Brookline School Committee, The v. Bureau Of Special Education Appeals Of Massachusetts, The et al

Filing 1

COMPLAINT FOR JUDICIAL REVIEW OF FINAL DECISION OF STATE ADMINISTRATIVE AGENCY against All Defendants (Fee Status: Local Government), filed by Brookline School Committee, The. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit, # 2 Civil Cover Sheet)(Murphy, Joslin)

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CIVIL COVER SHEET J544 (Rev. 09! 1I ) The JS 44 civil cover s hee tm~d the information eon tai n~d herein ~l eithe r replace nl?rsupplement the filing and service ofpleadings or other papers as re9,u ired by law, except a~ provided Se hy local rules of'coun , This form, approved by the Judicial Conference of the U n ite d Stales 111 September 19 74 , IS required for the U 01 the Clerk of Court for the purpose o li n it iat ing the civil docket sheet. (SD :' INSTRUCTIONS ON NEXT rsct: OF THIS FORM .) DEFENDANTS I. (a) PLAINTIFFS (b) County of Residence of First Listed Plaintiff Norfolk County of Residence of First Listed Defendant MLd_dlese_x__ (IN U.S. PLAIN TIF F C IS£S ONL l') (EXCEPT IN U.s. I' LAI N71FF CASES) NOT E: IN LA ND CO NDEMN AT ION CA S ES. USE T HE LOCA TIO;'; T HE T RACT Or- LAN D INVO LVE or Attorneys I// KII OII"II) (c) Attorneys (Firm Name , Address. ami Telephone Num bert Joslin Ham Murphy, 333 Washington Street, Broo kline, MA 02445 (617) 730-2190 II. BASIS OF JURI SDICTIO N W 1 u.s. Government i>( J Federal Q uestion (lI S. Gove n nncru Not PlaintilT o {Place an ..x ..ill O" e Box O,,/\") III. CITIZENSHIP OF PRINCIPAL PARTIES II'I II,"ellll CI Pa rt ~) (ForDivcrsitv CosesOnly) PTF Citiz en olT his Stale 0 I DE rCl I Diversity {Indica te Citizenship of'Porties in Item II/) Defendant IV NAT URE OF SUIT I I o Insurance PERS O NA L INJ URY C1 110 Marin e n J 10 A irp lane n J 15 Airp lane Prod uct i:1 1.10 Miller Act Liabili ty 0 140 Nego tiab le Inst ru ment 320 Assau lt, Libcl & CJ 150 Reco very uf Overpayment & Enforcement of Judgment S lander CJ 330 Fed era l Employers" 0 15l Medic are Act Liability 0 152 Recovery o f D ~ fml l t c d :J 34 0 Marin e Student Lo ans (Ex cl. Vcicruns) 345 Marin e Prod uct il 153 Recove ry of Overpay me nt Liabil ity of Ve teran's Benefits 350 Mo tor Vehic le CJ 160 Stoc kholders ' Su its [) .155 Moto r Vehicle 0 I'!O Ot he r Co ntrac t Produc t Liabi lity 360 Other Persona l 0 195 Contract Produc t Liabi lity 196 Frnnc hisc Inj ury 36 2 Person" I lnjury Med . Malpractice R EAL PROP ERTY C IV IL RI GHTS 210 Land Co nde mna tion 44 0 Other Civ il Rights 220 Forec losure 0441 Voting CJ 230 Rem Lease & Ejectm ent i'1 44 2 Emp loy me nt LJ 240 Tons 10 LanJ C1 44 3 I lous ing! C1 245 Tort Produ ct liab ility Accouunodations LJ 290 All Othe r Rea l Property fl 44 5 Amcr. w/ Disab ilities Emp loyment 4 46 Am er . w/Disab ilitics ­ Other 44 X Education o o o o o o o o o o V. ORIGIN I1S I Original Proceeding o tl'lure 0 2 0 3 0 llJJ "X " in nile Box FO R F EITU R E/ PE NA LT Y PERSO NA L INJ URY i1 .165 Per so nal Inju ry Produ ct Liab ility .:J .167 Healt h Care / Pharm aceu tica l Per so na l Inj ury Pro duct Liabi lity 0 36 XAs bes tos Persona l Injury Produc t o o 625 Drug RciOIed Sei zure of Pro perly 21 USC XX 1 (,90 Othe r :J 0 Forc ig» Nation :::J (J 8 ANKR UPTCY o o 422 Appea l 2X USC 15H 42 3 Wi thdrawa l 2S USCI 57 o Liability LA80R SO CIAL SECl :RITY 1:1 X61 Ili A (1395 11) P ERSONAL PR OP ERTY [) 710 Fai r Labor S tandards ACI 370 Ot her Fraud X62 Black Lun g (923) 0 .l7 1 T ruth in Lendi ng 720 Lab or/M gm t. Re lati ons '::I S63 DI WC/ DI\V W (40 5(g») 740 Rai lway Labor Act o X64 SSID Ti lle XV I 0 380 Othe r Personal Propert y Damage 75 1 Fam ily and Med ical X65 RS I (405(g)) 0 3S5 Prop erty Damage Leav e Act Prod uct Liab ility 790 Other Labor Lit iga tic n :J 791 Emp !. Ret. Inc. PRIS01'O ER PETITIONS Security Act F E DER AL TA X SU ITS 0 510 Mo tions 10 Vacate X70 Ta,es (U .S . Plai nli ff Sent ence or Defe ndant) Habeas Corp us : R71 IRS- Thi rd Pa rty 0 530 Gen eral 26 USC 7609 0 535 Dc.1I 1l Pena lty IMMI GRATION C1 540 Manda mus & Other 4 62 Naturalization App lication 0 550 Civ il Rights 46.1 Habea s Corpus ­ 0 555 Prison Condition A lien Detainee 0 560 C ivi l Detainee (Prisone r Pet ition ) Conditions of' 465 Other lmmigration Confinem ent Ac tion s o o o o o o o o (, OTH ER ST ATU T ES 0 375 False Claims Act 0 400 Slate Reappo rtion ment 0 41 0 Antit rus t o o 430 450 [l 460 [ I 470 o o I Ll CI 0 CJ o n )9 o C1 Ban ks and Bunk ing Co mm erce Deport ation Rack eteer In fluenced and Co rrupt Orguniza rions 4&0 Co nsu me r C red it 490 Cable'S", T V XSO Scc untics/Co nuncduics/ Excha nge R90 Othe r Stat utory Actions 891 Ag ricu ltura l Acts 8l)3 Environmental Maner s 895 Freedom of Informati on Ac t 896 Arb itratio n }i99 Admi nisrrutivc Proce du re Act/Review or Appea l of Age ncy Decisio n 9 50 Cons titutiona lity of State Stan ucs o o o O ll(l') o Transferred from 5 another district o (, Muliidistrict Litigation Individuals With Disabilities Education Act b~';':"':;'':;';':''''':'''';';' :;';-::c:..::..::==-=-==::..::..::.:..:...:....:.::..:...>...:..::.=....:.....I..-_- - - - - - --- - - - - - - - - - Brier description or cause: A eal of final decision of MA Bureau of S ecial Educa tion A VI I. REQUESTED IN o CHECK IF THIS IS A CL ASS ACTION UNDER F.R.C.p. 23 COMPLAINT: VIII. RELATED CASE(S) (Sec inst ruct ionst: JUDGE IFANY DAT E eals CHECK YES only if demanded in complaint: ,JURY DEMA ND: 0 Ycs "" No DEMAj';D $ DOCKET NUMBER S IGNATURE OF AnO RNEY OF RECO RD 05/07/2012 -- FOR O Fr- IC E USE ONLY RECE IPT # Inco rpo rated und Principal Place o f Bus iness In An other S late 3 ~ DE I' X4 ~ PROPERTY RI GH T S CJ X20 Copyrig hts :J R30 Paten t S40 Tradem ar k 2 Removed from 0 Remanded from 0 4 Reinstated or State Court Appellate CO Ul1 Reopened Cite the U.S. Civil Statute under which you arc filing VI. CAUSE OF ACTION I'TF lncur por atcd or Princ ioul Place o f Bus ine ss In Thi s St.uc 0 (l'tace an "X 't in One Box Onlvt TORTS C ON T R ACT o Citizen of Another State Citi ze n or Su bject of a Forci un Countrv 0 4 U.S. Gove rn ment 'X " i11lJlI< 8oxj" r PI"illliJ/i Will Unv Bns Io r Delt-mlal/O AMO UNT A PPLY ING WI' JUDGE MAG . J UDG E ----

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