TimesLines, Inc v. Facebook, Inc.

Filing 81

DECLARATION of Brendan J. Hughes regarding motion for summary judgment 79 , memorandum 80 (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit 1 - 13, # 2 Exhibit 14 - 17, # 3 Exhibit 18 - 19, # 4 Exhibit 20 - 31, # 5 Exhibit 32 - 35, # 6 Exhibit 36 - 40, # 7 Exhibit 41 - 43, # 8 Exhibit 44 - 46, # 9 Exhibit 47 - 51, # 10 Exhibit 52 - 57, # 11 Exhibit 58 - 59, # 12 Exhibit 60 - 62, # 13 Exhibit 63.1, # 14 Exhibit 63.2, # 15 Exhibit 64 - 71)(Hughes, Brendan)

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Exhibit 41 Exhibit 42 Exhibit A Exhibit 43 What is Twitter? · Twitter for Business Learn the Basics What is Twitter? Twitter Glossary Best Practices Twitter on the Go Optimize Activity Case Studies Widgets and Resources API Integration Promoted Products Start Advertising Promoted Accounts Promoted Tweets Promoted Trends Profile pages Analytics Small Business Promoted Tweets What is Twitter? Twitter is an information network that brings people closer to what’s important to them. Every day, millions of people turn to Twitter to connect to their interests, to share information, and find out what's happening in the world right now. Anyone can read, write and share messages of up to 140 characters on Twitter. These messages, or Tweets, are available to anyone interested in reading them, whether logged in or not. Your followers receive every one of your messages in their timeline a feed of all the accounts they have subscribed to or followed on Twitter. This unique combination of open, public, and unfiltered Tweets delivered in a simple, standardized 140-character unit, allows Twitter users to share and discover what’s happening on any device in real time. For businesses on Twitter, the conversation is the canvas It took Twitter three years, two months and one day to reach our first billion Tweets. Today, there are over a billion Tweets sent every three days. These Tweets represent conversations related to almost any topic imaginable. Promoted Accounts If you're already advertising on Twitter and need help, please visit the Advertising Help Center. For businesses and brands, these conversations provide a rich canvas and a powerful context in which to connect your messages and your brand to what people are talking about right now. It’s a canvas for telling engaging stories, for participating in cultural events, for broadcasting content, for connecting directly with consumers, and for driving transactions. Businesses can influence and participate in real-time conversations on Twitter to drive consumer action with integrated paid, earned and owned campaigns, delivering results throughout the marketing funnel. Businesses can also use Twitter to listen and gather market intelligence and insights. It is likely that people are already having conversations about your business, your competitors or your industry on Twitter. To learn more about how businesses are finding success on Twitter, download our free Twitter Guide for Small Business, or check out our Twitter Advertising case studies. Next: Twitter Glossary → Business Home · Follow @TwitterAds · Visit the Business Support site · Advertise About Us · Help · Blog · Status · Terms · Privacy · Resources · API · Jobs © 2012 Twitter https://business.twitter.com/basics/what-is-twitter/[1/23/2013 8:00:38 PM] Twitter Stats 340,000,000 Tweets per day 200,000,000+ active users

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