Zarb et al v. Grant Homes Incorporated et al

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GENERAL ORDER: Report of Rule 26(f) planning meeting. Signed by Magistrate Judge G. R. Smith on 5/19/17. (Attachments: # 1 Notice) (loh)

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UNITED STA TES DISTRICT COUR T SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF GEORGIA SAVANNAH DIVISION Plaintiff c^No. CV417 093 Defendant. NOTICE OF ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION and CASE MANAGEMENI PROCEDURES (UTIGANTS'BILL OF RIGHTS) S.D. Ga.LR 16.7 Litigants in this Court may wish to utilize procedures that arc available to assist the speedy and efficient resolution of civil cases. This notice must be fumishcd by plaintiffs counsel to his client and served with the complaint upon all dcfendant.s. Counsel for each party represented shall ensure that the notice is filled out, signed by the party, and returned to the Clerk's office(1)by counsel for the plaintiff within 15 days offiling the complaint, and(2)by counsel for the defendant with the answer or other responsive pleading. Page 1 of5 Notice to Parties and Counsel 1. If all parties in a case elect to do so, a civil case in this Court can be referred to non-binding mediation. The purpose of such is to assist the parties in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of their respective positions and to facilitate settlement. Do you wish to such a procedure and for yoiur lawyer to meet with opposing counsel and a Judge of this Court to establish a mediation plan for this case? (aaiwerresorno) 2. If the parties in a case elect to do so, a civil case in this Court can be referred to binding or non-binding arbitration. In some instances,arbitration may be quicker,cheaper,and less formal than litigation. Its outcome can be binding or purely advisory, depending on the parties' agreement. The parties can also agree to tailor the rules of procedure. Do you wish to consider such a procedure and for your lawyer to meet with opposing counsel and a Judge ofthis Court to establish an arbitration plan for this case? (answer yci or do) 3. Ifall parties in a case consent and the Court concurs,the right to proceed before a United States District Judge may be waived, and the case can be presided over by a United States Magistrate Judge. Page 2 of5 Would you like to consider use of a Magistrate Judge and receive more information on this alternative? (anmeryet or no) 4. After the complaintand answer are Died in a case,the rules ofthis Court normally allow four(4)monthsfor the completion ofdiscovery. Ifdiscovery continues for a longer period oftime, it will be because the attorneys have requested an extension oftime from the Court 5. Ifjustified by the complexity or difficulty ofa case, the Court will consider the entry of a special case management order. Afier hearing from the parties, this order would supersede the Local Rules and provide new dates for the different aspccLs of discovery, amendments to the pleadings,the filing of motions,conferences with the Court,and preparation for the ultimate prctrial order and trial of the case. The lawyers for all ofthe parties are encouraged to consult concerning the need for such a case management order. 6. At the completion of discovery and before trial, each party will be required to participate in the filing ofa prctrial order, in most cases,there will also be a prctrial conference with the presiding Judge. At the conference, the Court will inquire about the prospects for Page 3 of 5 settlemenl of the case. Normally the Court will require tlie client to be present in person or by telephone. By Order ofthe Court. Clerk of Cflurt I have reviewed with my attorney the above notice and have indicated ray desired responses to paragraphs 1,2, and 3. This day of .20_. Name and lieaalnrc ol party or ReprcienUtlvc Ortiiieatc of Couniel I have furnished a copy of this notice to the party represented by me (including any insurance company assisting with the cost of defense) and discussed with my client responses to paragraphs 1,2,and 3 which have been noted. I have also served opposing counsel with a copy of this completed notice. This day of ,20_. Anomey for_ Page 4 of5 NOTE: If there is unanimity among the parties that the case should be referred to mediation, arbitration, or a Magistrate Judge, counsel for the plaintiffshall so notify the Clerk, who will then inform the presiding District Judge ofthe parties' interest in one or more of these procedures. Page 5 of5

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