis, 1983-90 EDUCATION Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Ph.D., 1976 College of Social Studies, Wesleyan University - BA, Magna Cum Laude with honors, 1972 EXHIBIT C - 11 HONORS, SCHOLARSHIPS AND FELLOWSHIPS Brookings Economic Policy Fellowship, 1980-1981 Danforth Fellowship, 1972-1976 Junior Fellow, Center for Humanities, Wesleyan, 1972 Hallowell Prize in Social Science, 1972 Thomas Mayer Distinguished Teaching Award, 1995 OTHER ACADEMIC POSITIONS Acting Director, Institute of Governmental Affairs, 1997-1998 Adjunct Fellow, Public Policy Institute of California, 1995-1997 Faculty Fellow, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, 1996Visiting Professor, Nuffield College, Oxford, September 1995-December 1995 Visiting Professor, London School of Economics, January 1991-June 1991 Visiting Professor, Princeton University, January 1988-June 1988 Financial Economist, Office of Tax Analysis, U.S. Treasury, 1980-1981 Member, Editorial Board, Economic Inquiry, 1992-1997 Member, Fiscal Task Force for the California Business Higher Education Forum, 1993-1994 (responsible for formulating and drafting the taxation portion of the Action Plan on fiscal reform for the Forum) PUBLICATIONS Books and Monographs Rational Expectations, Cambridge University Press, 1983, Second Edition 1996. Translations in French, Spanish, and Japanese. Property Taxes and Tax Revolts: The Legacy of Proposition 13, (with Arthur O'Sullivan and Terri A. Sexton), Cambridge Press, 1995. Paperback reissued 2007. Markets and Majorities, Free Press, 1993. The Making of Economic Policy: History, Theory and Politics, Basil Blackwell, 1989. Translation in Japanese. Economics: Principles and Tools, (with Arthur O' Sullivan), Prentice Hall, 1998, Fifth Edition 2007. Also Canadian and Portuguese editions. EXHIBIT C - 12 Economics Principles in Action, (with Arthur O' Sullivan), Prentice Hall, 2001. Third Edition, 2005 Proposition 13 in Recession and Recovery, (with Terry A. Sexton), Public Policy Institute of California, 1998. Who Pays for Development Fees and Exactions? (with Marla Dresch), Public Policy Institute of California, 1997. Fiscal and Monetary Policy, edited volume with Introduction (with Thomas Mayer), Edward Elgar, 1995. Monetarism and the Methodology of Economics, edited volume with Introduction and "Tom Mayer: An Appreciation," (with Kevin Hoover), Edward Elgar, 1995. Macroeconomic Theory and Policy, (with David Wilton and David Prescott), South Western, 1987. Instructor Manual for Macroeconomics, Dornbusch and Fischer, McGraw Hill, 1977. Selected Articles "Fairness in Market Value Taxation," in R. Bahl, J. Martinez, J. Youngman ed., What Role for Property Taxes, Cambridge, MA.: Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, forthcoming 2009. "Re-Thinking the Fairness of Proposition 13," in Jack Citrin, ed., Proposition 13 at 30, Berkeley, CA: Berkeley Public Policy Press, forthcoming 2009. "Tax Tensions: Privatization and Local Finance," (with Bei Li) in Privatizing China, ed. L. Zhang and A. Ong, Cornell University Press, 2008. "Understanding Surveys of Taxpayer Honesty," (with Janine L.F. Wilson), Finanzarchiv, 2005 "State Budget Deficit Dynamics and the California Debacle," Journal of Economic Perspectives, 2005 "Complexity and Compliance: An Empirical Investigation," (with Adam Forest), National Tax Journal, 2002 "Interest Rates, Exchange Rates and Present Value Models of the Current Account," (with Paul Bergin), The Economic Journal, 2000. "Tax Reforms and the Growth of Government," Empirical Economics, 1999. Reprinted in ed. Robin Boadway and Baldev Raj, Advances in Public Economics, 2000. "Proposition 13: Unintended Effects and Feasible Reforms," (with Terri A. Sexton and Arthur O' Sullivan), National Tax Journal, 1999. EXHIBIT C - 13 "Spotting Sunspots: Some Evidence in Support of Models with Self-fulfilling Prophecies," (with Kevin D. Salyer), Journal of Monetary Economics, 42, 1998. "Reform During Crisis: The Transformation of California's Tax System During the Great Depression," (with James Hartley and J. David Vasche), Journal of Economic History, September 1996. "What Does the Public Believe About Tax Fairness?" National Tax Journal, 1993. "Causation, Spending, and Taxes: Sand in the Sandbox or Tax Collector for the Welfare State? (with Kevin Hoover), American Economic Review, 1992. "Some Evidence in Favor of a Monetary Rational Expectations Exchange Rate Model with Imperfect Capital Substitutability," (with Robert Driskill and Nelson Mark), International Economic Review, 1992. "Present Value Tests of an Intertemporal Model of the Current Account," (with Wing T. Woo), Journal of International Economics, 1990. "Have Economic Fluctuations Been Dampened? Evidence Outside the United States," Journal of Monetary Economics, January 1988. "Consumption and Unemployment," (with Mark Dynarski), Quarterly Journal of Economics, May 1987. "Is Price Flexibility Destabilizing?" (with Robert Driskill), American Economic Review, September 1986. "The `Patman Effect' and Stabilization Policy," (with Robert Driskill), Quarterly Journal of Economics, February 1985. "The Dispersion Hypothesis and Macroeconomics," Review of Economics and Statistics, August 1984. "Housing Purchases and Transitory Income: A Study with Panel Data," (with Mark Dynarski), Review of Economics and Statistics, May 1985. "Testing the Rational Expectations Hypothesis in an Agricultural Market," (with Thomas Goodwin), Review of Economics and Statistics, November 1982. "Unanticipated Money Growth and Output Fluctuations," Economic Inquiry, January 1979. "Estimating the Tax Advantage of Corporate Debt," (with Joseph Cordes), Journal of Finance, March 1983. Other Articles I have published over 100 articles or book chapters in macroeconomics, public finance, labor and other fields in economics A full list of publications is available on request. EXHIBIT C - 14 Published Public Policy Reports The Market Value of Commercial Real Estate in Los Angeles County (with Terri Sexton), California Policy Research Center, Berkeley, 2003 and reprinted in State Tax Notes; Estimating the Tax Burden in California (with Marla Dresch), California Policy Seminar: Berkeley, 1995 The Future of Proposition 13 in California (with Arthur O'Sullivan and Terri Sexton), California Policy Seminar: Berkeley, 1993 (with Data Appendix) "Equity and Efficiency in the California Tax System," (with Terri Sexton) in California Fiscal Reform: A Plan for Action, California Business Higher Education Forum, June 1994 SELECTED PROFESSIONAL AND PUBLIC AFFAIRS LECTURES (SINCE 1985) University Lectures and Professional Conferences All-UC Group in Economic History American Economic Association, Annual Meetings American Political Science Association, Annual Meetings Australian National University Bank of England Bath University Boise State University California State University, Hayward California State University, Sacramento Cambridge University Carnegie-Mellon University Centre of Asian Studies, the University of Hong Kong Claremont University Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco India Statistical Institute Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, India Institute of Economics, Copenhagen International Institute of Public Finance: Berlin, Tel Aviv, Kyoto, Argentina, Spain, Austria, Prague, Milan Kon-Kuk University, Korea Korean Institute of Public Finance Lincoln Institute of Land Policy London School of Economics National Tax Association, Annual Meetings and Spring Symposium EXHIBIT C - 15 NBER Summer Institute New York University Oxford University Portland State University Princeton University Purdue University Shanghai Institute of Social Science Seoul Women's University Southampton University Stanford University UC Berkeley UC Irvine UC Los Angeles UC Riverside UC Santa Cruz University College, Dublin University of New Mexico University of Oregon University of New South Wales, School of Taxation University of Santa Clara Wesleyan University Western Illinois University World Econometric Congresses: MIT, Barcelona Public Affairs Lectures California Tax Policy Seminar Controllers Conference on Tax Reform Executive Forum International Association of Assessment Officers Northern California Assessors Association Santa Clara Manufacturing Group Senate Fiscal Retreat Tax Executives Institute UC Budget Forum UC Berkeley Birch Center UC Davis Executive Program UC Davis Fulbright Scholars UCLA Forecasting Conference Western States Tax Association of Tax Administrators EXHIBIT C - 16 Sheffrin Vita p. 7 Graduate Student Supervision Students Alden, Lorraine Al-Qudsi, Sulayman Benson, Charles Jr. Berger, George Duquette, Christopher Elwood, Kirk Forest, Adam Goodwin, Thomas Haase, Charles Hartley, James Khandke, Khailash Lim, Ewe-Gee Lopus, Jane McNamara, Ronald Movassagh, Nahid Pangestu, Mari Initial Placements California State University, Sacramento Kuwait University Idaho State University Indiana State University IRS Research Department James Madison University Syracuse University University of New Mexico California State University, San Francisco Mt. Holyoke College Middlebury College IMF California State University, Hayward Bentley College California Energy Commission Centre for Strategic and International Studies, Indonesia; currently Indonesian Minister of Trade Kansas State University Carleton College Bank of America (Research Department) World Bank Amherst College Turner, Tracy Van Hoomissen, Theresa Wajid, Khalid Zanini, Gianni Xu, Xiaonian EXHIBIT C - 17

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