Sylvester et al v. Menu Foods, Inc. et al

Filing 11

Attachment 3
MOTION to Quash or, Alternatively to Dismiss by Menu Foods Income Fund. (Attachments: # 1 Main Document Motion to Quash or, Alternatively, to Dismiss# 2 Memorandum Memorandum# 3 Exhibit Exhibit A# 4 Declaration Cristen Sikes Rose# 5 Declaration Chad P. Love# 6 Certificate of Service)(Love, Chad)

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Sylvester et al v. Menu Foods, Inc. et al Doc. 11 Att. 3 Case 1:07-cv-00409-ACK-KSC Document 11-4 Filed 08/03/2007 Page 1 of 3 l i CfLifiI ! s ; C:ij:C[;T tt ii: ;' ,:. Cf it.'. A'lt ril F t') I IL L : / EMILY AGARDNER 6891 Attonrey alLavt Diilin ghamTransportationBuildi ng 735 Bishop Street,Suite 402 Honoiuirl Hawai'i 968i 3 T e l e p h o n e(808>540-0200 : F a c s i m i l e(808)-540-020 : I Email: eaeardn@lawai i.rr. com Attomey for Plaintiffs IN THE CIRCUTT COURT OF TI{E FIRST CIRCUTT STATE OF }IAWAI'I Valerie Sylvester,David Pmg, Andrew Garcia, Ruth Carnargo,Chris Hubbard, StaceyCollins, RandallBslldrnenn,Kelly Engle,Pam Gould and Erik Coral-Sands Plaintiffs, v. 3L ? 0 0 1 J UI Pl{3: 58 lt. l.t _.{t1F{ \\'^v^ I A cL[iiii C i v i l No. 07-1-0848-05 SSM (l,ion-Vehicle Tort) SUPPLEMENT TO DECLARATION OF SERVICE,filed luly 25,2007; EXI{IBTI *3'' (Menu Foods lncome Fund) FooDs,It{c., a }iew JerseyCorporation; lv{ENu MENU Fooos Holpntcs,INc., a Delaware Corporation,MEI'UFoops INcot,{E Fti,.ID, an unicorporated anadianbusinessDoe Entities C ; a n dlndividualsl- 100. Defendants. SL?PLEMENT TO DECLARATTON OF SERVICE I, Emily A. Gardner, ^m the attorney for the Plaintiffs in the above1. captioned matter. 2. I ,m alr attomey licensed to practice law in ail Courts of the State of Hawaii- I make this Declaration based upon my own personal knowledge of the matters set forth herein and am competent to testiff thereto. EHFEE Case 1:07-cv-00409-ACK-KSC Document 11-4 Filed 08/03/2007 Page 2 of 3 3. Attached hereto as ExhAit "3" is the original retut:nof service atrrming that the First Amendsdgrnmons to Answerthe Civil Complaintand First Anaended Complaintwas servedupon DefendantMenu Foods l:rcome Fun4 at E FalconerDrive, StreetsvilleOntario,Canada July 13,2007. , on 4. ln the Declarationof Servicefiled with the court on July 25,2007, Exhibit *1" was incorrectly noticed asthe original reflr:r of serviceaffrming tbat the First AmendedSr:mmonsto Answef,the CMI Complaint and First Amended Complaint was Menu Foods,Inc., a New Jersey served uponDefendants Corporation. It was actuallya faxed copy of the refimr of servicaffirming serviceupon DefendantMenu Foods lncomeFund,at 8 FalconerDrive, Streetwille,Ontario,Canada. 5. Nationwide Legal Support,Inc.,the companyhandlingthe serviceof the three (3) defendantsin the matter had toid me verbally that all three defendantshad been Defendantwho had been and served, that it was, Menu Foods,Inc., the New Jersey servedon July t3,20O7 - This miscom:nunicationcontibuted to the error in the of Declaration Servicethat was filed on lvly 25,2007. 6. Menu FoodsLacome Fund in As of the dateof this filing, Defendant was servedon July L3,2007,andDefendantMenu Foods StreetsvilleOntario,Canada , was on Corporation, served July 9,2007, asprovidedin S o l d i n g s , l n c . ,a Delaware Exhibit '2" to tbe Declarationof Servicefiled on July 25,2007. under penaltyof perjury that the foregoingis true and correct. I declare D A T E D : HONOLULU, HAWAII, July 31,2007 h EXESE Case 1:07-cv-00409-ACK-KSC Document 11-4 Filed 08/03/2007 Page 3 of 3 RETURNOF SERVICE Sbte of Hawall C a s e Numbec 07-l-O848-05SSM Plaintift Courty of Honolulu Flrgt Glrcult Court Velerle Sylveator,et al. vs. Defendant l l e n u a Foodc,Inc.,a New Jerrey Corporatlon,et al. Fon EmilyA GardnerAttomsy Lail, LLLC at Received Nationwide by LegalSuppgrl Inc. to ba servqflon ilenu Foode lncome Fund, I Falconer D-rive, Hun* l3+x diyof S t r c e { r n f l f e , O n t a r l o , C N U l N . t'e-reJ l, .doherebyaffirmthatont11e o? at aQgf.@ a rue coiy of thE flrst Arnendedsummons ,S*I:+ -.-2c to Antwdr e]ilieombiiln-q Flrr=t7ffieTili*t ComphiiE: E(hlDlt I to 3; FlrutAnsndrd-Demend forJurrfrtah * Ftrrt AmendedSummons to Anrwer Clvll Complelnq in lccordancewith staF stgtutesin the rnannermarked ( ) INDIVIDUAL SERMCE: Served the within<rarned persori. - below--- A-K. 't ( ) POSTED SERVICE: After attemp6ng seMce on _/_.]at placeon the property hercin. described ( ) Custodian of Records: By serving S as rruCO>u _ FclntD, and on _J_at to a conspicuous ( ) NONSERVTCE:or the reasondetailedin the Comments below. F COMMENTS: I I certifythet I haveno interestin the aboveaction,am ot teglt age and haveproperauthority the jurisdlction in in w h i c hthisservice was made. I I declareunderthe laws of the UnitedSlatesof Ameritz that theforegoing Infurmation i6 S e r v i c e trueand correct I am overthe age of 18 and haveno int'estinlhe abovear in Appointed accordance with StateStatutes Natlonwlde Legal Suppo( Inc. Dba Eleanofr NafionwldeLagal Support 18226 VEnturaBlvd.,Sutta20E T a z a n a , CA 91356 lE18lTftt4737 O u rJobSerial Numbec 2007001151 C.F nllaa t!t92-2qr8 Dtfd.-SadG bB - PFc. Srrrdr TooOqVs.5 A EXffiBI

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