Spreadbury v. Bitterroot Public Library et al

Filing 308

APPLICATION FOR TAXATION OF COSTS by Kenneth S. Bell, Bitterroot Public Library, Robert Brophy, Steven Bruner-Murphy, City of Hamilton, Jennifer B. Lint, Ryan Oster, Nansu Roddy, Trista Smith, Steve Snavely, Jerry Steele. (Attachments: # 1 Affidavit in support of Bill of Costs, # 2 Exhibit A to Affidavit, # 3 Exhibit B to Affidavit, # 4 Exhibit C to Affidavit) (Crowley, William)

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AO133 (Rev. 12/09) Bill ofCosts United States District Court for the District of Montana MICHAEL E. SPREADBURY ) Plaintiff, ) Defendants. ) v. BITTERROOT PUBLIC LIBRARY, et al., ) ) CaseNo.:CV-11-Q64-M-DWM-JCL BILL OF COSTS Judgment having been entered in the above entitled action on 05/30/2012 against Michael E. Spreadbury Date theClerk is requested to tax the following as costs: Fees ofthe Cleric « "»» Fees for service of summons and subpoena Fees for printed orelectronically recorded transcripts necessarily obtained for use inthe case Fees and disbursements for printing . . Fees forwitnesses (itemize onpagetwo) 0.00 Fees for exemplification and the costs of making copies of any materials where the copies are necessarily obtained for use in the case Docket fees under 28 U.S.C. 1923 .IHmW* .$9™%? ».:£%.: ABP. ft. Removal. Fees) .., 75.00 Costsas shown on Mandate ofCourt of Appeals Compensation ofcourt-appointed experts Compensation of interpreters and costs of special interpretation services under 28 U.S.C. 1828 Other COStS (please itemize) .. (Attorneys. ¥fi.$9. .(P.Q<??. AI?».Pa.W) 2,821.50 TOTAL $ 3,246.50 SPECIAL NOTE: Attach to your billan itemization and documentation for requested costs in all categories. Declaration I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing costs are correct and were necessarily incurred inthis action and that the services for which fees havebeencharged were actually and necessarily performed. A copyofthisbillhasbeenserved on all parties in the following manner (5?) Electronic service • Other: S/Attorney: [X] First class mail, postage prepaid William L. Crowley Name ofAttorney: William L. Crowley For: Defendants Citv of Hamilton and Bitterroot Public Library Date: 6/1/12 Name ofClaiming Party Taxation of Costs Costs are taxedin the amountof and included in the judgment. By: ClerkofCourt DeputyClerk Date

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