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NOTICE Submission of Affidavits and Declarations in Support of Motion for Summary Judgment or, alternatively, Motion for Preliminary Injunction, filed by Plaintiffs FREEDOM TO READ FOUNDATION, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF RECORDING MERCHANDISERS, GREAT LAKES BOOKSELLERS ASSOCIATION, INDIANAPOLIS MUSEUM OF ART, INDIANAPOLIS DOWNTOWN ARTISTS AND DEALERS ASSOCIATION, BIG HAT BOOKS, BOXCAR BOOKS AND COMMUNITY CENTER, INC., AMERICAN CIVIL LIBERTIES UNION OF INDIANA FOUNDATION, AMERICAN BOOKSELLERS FOUNDATION FOR FREE EXPRESSION, ASSOCIATION OF AMERICAN PUBLISHERS, ENTERTAINMENT MERCHANTS ASSOCIATION (Attachments: # 1 Affidavit E. Barden, # 2 Affidavit A. Friedman, # 3 Declaration- C. Finan, # 4 Declaration- A. Adler, # 5 Declaration - S. Bersell, # 6 Declaration- J. Krug, # 7 Declaration- J. Dana, # 8 Declaration- J. Lyonr, # 9 Affidavit M. Anderson, # 10 Affidavit J. Zickler, # 11 Affidavit W. Harrington) (Falk, Kenneth)

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BIG HAT BOOKS et al v. PROSECUTORS: Doc. 23 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF INDIANA INDIANAPOLIS DIVISION BIG HAT BOOKS, et al., Plaintiffs, v. PROSECUTORS, et al., Defendants. ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) No. 1:08-CV-596 SEB-TAB Plaintiffs' Submission of Affidavits and Declarations in Support of Motion for Summary Judgment or, alternatively, Motion for Preliminary Injunction Come now plaintiffs, by their counsel, submit the following affidavits and declaration to be used in support of their Motion for Summary Judgment or, alternatively, in support of their Motion for Preliminary Injunction. Attachment 1 - Affidavit of Elizabeth Barden Attachment 2 - Affidavit of Abbey Friedman Attachment 3 - Declaration of Christopher Finan Attachment 4 - Declaration of Allan R. Adler Attachment 5 - Declaration of Sean Devlin Bersell Attachment 6 - Declaration of Judith Krug Attachment 7 - Declaration of James Dana Attachment 8 - Declaration of John Lyons Attachment 9 Affidavit of Maxwell L. Anderson Attachment 10- Affidavit of Jason C. Zickler Attachment 11- Affidavit of William O. Harrington WHEREFORE, plaintiffs submit their affidavits and declarations. /s/ Kenneth J. Falk Kenneth J. Falk No. 6777-49 ACLU of Indiana 1031 E. Washington St. Indianapolis, IN 46202 317/635-4059 ext. 229 fax: 317/635-4105 Attorney for Big Hat Books, Boxcar Books and Community Center, Inc.; American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana Foundation /s/ Jon B. Laramore Jon B. Laramore No. 17166-49 /s/ Matthew T. Albaugh No. 23293-49 Baker & Daniels LLP 300 N. Meridian St., Suite 2700 Indianapolis, IN 46204 317/237-0300 fax: 317/237-1000 Attorneys for Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis Downtown Artists and Dealers Association /s/ Michael A. Bamberger Michael A. Bamberger Admitted Pro Hac Vice Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal LLP 1221 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10020 212/768-6756 fax: 212/768-6800 2 Attorney for American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression, Association of American Publishers, Freedom to Read Foundation, Entertainment Merchants Association, National Association of Recording Merchandisers, and Great Lakes Booksellers Association Certificate of Service I hereby certify that on this 23rd day of May, 2008, a copy of the foregoing was filed electronically with the Clerk of this Court. Notice of this filing will be sent to the following parties by operation of the Court's electronic filing system and the parties may access this filing through the Court's system. David A. Arthur Deputy Attorney General Eric James Beaver Deputy Attorney General /s/ Kenneth J. Falk Kenneth J. Falk Attorney at Law 3

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