Snyder v. Phelps et al

Filing 1

COMPLAINT against Fred W. Phelps, Sr, John Does, Jane Does, Westboro Baptist Church, Inc. ( Filing fee $ 350 paid receipt number 84637005641), filed by Albert Snyder. (Attachments: # 1 Civil Cover Sheet)(aap, Deputy Clerk)

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Snyder v. Phelps et al Doc. 1 Att. 1 ~JS44 (Rev 11/04) CIVIL COVER SHEET except as provided die use oftbe Clerk of Coun for the purposeof Initiating l) by local roles of court. This form, approved by the Judicial Conference oftbe Unilcd Siales in September 1974, i~~~for thc civil dockct sheet. (SEEINSTRUCTIONS TilE REVERSE THE FORM} ON OF : : t: I. (8) PLAINTIFFS ALBERT SNYDER (b) Countyof Residcnce First Listed Plaintiff of York County, Pa. ~Wtw~t'tt~~.~! &~fl>oES, DOEs, and JOHN WESTBORO BAPTIST CHURCH, INC. Co_~~5rF~i~ Ne1~L!N AT (EXCEPT IN u.s. PLAINTIFF CASES) ~ !~g ; Iifbldant CASES ONLY) -- (INu.s. PLAINTIFF I . AnONCASES,USETHELOCATJONOf \ - . , (c) Attorney's (Fm Name, Address, Teiephooe MId N_bcr) Barley Snyder LLC 100 E. Market St.. PO Box 10512.York. PA 17405717846-8888 II. BASIS OF JURISDICTION 0I us Government Plaintiff (PIace.."X~iDOoeBoxOaly) (U.S. ~ N~. P8ty) III. CITIZENSHIP Citizm of This Slale OF PRINCIPAL PTF rJ I DEF (J I P ARTIE8(pJace hIcorporaIed or ~ (F... DiversityCases Only) andOneBox f« Defendant) Place P'fF 04 DEF 04 - .X" iD ODe Box for PlaiDtiff 0 3 Federal Quesrim Or u.s.Govemmenl DefaIdaDI . of Business ThisSIn 4 Diversity (Indicale Citiunship of Parties in hem III) CilizaofA-"er Sl Cilizal .. Subject of. Fmeim CouIMrV .2 03 . 2 Incorporated and Principal Place 0 S 0 5 ofBusiDess ADOdI«SIn Foreigu NaID 0 6 06 CJ 3 IV. NATURE OF SUIT T 0 rJ rJ 0 .., Placc an x" in Onc Box Onlv 110Insuraoco Pt:RSONAL INJURY 120Marine D 310AWpi130Miller Act D 315AirplaneProduct I40NqUiableWtrumeaI Liability 150Recovery Overpeymenl D 320Assauk.Libel & of & EnCuce- of J1Idgmen11 SIaDder 0 151M~ Act D 330FedenIEmployers' n I.S2RecoveryofDefaulled Liability StlldenI L'*'S 'D (Exd.Veterms) D PrOOuct 0 IS3RecoveryoCOvcrpaymeDI Liability oCVeterao'Beaer.. s D 350MotfWVehicie 0 160Stockholders' Suits D 355MotfWVehicle 0 190OtherCOIItracI : PrOOuctLiability 0 195C-.acI Produ.."1 Liability 18 360 Other Pcrsooal 0 196F~ CIVIL RIGHTS IBAL~ 0 441 Voting CJ 2JOLMd(,~ 0 442Employment CJ 220 Foreclosure "J 443Housing! CJ 2JO ReDllease.t. Ejec1mea1 CJ 240 T 0I1S10Land Accommoda1ions 0 444Welfwe CJ 24S Ton Producl Li8biliIy CJ 290 AD ~ Rcal Propeny 'J 445AllIer. w/Disabililies Empk.ymeIlI 0 446Amer.w/Disabtlilies ()d)eI" 0 440ad... Civil RigiJfs I FORn:I11JJtElPENALTY PERSONALINJURY 0 610Agriculture 0422 Appc:al2& USC 158 i:J 362Personal Injury0 620OdterFood& Drug 0 423Witbdntwal Med.Malpractice 0 625DrugRelated Seizure 28 Us(' 157 i:J 365Personallnjwy ofPropeny21USC881 Product Liability 0 630L;c,aor Laws I"J 368Asbestos Personal 1 0 640R.R.& Truck 10 820C~ghIs Injury Product 0 650AirtiDeRegs. 0 830PLiability 0 660~ 0840Trademark PERSONALPROPERTY Safeiy/Heahh 0 3700lherFraad 10 6900dIer 0 371TnllhinLeDding 0 380OtherPersonal 710F8irLabfySI..danIs 0 861HIA (139511) Property Damage Act 0862 BlackLomg (923) 0 38SProperty Damage 0 720LaborfMgmI. Relations 0 863DIWC/DIWW(405(g» ProtkIct Liability 0 730LaborfMgmI.Replwting 0 864ssm Title XVI ci Discloswe Act 0 865RSI 405 I PRISONERPE1TI1ONS 0 740RailwayLa!MJr Act n 510MotionsioVacate 10 79OOdterLaborLitigaiioo 087OTaxes(USPlaintiff Senlence 0 791Empi Rct.Inc DeCendant) Habeas C.rp8S: S«:uriIyAct 0 871IRS~ Third Party 0 530General 26 USC7609 n 535DeathPenally 0 S4O M8IdamIIS Other & ~O 550Civil Rilhls 10 S5S PrisonCondilioo 1 1 0 400SlMeReapportioomenl 0410ADIilrnSl 0 430Banks..d Banking 0 450Commerce 0 460DeponaIioo 0 470RackeleaInOuenced md C~ OrJanizalioos 0 480CoosumerCtedit 0 490CablelSal TV 0 810SelecliveScrvice a 850~COI8modiIies/ Excb8ce 0 875CustoucrCbaIle1Ige 12USC3410 0 890OtherSlalulooy Actions 0 891AgriclikunI Acts 0 892EamomicStabi\i2aIj(D Act 893 Enyj,...JDeDlalM~ 0 894Energy AllocMiooAct 0 895FIftcbII of 1nbm8Iioo Act 0 ~~ oCFee DeIenniDatioo UDder EqualAccess 10J8SIice n !0 950 C~ ~S- oC V. ORIGIN ~I Original (Place.. KX~m OneBox Ouiy) 0 2 Removed from Ie Court ~ ~'CSI 0 3 Remanded from "ale Coon 0 4 Reinstated 0 5 or Proccedin :~~Jr:n 0 6 MullidistrK:I if st 07 ~ag~': AJ'J';I to District Lili es 8DIesI dMnity): i r~~1 Statuteunder which you are filing (Do not citr j.risdictional VI. CAUSE OF ACTION DefamatIon, invasion of privacy, intentional infliction of emotional distress,civil conspiracy CHECK YES only if demandedin complaint: DEMAND $ I n excess 0 CHECK IF THIS IS A CLASS ACTION VII. REQUESTED IN UNDERF.R.C.P. 23 JURY DEMAND: ~ Yes ONo COMPLAINT: VIII. RELATED CASE(S) (See iDS1IUclDs): JUDGE DOCKET NUMBER IF ANY DATE Brief description of cause: 06/05/2006 FORomcrus RECEW# T ONLY AMOUNT APPLYING IFP roDOE MAG.~ --

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