Canal Walk Construction, LLC, et al. v. Schlossberg

Filing 36

ORDER GRANTING Motion for Reconsideration and VACATING Order of Abstention and REPORT AND RECOMMENDATION to U.S. District Court re 13 Complaint filed by Roger Schlossberg, 35 MOTION for Reconsideration of Order Abstaining from Adversary Complaint filed by Roger Schlossberg Signed by: Bankruptcy Judge Thomas J. Catliota. Signed by Bankruptcy Judge Thomas J. Catliota on 10/1/2015 and entered in Adversary Proceeding 13-0604 TJC on 10/2/2015. (Attachments: # 1 Text of Proposed Order, # 2 Transmittal Sheet)(kns, Deputy Clerk)

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Case 13-00604 Doc 71-1 Filed 11/04/15 Page 1 of 1 UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT TRANSMITTAL SHEET TO UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT Transmitted by: Todd Sukeena Phone Number: 410−962−4072 Date: 11/4/15 BANKRUPTCY MATTER (answer only one): 1. Appeal Cross Appeal (if applicable) Appellant's Designation of Record included: yes Initial Transmittal Transmittal of Record on Appeal (USDC Case No.) Supplemental Transmittal (reason: ) 2. Motion/Request for Direct Appeal to 4th Circuit USCA 3. Motion for Leave to Appeal (Interlocutory Appeal) 4. Motion for Withdrawal of Reference 5. Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law (No Objections) 6. Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law with Objection 7. Contempt 8. Other: ORDER GRANTING MOTION FOR RECONSIDERATION AND VACATING ORDER OF ABSTENTION AND REPORT AND RECOMMENDATION TO U.S. DISTRICT COURT RELATED CASE INFORMATION (answer all): 1. Bankruptcy Case Number: 11−30672 Chapter: 7 2. Adversary Proceeding Number(s) (if applicable): 13−00604 3. U.S. Bankruptcy Judge: Thomas J. Catliota 4. Related U.S. District Court Civil Action Number (if applicable): 5. Fee Paid: yes no 6. Additional comments: Supplemental docs related to case 8:13−03759. PARTY INFORMATION (answer all): 1. Debtor(s): Bell Builders, Inc. and Builders Electric Service, Inc. 2. Trustee (if applicable): Roger Schlossberg Appellant/Movant: Canal Walk Construction LLC Appellant/Movant's Counsel: Kenneth S Kaufman Appellee/Respondent: Appellee/Respondent's Counsel: transmdc (07/28/2015) − tsukeena no

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