Roehm v. Wal-Mart Stores, Incorporated

Filing 18

Attachment 5
RESPONSE to 12 MOTION to Remand filed by Wal-Mart Stores, Incorporated. (Attachments: # 1 Index of Exhibits Index of Exhibits to Brief in Response to Plaintiff's Motion to Remand# 2 Exhibit A - Nagalingam v. Wilson# 3 Exhibit B - LEXIS search results showing Plaintiff is registered to vote in Michigan# 4 Exhibit C - Cited portions of transcript and exhibits for May 11, 2007 deposition of Julie Ann Roehm# 5 Exhibit D - Copy of Plaintiff's Michigan driver's license, along with cover letter from Plaintiff's counsel# 6 Exhibit E - E-mail from SIRVA Relocation discussing the suggested list price for Plaintiff's Michigan home, and the actual list price# 7 Exhibit F - Declaration of Karl G. Nelson) (McCulloch, Debra)

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Roehm v. Wal-Mart Stores, Incorporated Doc. 18 Att. 5 Case 2:07-cv-10168-LPZ-RSW Document 18-6 Filed 05/17/2007 Page 1 of 3 ee Xii 05/10/2007 10: 40 FAX Case 2:07-cv-10168-LPZ-RSW Document 18-6 Filed 05/17/2007 Page 2 of 3 II 0021004 '1K. L..'" Fni. JItOaN P. LI'4IT:a LI"'.ILI'" COM.....V SO:BA.:iFEB. ".u~"I...IONAL llBO No.TI OLD 'WOODWo A..IlO'JI l!1l1T. G80 :~.I.0.l.. Mic_"cu..:r ..aooo n~ii."OHii (14.) ..a-.."" W"'YNE COUNTY CI""IC.i: 1;50 KIR~..iiY"'L AVENUE u." JOHN ... IlCHI'EF"ER TELE....c:.IMILii (24.) ...2.7.7. 0"05$1 "ClIIoTI ...."M.. MI ....;i. T~LIE.HOPi" (31.1) ..1-1;10D MAAI( ,.. BANK' EI. AI'DREW RIF"KIN , ..i) MCNDi:1i or M#lIlD. vi....'.. .Hii 'w.~ DI:.nM:T or COLUMIIA 1M. l .~iI .u.IEIl Dr CDLORAO W,f" May 1 0, 2007 Via Facsimile Debra M. McCulloch, Esq. Dykema Gossett, PLLC 39577 Woodwar Ave., Suite 300 Bloomfield Hills, Ml 48304 Re: Julie An Roehm v Wal~Mar Store, Inc. Dear Debra; I have atthed to ths leter the signatur page for Julie Roehm's aners to the reqst for / documents, and II copy of her drver's licene to be add to the docuents behd Tab #9. -~./)߿B. Andrew Rifk Sincerely, BARsl Enclosure cc; Kal Nelson, Esq. (w/o enclosurs) Eugene Scalia, Esq. (w/o enclosures) Sam Moran, Esq. (WID enclosUl) Cas r IV."a.V l-l',x V:J/ i VI VV e 2:07-cv-10168-LPZ-RSW Document 18-6 Filed 05/17/2007 Page 3 of 3 B:r :: 1- i '~b.6~ l! i t! I ~ I ,. , ,i il\~ "J r'.' . ,'.. I . ~'. " .)1, 1 '~i ;:,., . '1-,,1,.: i , . iu 9;:.Ii f& tl ,. CI !!h l:i. , ,.1 . " ~i ~~~t~,:;,.,~,.~ .~. "~':.~.~..' i.'. ".~1'j"I';..")~ ~i~f;;';;,,:;. \~:\~~.". .L" r .... ~.

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