Huon v. Breaking Media et al

Filing 96

RESPONSE by Meanith Huonin Opposition to MOTION by Defendants Nick Denton, Gabby Darbyshire, Irin Carmon, Gawker Media, to dismiss Plaintiff's Second Amended Complaint 57 AMENDED REPONSE TO MEET THE 15 PAGE LIMITATION PER DECEMBER 5, 2011 COURT ORDER (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A, # 2 Exhibit A, # 3 Exhibit B, # 4 Exhibit C, # 5 Exhibit D, # 6 Exhibit E, # 7 Exhibit F, # 8 Exhibit G)(Huon, Meanith)

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Gawker Media - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia PageI of6 Gawker Media From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Gawker Media is an American online media company and blog network, founded and owned by Nick Denton basedin New York City. It is considered lll to b" one of the most visible and successfulblogoriented media companies.As of March 2010, it is the parent company for 11 different weblogs:,Fleshbot,Deadspin,Lifehacker, Gizmodo, io9, Kotaku, Jalopnik, Jezebel,, and Cityfile. All Gawker articles are licensedon a Creative Commons attribution-NonCommercial license.{31 Gawker Media ;' Contents i I : r r I Revenue and traffic r 2 History .t 2.I Beginnings r 2.2 Expansionsand Contractions r I , i r r r i 'URL ii Gawker Media (http ://; l r r Commercial? Yes li r i Type of site t 2.3 Sourcecode breach t 2.4 2011redesign taffic and I loss 3 List of GawkerMediaweblogs r 3.1Current t 3.2 Licensed Aushalian weblogs r 3.3 Weblogs formerlyowned by Gawker 4 S e e a l so 5 References 6Externallinks Created by Blog network Nick Denton (Publisher) Remy Stern( Adam Pash(Lifehacker) Will Leitch (Deadspin) (Kotaku) Brian Crecente Jessica Coen(Jezebel) AnnaleeNewitz (io9) Ray Wert (Jalopnik) JoeBrown (Gizmodo) Lux Alptraum (Fleshbot) Launched Revenueand traffic January2003 Current status Active While Denton does not go into detail over Gawker Media's finances, he has downplayed the profit potential of blogstal,declaring that "[b]logs are likely to be better for readersthan for capitalists. While I love the medium, I've always been skeptical about the value of blogs as businesses," his personalsitet5l. on http://en. 12/tU20rr Fleshbot Wikipedia,the freeencyclopedia - PageI of1 Fleshbot FromWikipediathefreeencyclopedia Fleshbot is a sex-oriented weblog, publishedby Gawker Media. It was launchedin November2003 as the third online title from Gawker.The rangeof subjectmatter includeseverythingfrom amateursex blogs and thumbnail gallery poststo news about sex in popular culture and advertising.The blog coversboth heterosexual homosexual and eroticatll and usershave the ability to filter betweenthe two if they choose. Fleshbot Fleshbotis editedby Lux Alptraum (formerly Lux Nightmare). Fleshbotappears the ACMA Blacklist (seeInternet on censorship Australia) that was released Wikileaks in via on March 20,2009.P1 Fleshbot front page URL Fleshbot (http://www.fl References l. ^ "SexandTechinthe Type of site Pomographic Available English language(s) Owner GawkerMedia Launched 2003 Fleshbot"(httpl/v* Kari Lynn Deaql{ired,2003-ll, I 4. Retrieved2007-10-16, http//*secret_ACMA_internet censorship_blacklist,_18_Mar_20091. Externallinks r Fleshbotofficial web site (http// Retrievedfrom "" Internetpublication stubs i Internetpropertiesestablished 2003 Blogs Categories: in GawkerMedia Erotica and pornographywebsites r This pagewas last modified on 3 September 20ll at02:46. r Text is availableunderthe CreativeCommonsAttribution-ShareAlikeLicense;additionalterms may apply. SeeTermsof use for details. Wikipedia@is a registered trademarkof the Wikimedia Foundation,Inc., a non-profit organization. org/wikiff leshbot htS ://en.wikipedia. r2lll/201r UpskirtNews,Video andGossip- Fleshbot PageI of2 L"rp$Ki$qT s u N D A Y ,D Ec1 1 ,2 o 1 1 W UFSKIRT What ColorAre Your Panties, Ashlan Gorse? For a moment we got reallv excitedanclthought that E!'s Ashlan Gorservasn't wearing anything at all under her skirt, but it wasjust wishtul tlinking. Because that's clearly nude (lbr her) fabric, but not genuine nudity. No early Christmasgift for us. ilr,Jfifrr]ffiflrffi& Achnlly, Ashlan's sporting a lot ofpatches oftan here and there, which createthe illusion that she'sexposingbot-hher shoulders and her pussy, Perhapsit's a strategic thing? Or a thematic one? sffi . Via'thxi Dril'r:r Movic (taxidrivermor,'ie,com) BV iiAl| a) R i r i l pi .fi \ !:h.lo i ;r l t; i t, .]t1i 1( i :i fi ,qti i l.ilc ij 3;lil Lr*:*n! i rrl ,tt r t,!, t) Panties' """ur ml;";;::f ntr Hfi"Hll"uPanties' What Color Are Your Panties,Maria Fowler?(Christmas Edition) r,,, FUCK What Color Are Your Panties, CourteneyCu? STCYA { f # fl ( ir:ifutr1 .:icilrrl iii/ih,r:i Eilq[..-it-lF-AuTiiOR L]OMtulENr IsThatYourPussy,Annal}nne Mccord? ro Addicted ;*T ;H,";;-os'Is vn tr it ffiil':if"ff*urPanties' What ColorAreYour Panties, Nikki Reed? Bar I ffi:fffi&";l#;n'iies, sf CanThe PaparazziContml The Brese Amund Era longoria's Ass? $ISCU$SION THREADS FEATURTD Ar-{" lEWrut f . I.- rE -i.: Text 'I I il Whar CoiorArel-our Pannes, lmosenThomas? .flmi SelenaGomezIs Addicted To Panty Flashing CANCEL SUBMIT hfip://fl eshbot. com/upskirt/ What ColorAre Your Panties, Iauren Goodger? $i*F r2lrr/2011

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