State of Hawaii v. Trump

Filing 132

MOTION for Pro Hac Vice of Robert D. Fram Filing fee $ 300, receipt number 0975-1841997.Thomas Benedict appearing for Amicus Parties Congregation B'nai Jeshurun, Reverend Curtis W. Hart, Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum, Rabbi Joy Levitt, Rabbi Joel Mosbacher, The Sikh Coalition, Reverend Timothy Tutt (Attachments: # 1 Certificate of Service)(Benedict, Thomas)

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HID 007A (Rev. 02 /14) Mution to Appear Pro Hac Vice UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT for the District of Hawlii State of Hawaii, et al. Case No. 17-cv-00050 PluintiJj v. Donald Trump, et al. Defendant MOT10N TO APPEAR PRO HAC VICE (Attach Declaration of Counsel in support of motion. $300.00 assessment renuired to be paid through Name of Attorney: Robert D. Fram Firm Name: Covington &Burling, LLP Firm Address: One Front Street, 35th Floor San Francisco, CA 941 1 1 Attorney CM/L•CF Primary email address: Firnl Telephone: 415-591-6000 PaI'ty RepreScntCd: Amici C~n•iae Interfaith Coalition Name/Add~'ess 'I'I,on,as E3enedict Goodsill, Anderson, Quinn 8c Stiti~l f=irst Hawaiian Center, 999 Bishop Street, Suite 16000, Honolulu. I-11 9681i of Lacal Counsel Firm Fax: 415-591-6091 P~n~stiant to LR R3.1(e) of the Local Rules of Practice tar the United States District Court for the Distract of Hawaii, the undersigned applies for an order permittinb dle ~ibove-named attorney to appear and participate as counsel pro l ac vice for the above-named party in all matters in the above-captioned case or proceeding. This request is based on the declaration of the attorney seeking to appear pro hoc vice. (ylA.r e.~ ~ ~ ~ 2e./~. Dated: Hobert D. Fram Signature" (Print name if original signature) *11'this motion is Ueing signed by local counsel on behalf of the applicant, the signahn~e constitutes consent to the designation as associate counsel; otherwise such consent shall be filed separately. HID 007A (Rev.02 /14) Declaration of Counsel UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT for the District of Hawaii State of Hawaii, et al. Case No. 1:17-cv-00050 Pluintifl Donald Trump. et al. Defendan! DECLARA'I10N 0['COUNSEL (Attach to Motion to Appear Pro Hac Vice.) ~ Name of Declarant: ~ Robert D. Fram I am not a resident of the District of Hawaii, am not regularly employed in the District of Hawaii, and am not regularly engaged in business, professional or law-related activities in the District of Hawaii, and that: 1. The city and state of my residence and office address is: San Francisco, CA 2. I have been admitted to practice in the (ollowin~ courts on the dates noted: Supreme Court of California: Nov. 12, 1986; U.S. Court ofAppeals for Federal Circuit; M1y 31, 199C; u.s. co~~~-c or~ Appeals District of Columbia: Oct. 9, 1986; U.S. Court of Appe~is 3rd Circuit: December 6,?005; U.S. Court of Appeals 9d~ Circuit: Mar. 7, 2000; USDC Central Cal.: Apr. 12, 1994; USDC Northern Cal.: Jan. 21, 1993: USDC' Eastern C'al.: Jan. ~6, 1993; USDC Southern Cal.: Feb. 27, 2012; USDC Dist. of Columbia: Nov. 1990. 3. I am in good standing and eligible to practice in the Collowing co~u•ts (declarant may state "All of the courts identified in paragraph 2"): All of the courts identified in paragra~~h 2. 4. I (a) am not currently involved in disciplinary proceedings before any stale bar, federal bar, or any equivalent; (b) have not in the past 10 years been suspended, disUan-ed, or otherwise subject to other disciplinary proceeding before any state liar, federal bar, or its equivalent;(c) have not been denied admission pro hac vice by airy court or agency in the past ]0 years; and (d) have not been the suUject of a criminal investigation know to the attorney or a criminal prosecution or conviction in any court in the past ten (10) years. True. 1f 1 am concurrently making or have made within the preceding year a motion to appear pro hac vice in a case or proceeding in the District of Hawaii, the title and number of each matter is stated below, together with the date of the motion Ind whether the motion vas granted. I designate the following to serve as associate counsel who is a member in good standing of the bar of the United States District Court for the District of Hawaii and maintains an office in this district, with tl~e address, telephone Ind f1x numbers, and e-m1i1 address noted: Thomas Benedict GOODSILL, ANDEF2SON, QUINN & STIFGL First Hawaiian Center, 999 Bishop Sheet, Suite 1600 Honolulu, HI 9681 T:(808) X47-5600 F:(808) 5=F7-5880 E: CM/ECF: Fili~rg doctu~re~rts electronically/Receini~:g e-mrti! ~~vtification. Full participltion. I am requesting a waiver of the required CM/ECF training. I am a registered user of CM/~CF in the following Bankruptcy and/or District Court(s): USDC Central California; USUC Northern California; USDC Eastern California; USDC Sotrthern Californil; USDC District of Columbia. Full participation. Computer Based Training(CBT)completed. I have completed CBT modules 1 and 2 cun~ently available on the USDC District of Hawaii website at: Q D a. 6. c. d. I will abide by al l orders, rules, and administrative procedures governing the use of my login and password and the electronic filing of documents in the CM/ECF system of the United States District Court for the District of Hawaii. Use of my CM/ECF User login and password constitutes my signature on an electronically Fled document for all purposes and shall have the same force and effect as if I had affixed my signature on a paper copy of the document being filed (full participation registrants only). I may authorize one or more employees or office staff members to use my login and password for the eleckronic filing of a document. However, such use constitutes my signature on the electronically filed documenk. I will not knowingly permit use of my login and password by anyone not so authorized, I shall take steps to prevent such unauthorized use, and I shall be fully responsible for all use of the login and password whether authorized or unauthorized. If authorization to use a login and password is withdrawn (e.g., when a staffmember leaves employment) or if unauthorized use of a login and password is suspected, I shall select and activate a new password for use in the CM/~CF system. 1 also shall immediately notify the court upon learning of any unauthorized use. I understand that failure to change the password and notify the court may result in sanctions (full participation registrants only), This registration constitutes my waiver of service of a paper copy of a notice and a request in writinb that, instead of notice by mail, notice be sent to me by electronic transmission through the court's CM/ECF system. This also constitutes my consent in writing to accept service of documents by e-mail through the CM/ECF system. I will maintain an active e-mail account for notice and service by electronic transmission, and will keep such e-mail account information current in my CM/ECF User account. I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.(Attach any additional pages if any further explanation is needed) Signature CONSENT OF LOCAL COUNSEL (Local counsel may sign below if consent is not recorded elsewhere.) Dated: ~ ~~ ~~~ ~~`~ Signature ~, '~ IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF HAWAII Case. No. ~ ~ 17-cv-00050 State of I-Iaw~ii, et al. pRDER GRANTING MOTION Tp APPEAR PRO HAC VICE AS TO Plaintiff, Robert D. Fram vs. Don11d Trum4~, et al. Defendant. ORDER GRANTING MOTION TO APPEAR PRO HAC VICE The Court GRANTS the Motion of Robert D. Fram Appear Pro Hac Vice. Name of Attorney: Robert D. Fram Firm Name: Covitlgton &Burling, LLI' Firm Address: One Front Street, 35t1i door San Francisco, CA 941 1 Attorney CM/ECF Primary emai I address: dram Firm Telephone: 415-591-6000 Party Represented Amici Curiae Interfaith Coalition IT IS SO ORDERED. DATED: Honolulu, Hawaii, to

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