First Suburban National Bank v. Forsgren et al

Filing 5

MOTION by Plaintiff First Suburban National Bank for judgment by Confession (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit Promissory Note, # 2 Exhibit Affidavit of Thomas A. Gehrke, Jr., # 3 Exhibit Confession)(Dillon, Thomas)

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______ _____ __________ PROMISSORY NOTE 1: Borro w icewi TISTIWU. r.,.,......cssfl &I Na Avmia PorlLaIde,.,Fl. - c. Fang.s Isit" Lender Flat &w.sbin Navorisi Banli Dow Office lION. Wick. Dri.. Outage, IL X ,a,_ ...._______ -_ _. -.`--- -. - _. a.n -. *Lsss. shed I . absiad Irom ye tie at th flwaac. until ropay, of stoP. advance. PAYN BIT. Sonow. *lPpIytIt Paso te' an. paymmU or .fl elisbridmg prlndp.i plus all auS urrnd ,t.sI On ar. edduk ; l_w... WI* pay iegS montly papient. of aft statuS unpaia h*ee.t nit not dl pe$uant S b.vpJ. JMay?21. ZIOS. In . ah aid nsx lnS p fnante to be flab vie ,, day at aids manti, at in Ihal. Ur. ath.,wS. agreed & requhs by appll. Paw. PS1Th lii em be ippiled Ant tasy unpild cuplecilon c.stas Aim. to any We nsrg than to any stwied wupSd I.rnL and th* Ic pNac S. Ion. nfl pay Pat t tarts address sMwn above at it uufl oilier plac, islander may d.slgnat. In writing. i,re Ic k, ba.n ian,s nan t.pande, md.x wtcn fIll 0 PMi. Raxa as p&ed the Was Sisal Jwtial 0 hdO,C cc., I nol necnnrl., the was1 ` clwgid Lenair ` s I' me 5d b.canes wievedtd. &sthi te r as Ut loan, Las. may designate a sitblu1t irid.* alter rallying broby . a,s, ` ioare w it rvo I. 0* curmnl ws rat, u, eopows requt. The inh.r..t rate thing. wit ra OWJT mat. often than tadi day. rrcwsr tavi.r nines EQ put U a., nay me. lOWis bind on ever misc ta vS. Tbs ISa cunsnhly Is L2S4% eflIllIfli. The merest 1W' ID be iflcd o DM5 LrVS rwincIe I bite of to Pt. wi be cataslee a, dqsced hi It,. INTeREST CtCULAflON MET}IOW pSrflcfl ustg * luW iqus to the Ie wade Ia mc naomi QTO pewslt, ad$St06 If flecessaPy be iny nIrwnwt. and Ftnum ra IiiWloin dnortad below. F5$!Q in en wflu rate ci `Tfl NOflCZ Un, , c'rcuwsmnce D me fl on th' No.. be I,s Vial i &o'* pet mIrurn 0, cmrI Then rnwnun , allowec by apibIe Paw INTIR St C*LCUIA VON SaTHOD. ftit ml tS Not. I. coaliutId on a 34tO bate; 1111 la by pl$nI me rabo of U.. 14.. rat. 0 a per @4 deys. n.S$S by the mitotandk,g pdnpal bustat. ,wltip$ed by 11 .ciu.I `iwuber of Sy. U.. ptlndpsI bLau PP outs dMg. Al L....-I paytIe wider th4g N.M Is conipu ted ustn th1 wialh PREfl neir. !oncwec Inn Pay -as pnay sear a .ton N the wsn owed wiar thsn It alit. EIIW paytnafift wil ra Ufls$ reed to by L.n ir Si wdlWug, relieve Bc,rcw.r ci Ba,twec's cflgen Ia conitits Ic `We Payne it or iCcfued wps frderl,t ther, ISty psyt'afilS vA'! reduce I. F$ct biSm. `a. ot,uwer a9!11 ra send Linda, peyrsit, rnaS.d peId ki bill, *IIOIJ1 `ScotIa.". or sS.u Isuguag. If sorrow r sinS stidia payirert Lrder nay t.pI It wIt,I 10ee19 y ci Lrdfl nt undar INS Nfl fl Borrower wm nh oogiled Ic y Dry kIll f Wtflfl vS to n Al wdan orrtflatn. ca,cen*9 apItid stun. WicSiiO sly chick olw payment unslrtpyrt purn mdcii. mat I'. paylTn, ca'eAa ynM rn M of me sinoun! gc's or em tendered ,a, other oortUonl or ietaton. at a VU? .seacnn e S. ml annmt irwit be rein or dflyeced Ic, Ffttt SijtLnt,eJ Nal Bfl. Downtown Ot.. im N. Wades! DIW?, Chicago. IL 6fl. LATI C ARGa It a sc& 10 tys at mate lilt lorrewe, wil be etiarged &%O% or vi. unpild poflion at he tesaInty ,deduIad paymant. Html IT UTI CUMULI. Upon dfl.a. S'CIICIPg t.r. Ic pay a kt naiNty, It,. pufereet Isle r Th Note shill be Irc'.a,n by adding. 5LCO p rca,iage - rreigki tOef-,N Rail Mrn" Tb. Dflult Rats Mar Sa1 ..o p to e& ki'jrnt ,ste mange tiat W044! have a fad mere be.,, daisull. Han..,. l TIC even; .ai tie mIernt lii. exceed the rn.xmniun mutest `ste Ikiwauion, hider apctcee w. OEFAU it Each 01CM tka fli .ma Sn ivem Cl dI4&I* rwrit 0$ DSLNfl tmder this Not.. Pa met Debit Borrower ISs ,enwe any ynm'I w,l 5's Lace, this Nest DI - Pitijis. Bamtet 1St Ic conry wie, aria pe,lorni any oter tmnt ocligelon. covnm cc w.dIoo 1t.hied lv. Nd. or in rIy ol Vi. ralatcd dccLnwAs a I. corpy we, or to ,k... any term tcn. ve.iw,1 or Mldon corleinod lb soy tAct agtemn between Prin Ipil Amount OQ,OOD.Oo Date ol Note: April 7. 2OO PROj SE it PAY. KeWi C. omgm. lAd Jul.. M Foragrmn rlcrmn Joiffily n nvnly prams. Ia l 0! lank flfl. or oI, lit bwful ffmn.y S the Unitid Stat., S America, the pdnclpaj smoont of w H Pnd lo fu it &ztwn National h & hO Doll flO ftlt - so mud. n . Soutd.,ang. teg.u with btlenI on U.. tmp&d ouba1d.g pfi?tloai uv,dnceTofotsand sainOIliWTar. n p bala an a at YA* 31k PNTrut RATE, me freret mit on this Nose us storm ctre I.e fl and Satrower. Fal .. Stmi.ant.. My werrarty. rmpr.w,lakcn or sle,nonL mad. or lumfld Lander by Borrower or , Boirow.': bti&!. Or rued. h GJ 1ff, a ally over w'* endorser, tinily, e aca..,.laon palty, undet !s Note or Ill. rilsttd doemr..nts m sly the oi ww,g a, the Iwi ..S...a by fl$ 4j or ny .rnty dunw.fl dir.clfy or frdk.cty ,.ciflMg rigeylTiant ol m Joi. S S.c. mi.iAaff dl *1% material resoect. .11w TIc.' oral Ire ib". nude or run-piahed or bp IS. a n4ls.ra ii at1 l*ie theistSt Di Ia or M1,.wy. The *S, 04 !orwes. or ma di,soWI, or ls.n*utmm, of Qcvyow.s existent. ala 91*19 busi,esL ** hcdvefy o a ceen tue of' rw for arty pert of Ooftflflf's pody, any atslgn* for the briaft ci orolor.. any Sype o aSic. WV c.t at me conyn.ncanw,I 04 army proceeding w,der eny bankruptcy or Sdvaney Ian by or ei,' Ion ow.. C,. Ito, FoWSWr. Pracesffig. Convvn',ent ot 4edon or rflftw. proend. ,ThMbe, by jLrcl prcca.or ,df.Itr. oft colalnl SSU*l9 Vt ioer 1'ds rip unto, by iiW clOr of Rang.'., 01 b toy srnmerils agenCy egeki Xs * amWrmtd a 1y ci Bayowes scun* klekdng d scion wit, lacer. Howevet. S Event Cl DOS flu not apvtQ iIu I S S good 1st dip'M by Borrower as to U.. vSISy or ,eeso'atiewss & It. cjak,. wbch Is the Dass ol the asdw at blalttae ptocatdr.g arc Borrow, ai'n Linde, wren r*t. S the treat or focfits. tscoc..dba and deocalls wit Lender rraes or a swaty bout w O'e ,. Ra or lo,l,ltw. proceedbg, In an .nnfl delt.,..i by Lender. u, s sole Iscrelbu, is e.g mu isquate rfl.iv. orbond `or Vi. dul Eu lAIoft AL.J..,..IIa. My .,ecutor' UT l.vuad agepiusI the CauaIfl, aS sidu encuhien at fl.ctvwit S rid set nidr. dst `.me1 or stayed wk. Pirly 301 daysatter he sn Is leji.d. Clu ige In ZonIng - Pitt RklciIw.. Amy wn many to,. orajanc. or r.gtiattn or any 011w public rntb$fl, is .MeIS, odopiec or bye irnenlic - l or deities the is. wttn univ be yale os Th, Cocaral `ml pt tie present or lended .me Of lie ColItltr.I,as se mid n tue mud 00dm. wotfl be., vE*fl, of SUC', salug ordnance or r.gmsetc, or piflb rnlrtlnr. is changed. PS tilt Under Other LIti Doo.mieiila. A Staul WS undti ally other mortg.. died of "tie! Dr security aprecc,w.t cove'c'g aft or an tiof he CdIa!n!. Aid irL tMias rudatalv wvre by in 150 apWo.. 01 Lrdtq itie enlry or a Ibal J4gfTient for lii. peyrueni Dl rnoIey wot'i,0 is, LoI i Nor 96192186 J.. PROMISSORY NOTE Continued Page 2 __-n -- then mi thousand dat,, {$0.o.Oo aganI Borrower aM tie lailile y Boc'jer to flcMrfl II. are. ot c o to be cttt aids st to Landat, wrfzabi. wtiin thirty 3O da fran, Pie date It* der. decree cw rroc.n inde vMct a0,apnu.nL 1,s1ith ? &f , 0 idgn.nt was eflhlr,d nnt* LfftctIog G.,ypne,. My ci the prececep venhI accuis wri tepee, Ig any Gunnlor. o any clii., rwiiot. F *Ft1 C cea,niodalbn PrY oilIly S v o' any Guwaflo,. or any 0*1w g.insnlor. endo.s.r, stwMy. or acco,nmdalion party 4 ne r ecoole rcoSenl. or reves Cr *pILe. tie vaIy oI, or Ibty under, arty Qisranty ci the .drced by ni. Note, ayes. Chaig.. A rrass? advert. chonQP occu's in Uonesv.s f.nol otwiagqi, Lend., belie,.qs me prominqd ot o.y'nr' - eqr,v,op ci lies Nail itH. I *eitlty. Lar in good lath Xe'es MseIl inscqm * . ptavIIcilt Itn dofajt, other Ihafi a delatit in panT is curabil and ii Borrower lie not Dea, rena lice cia *eacb del. sa,t I -rni ct ils Note wiPn Ire pcecsdfrig tWelve I2 rn,1tts. rni.y tie ruts 9orowe.. afle, r.cetc wr1on nolc Iron' LnX dma,On. ii. a? *I* det,u* ii cwn In. dslau9 wi1Pn len ID days. DC 2 fl Curt roq,ira mole tin Ian jim dzws, flnediawy Sliates sii P& tendm Yenie I, tenders scde disc,eton c be &iMianI to rite ma $sul, and friereaIter conw'ues nd ca.dettt .m reasNe `l ,ceuarv I?fls suWsent to flute eDi!IEaCP a. Sw, as rnwiabl-g pracXal, LENC EMS RIGHTS Upon d*r. L.nst may dec., "w nI,re s,peid pOpcal balance tinder this Nole aria s; accrao ta.i rnr' ald tht Mid Sen Boctowe! wil psy mat LYre istvw cea EXPIPIS. Uriar may turn 0 y sonwaw n.e to help cSci this Not." Earo,is don no' pay Bontwer w pay Lender the, a' mL TN. SioItt siAijeet to any In1. uS .pcable w. Lend's attOrneys let and Lsndnrs kaI flp-ses. wtiSIw or riot tPtn, s la.vs nicluding SIr.n %ts. .pemnn far ballkft.Dty proceidings wlCIuffn1g than, to rmd%' vecete Cr1? aiAor,iauc SISy 0. hr,Oflh Liril no! irS*llod by apcat. law. Borrowet ahto wi ply my cowl csts. n .dcillon to all other an pro'dcd by law. JURY NAIVEM. La,d.s fi Sorrow& hnby wry, the rl.t to any Ikuy trlaI In any action, proceSins or co.,iiatlfln brought by SLli.s Lende at Bamw& .gaSt the cms aw applicable to Laid., end. to The ezImu not pr..tiptod by ledsil Ia Vie laws of oon twnc 1.4w. ml. Not. ,.ei be gosoS w the St 1.01 I*.St *IU,adn,e Is Its conflict. of law pro,i4sion. mis Note in been - - by Lend.? In the Stale Of mpialt CONF StaN OF JUDGWfl. Bonnr herety S'evoc,b auIwe, irS .n'powet. any &dotney4l4aw to agta' h any coit ol m an, l co.,ie. $dflM tA,I1 Bnls. Ion the ured anlOJnt ci lit Notes, tvldrc.d by Mi aIavil signed y Si 0l.r ci Lender lethnfl ott Irm ,`not, thai, dts nra,. he - c at eLm. .td to release 1 e,o,s. sid waive all tlglt ol mat, ii a copy of thu Note. `.iIwd by en L., Ii wil nate n,oenary to sac tie ac*.r see war,tnt c4 at.ney Boffawan wiSe, herr loony alkdav * *S hen been lied in Vt elsy at .*cwion SM VS benatit clii anqTtIon last nqq Ut her.ill., ki gftfl. Mg single .arcis. of Vt tregolag warren, aM xv. to conhlu Sd by any owt to be flvai vodae. or od. bLA 11W udgtm a w be di.4 Pu Slats' ti panr, wheTher or not any s*scti en,oie .bat r.wer iM cant. t,dIlYS*II.d ala may bs nettleS Prom IWm IC Inn Lerdel may Sect Lmdi II awwt owiq or. th `WIe hen bean pati h IU!I r't. hereby wiSe id `S.nes any arid ili clanTs 0 caine, of aflon wilich Borrows' qg have agsflI any aflofli.y athn9 untie lh' ernn, ,jic.1Iy SPell Uo,yowt has granled t1.rein snsin cal ooiv'ectS with wis conle,aon at udrlett h.teumt DISHO IOR ITEM PIE Boprowat *11 pay a silo Lrr a SwOO II Bantuw riMs a paynwnl on Benower, loan and t. check a puwJ' `died .tge wit wtiI& Sonuwet P4 is in, dishonors. yoc. To me flit prifiCed by e law, Lend.' `eaves a ri.t ci setohf Si SI Oortowrs .ccai wl. Lender Cwtieht'wt RIGKT F chedct . .aV*r. taint Oiler tflJ. This bicludes aM occoi.t Renown Pods o,lIy with n.e arid SI .ocou,'a Porowr m orn in vie his I Howtv.t. t doss not mekid. any IRA Ut Keogh ao'ts. or ary wl Iccoun?, a. aeloff wcdd be iscitited be law, &,!tOwe, auiPio'i; ,s Larder- tote .xtr pefiTilled by apflcSe w. lo ohatge & see? aM en ovarIg , Die d.btagalnstvt Cd S sUtt,ICCOL.t CCLI `EtA!. `owr ackna.4edgts t4s Not. Ii seared by Unacun,d, Lii! C CI2IT. T* Nata evCtca a rsvdvmo firie a credit, Advances unde' INs Note may be rsqunIed maIy by Borrower as pit'vidmt in flu be co.*r*d In v..W.g on the day ci the `oquesi. NI nwTxJrflIOr5, SPuofln, or draclons b lSaione or ts per pi. NI Cr5 otheqv.* It LeSt are lobe Ifld lb Lenders cities shov,,i a,. The touowIrq pram or person era au*IOrNd IC request .dvrc an aulpoci, peyi'fl a t,eS. S nil `a Lelder racelves FYD" Sorrower. II Lo,,dws sddrefl 5h0, above. w,ltlen `mile, of revocatn W Such a,hon Keith C. Pntt. SIvaiflyi and Mnat M. Fony'. lattly. Borrower eees ID be haSte total e iflr: IA BdV.IiCS ir accars e wit tie intttClona 04 In authorized person & 0 etedOd 0 any of !orr&wi.fs aecourli. with Ls,d.r. The unos4 pririoipef balar ov.ingo the NoKat erty itn. may be dnc4 by endorsement. i Ot Ne or by land.?. nWnai .,aJ, ino!t4bng daly contt tw*oifl FINANt AL STATEIW4Tt BaWtW? to fovud. Ia"oer will etc Iranciat sIawv,ents nd elhr related ,rnonri.Ic.. at sLrh Irt,.'n ai, r sri, eta' .. Licts may .,.L1y requst. PRIOR IOYL lit faa rater ci an flairS, 98SR2755 dated Aptfl, OS fri the ogin.P aIYMI of 5200.00000 horn First S4ban NNal Snk ma call, . Fongren ltd Janet M. Fo.sgam, and all renewals at' niodmc.Im tharsol SUCCI $OR INTEflSTt Then @4 Di's Note ShSi be bdng wo 8onaa. aqvj upon Bormvss heir.. personal `eoraflnla'ives SWCOIWtS sn an ,s. sld shaM ge to I. benet ci Lant and Its successor, n signs NOTiFY USOP INACCURAT! IFWOAMAflON W RIPORT 10 CONSUMER PI*POATING AQThCIS Pins. nemly tall we report ww wocnle mlomt e at ye.! acvsfls to a netnt PegoTg agency. Your When `ala de.Gnt'.g the spelic naecwacvlt Void be salt 0 L$ at in. olci rig .ddrsfl: rival Sajitsi. National 8.Si Downiown Otire. ISO N Wtcst DrVwt. ChPcaga IL 6O NIR I. PROM1SIONS. It any pt clot F4o1. esrat be celoroed, ml. bet vim 0 alict Itwrss' 01 tie Nolt Lend.' My delay on Iuo rrcnq flr.y of ,it Or rtTn urer Wi. Note wiois lln Them, Each ear@nt.ei w,derslands flags.' thai. w*h - whFta1 note t 1tq,,ir my will, M49eCt to any aCer blow.. Is mdc. . op me .XWonsI ,.cw.d or'd bans - otheiwia. eMend adoMional enmidI. b aJter. cc wean., renew. IMVIU .sfle. Or o*1trvise dt'ge an. of vu. lT tile 1I for 0' other r,t. UI any indebiedn&. ncJuO an dicta,.. ti DW mew of inleresi on me Ce .,idlange. .nt.. wSve. soi*a*. aR or detid. n*oh to psiect, and ItS ti My sauav. wit Cr wc.A ele subfltiAlOn oP flaw coiStata d spaly suet. ,.curb and dlnct a,. o.1 or n*n.,r 01 mO,e, *noludrug wtrc.A eii4llo.,. any noniSW flit Denflilwd by VS IIWTTt OP tie wtds. socunty *....,_`l. a, Lands. n s dSrrMc may delorr CE release. sulIWS Sw.. not to St.. ordeal with any cot or rye of Borrow,.. sinus., qndo.Samt. Ut oTher gt*ranto's ct any WrTT, 0 in asy n "er Lard. n.y etnost and U deisiffline bow, when and vA,Il arcISIb., 04 reymrnt5 lid credas sIia be U 0' an Sir mdebt.d on oiil'p by stjdi oeir Borrower, Boffowe? and any Otis: PetWI wt,o s9ia, JaJSMen Ut entices PS Nde. 10 the fltei't allowed by SW- win 1,eserflnt. demand tot p.yTTwft and notice ci eahaio,. LJu1 sr* i me lynn ci this Note and `*ss Shaft exp'nasly ria. n.e ry `r. thi. Note. whether as rtk glaraito.. acvonwYmdatfl maker or endorser, dial be rSasS ho" faMily AD Mad cI.tecal, utt r Si nfl that Lets ,nev reii or esend rpfldty end to' any length Cl In. th loan or sass s.iy perty or gisrartom `tie - III Los I nF oct61 Mfly PAlO Va BORI BORI No: 96592755 PROMISSoRY NOTE Continued -_ Page 3 tfl realIze t 0' pedect Lwdfl secuz i,reqe,F c. fte cdIarer.i and tUG s oflier euq, deend by U1flP! *iItvI Ole f nb, nolt. b avon.. M' such parve. .I.c .rte Ihal Lndw may rnty m loan wtpui pie ccn5w't of or noile. Ic "nyor'. utet ha: thy with .ta thi ntdmcetion made. The owigaliona ut.' Ufl Note are ann' ted sevni, TO GNlNG Tills NOT!, EACH DOMROWER READ AND UNDERSTOOD ALL ThE PROVISIONS au lNTEMtST RAT! PROVISIONS. EACH BOAROWER AGREES to THE TERMS OF ThE NCTE. OWEM ACXNOMS MECEIPT OF 4ZSijtED COPY OF THIS PROMISSOPIY HOYt or m NOTE. INCLUDING THE OwCfl I'

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