Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. et al v. RDR Books et al

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DECLARATION of Emily Blumsack [Corrected Supplemental] in Support re: 22 MOTION for Preliminary Injunction.. Document filed by Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A-O)(Cendali, Dale)

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Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. et al v. RDR Books et al Doc. 63 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK ....____....--------------------...._....___.... WARNER SØOS . ENTERTAINMENT IN^. and J.K. ROWLïNG, Plaíntíffs, -againstRDR BOOKS and DOES 1-10, I3eferdants. ----------------..........__.._........__------- ^ , Case No. 07-CV-9667 {RPP) CORRECTED SUPPLEMENTAL DECLARATION OF EIVIILY BLUIVISACI^ IN SLIPPORT OF PLAINTIFFS' MOTION FOR PRELIMINARY INJUNCTION T, Emily Blumsack, declare and state as follows: 1. I am an associate ín the law firm of O'Melveny & Myers Ll,l', eo^ansel for Warmer Bros. Enteriainmen^ Inc. ("Waza^er Bros."} ard J.K. Bowling ízß this action. Except for the facts stated oxa inforrnatíon and belief, all of the faets set forth herein are k^aown to me personally, and if Balled as a witness, I could and would testify corrapetently thereto. ®v^ ^v ^w ®^ I^ ^ . ^ ^ ^^ ®^ 2. This dec]ara^ion will address two things. The first T ^ art v^ill rebazt RJR's cox^ter^tions with respect to other harry l'^^tter corr^paníon books. The second section wíll disc^^ss varions ^nc©r^siste^^t statements made by RI3R and Mr. Vander Ark, as well as ceriain admissions with respect to Ms. Rawlings exclusive right to creatØ her own encyclopedia. Dockets.Justia.com Á. OTHERHttØYPD7'TE1t B44.KS AÌ^id PCiT.ENTIA[, IIÌARKET HARM 3. fig its papers, ØØ argues that Ms. Roavling would not be harmed by the publication of the Lexicon bock because, to the extent there ís a benefit to being the first tb publish on a topic, other books on the market have already doge that damage. This isnot correct. As previously explaír^ed, Ølartiffs have develoØed a long-term policír^g strategy to protect their copyrights in the Harry Pytter works, including "so-called `corr^par^ior^' books based on the series, especially those which rr^erely repackage her creative expression without adding valuable analysés or scholarly commentary." See Decl. of ^^^. Blair at ^ 5-9 ("Blair"); Decl. of J. Williams at [^( 17-18. Moreover, l have reviewed all ofthe books cited in the declarations of David Harris a^^d Steven under Ark and have also reviewed the l^.exicon manuscript. ^f the books cited by RDR, three are rzot s filar to the Lexicon book but rather add analysis and coz^^rr^etary, another ís curre^^tly the subject of Plaintiffs' polícéng efforts; and the remaining three merely attempted to repackage IMs. ^towlirgg's copyrighted expression andlor use Warner Bros.' trademarks wíthnut permission and, as a result í^^ part of Plaintiffs' policing efforts, are currently out of pant (two af which had ^^egligible sales and o^^e of which had, at best, modest sales}. I will discuss each of these books in tum. 4. As noted above, with respect to three of the Øooks mentéo^^ed, tl^e books are défferer^t fro^ra the I.exíco^^, in teat they are not encyclopedias but rather are books of essays, ^omrner^tary a^^d a^^alysís. For example: a. 7`1ae Eaad ^f Hara^ P^tea° ^e ^4 ^ ifl^^ aaa^l^^ rå^ed ^^cåle Pr^ he ^^y^^te^°åes íh t Rem ía by Davíd Langford Published prior to the release of the seventh and final book, urry Patter Ønd the Deathly Hallows, this book is organized é^^to 18 chapters that discuss the first six Harry 2 Potter books and attempt to predict the outcome of various story arcs in the final installment of the series. The book makes referen e to haracters and plot lines, but does so ín a limited way to ontextualize and explain the themes and patterns that inforrr^ its predi tíons. F©r example, the book includes a list of haracters with acompanying entries that explain the implication of narring patterns througho^^t the series. These entries are followed by observations about tl^e importance of new haracters that might be introduced in the final book, Harry Potter and the Deathly ^I^llows. Direct quotation ís minimal, and the limited paraphrasing of the .Marry Potter books is used to describe particular elerr^ents relevant to a dis ussion and predi tion. As the book notes in its i^trodu tí©n, "direct quotations from the Harry Potter novels have been kept to an absolute rr^inim^^rr^-well within tl^e limits of fair use in riti isr^a." See Decl. of D. ^-Terris ("Harris"} at ° 9, Ex. Ø. b. fact, Fi^tia^ , and ^^^tkáare i^^ ^íarr^y }^^tte^°'s ;3'^rlda A^^ Ll^^ffa^iøl Guide by George Beatem Published in 2005, this book covers only the first five ØaØks of the seven -boek Harry Potter series and is broken into four setions containing entries f ©r v^rí®us pe©p^e, places and things. These enfries focus on onnectíng the role of a gren element in the H^^r^S Potter books to the relevant "reel world" myths, legends, literature and history to whi h they relate. Disussí^n of the story elerr^ents in HØrry Potter is generally Ørief and although the book describes the ^I^rry '®t ^ er e®^text, this is dore to pr^vide c^ntext ta the broader mythological tradition discussed ín the remainder of the entry. The book also contains "sidebars" whi h connect ínte^estíng real world facts to the story elerr^ents of Harry Potter. See Marris ^ ß, Ex. 5. 3 c. The Magical Worlds of Harry Potter: A Treasury of Myths, Legends, and ,Fascí^ atí^g Facts by David Colbert This book consists ^f ØQ short essays that explore myihical and magical references in the first five books of the seven-honk harry Patter series. These essays discuss "the playful references to history, legend and literat^^re that J.K. Rowling] hides in her boeks." Each essay gives same descriptions of events or elements in the Harry Potter b^^ks, but this done in broad strokes designed to provide context t^ the remainder of the essay. This str^^eture of alluding to the Hairy Petter boks and drawing comparisons to mythology, folklore and history is c^^sistent throughout the book. For example, in the essay, "What Makes Harry a Universal Hero?,, the author discusses ^Iarry's story arg in light of scholar Joseph Campbell's artic^^lation of the "hem's journey," including the sequence of "departure,,' "initiation," and "return." The longest chapter of this b^^k entitled "What's ^n a Name?" consists ^f approximately 20 pages of discussion about the importa^^ce of narres ^^^ Har^^y Potter. Although ít is organized as entries arranged by the s^^^rces Ms. Rowling ^^sed to create each r arr^e--such as Ge©graphy, Pore^gr^ i^I©rds, Li teraturØ, Hyst ®ry, and Flowers and Plants----the author explains the relevance of foreign words, puns, anagrams, history and myth, ^^^aaps, war mem^ríals and natural phenomena. It should be r^^ted that many of These entries do not reference the ^ se of the name in the HØr^y Potter novels, or do so only obliquely, as in the e^ztry for "Potter, Lily: T^^e lily is a syrr^bol n f purity, which makes it alrr^ast too perfect fir the name ^f Harry's ^r^^ther." Tn^e and correct copies of tlae front and back covers and illustrative pages frnrr^ The Hagácal ;^orlcis Øf Harry Øotter: A Treasury of^fyths, Legercis, ^^d Fascánatáng FaCtS are attached hereto as Ex^^íbít A. 4 5. One of the l^nnks mentioned that is more closely analogous to the Le^^ on is a recently published Øaak that Plaintiffs have recently reviewed for possible infringement. a. Field Guí^e tØ Harry Potter by Colin Dua-iez This book was p^^blished in 207 and overs all seven Harry Potter books. This far, only 2ß1 copies have Øeen sold. See Supp, Decl. of W. Landes at 23. Plaintiffs have sent a cease and desist letter to the p^^blisher of this book and are presently in negotiations over what changes should be made to the borak to ovnid further infringement. This book is organized into two parts, the first of which includes dis ussían of themes i n Harry Øotter such as the role af á^aad and Evil in the novels , as well as the place af HØrry Øotter in the broader tradition of children ' s literature. The second part consists of an alphabeti al list of detailed entries desribing elements of Harry Potter. i^itl^ few e^ceptinns, the entries are devoid of ommentary and analysis. sanger entries, particularly those that relate to key characters, creat^^es and locations, incorporate detailed plot summaries. I^mong the appendices are comprehØnsive synopses of each af the seven HØrry PØtter Jaaks. See Harris 5, Ex. 2. 5. Three of the other books mentioned are mare aki^^ to tl^e Le^i on book a^^d, as a result, Warner Eros. and B/is. Rt^wling took aetio^^ with regard to these books, which are nn longer in print and did not eve^^ over all seven of the Harry Potter books (as the Lc^i on would). Notably, nowhere in its original papers does RDR make reference to the fact that these books are ^^ longer available , although as discussed below, RDR has sin e retreated fra^z^ this position, acknowledging our successful and consistent policing in this regard. See infra ^^ 7. Nor 5 has ØR noted that twn of the boaks had only negligible sales and the third had, at best, modest sales, such that they could riot have already preempted Ms. Rowling's own encyclopedia. Por example: a. The J K R^wlíng Encyclopedia by Connie Ann Kirk This brok, published by ^lreenwoad Press, a division of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, covers only the first six Harry Potter novels and is currently out ofprínt. Plaintiffs wrote a cease and desist letter, after which the parties entered into a confidential settlement agreement. finly 194 copies of this book were sold. The book contains approximately 2000 alphabetical listings. Each miry ranges in length and provides detailed descriptions of elements in the Harry Pater books. In addition to entries f©r characters , ^ie^ s ^r^d other story elements, the book cortaíns listings for each of the i ndividual Harry Potter novels the^x^selves. These entries consist of fully detailed plot summaries incl^^díng significant "spoilers." There are a limited number of e^^tríes that f®cus on the w^rid outside ^f the Harry Potter novels, such as the cultural peno^-nenon surrounding the books and biographical inforr^^atior^ relating to Ms. R^wling. See darris ^Ç ^, Ex. 3. b. Harry Puter ^4-^. 7'l^e ^Ino^^cial Harry Puter E^acycl^^,^edr^^ by Krishna Benson This book contains I ^3 pages af sparse alphabetical entries a^sing large type t^ describe the wizards, witches and muggle charaders from the first six Har^.1 Potter novels. There are nn creatures ar locations listed. Plaintiffs wrote a cease and desist letter to the publisher, who agreed ta withdraw the Benson Book fram the markd. Qnly ^ 213 copies were ever sold.' The entries appear to be based exclusively on aíeríai from the series and d^ riot incorporate xraaterial from other sources . Each entry is composed of sl^^rt sentertces and dry language ti^at does trot provide signífzcar^t detail about the character it describes and dies not add corn^nentary. Entries for important characters , while longer a^ad more detailed than the others, are generally no rraore than a few short paragraphs. Even one of the lengthiest entries , " ^i ^ us Black," does not exceed 800 words. Like the Lexicon, this hook recapitulates ^^is. Rowling's own descriptions and plot poír^ts relating to each character , simply reordering the story in an alphabetical glossary. See Harris 4, Ex. l . c. A ^ UnaffacáallV^rggd^'s ^ ïde tø the lVïZardi^ag T^oa^Ï1^ ^xplorï^g the ^Ia^^ P®tter Uaïve^s^ by Fionna Boy1e This book only covers thØ farst five books of the seve^^-baok series and is currently nut of print, Plaintiffs wrote a cease and desist letter and, after protracted negotiations, the publisher decided to witi^draw the book frorra the ^x^arkeØlace, According to i3ookScan datag fewer than 19,000 copies were ever sold. ®rga^^ized by topic, each entry generally describes the features of the location, eie^aaent or character. ^er^ain entries , such as the section on the "Triwizard Tourna^raent" retell sigr^if^cant plot points that rníght be considered "spoilers" to those why have not read the novels, The Ø^^k also ix^ci^^des "call outs" whícl-a 1ìs± and catalogue ^raiscellaneous st^^ry pc^ínts, such as the various birthday presents thai Harry receives each ' A true and correct copy of the Nielsen Bookscan United States Consumer IvIark^t ("Bookscan "} panel data for Harry ^'ozter ^-2, by Krísti^a Benson ís attached hereto as ^xhìi^^t Ba ' A true and correct copy of the k3ookScan panel data as of Deb. 22, 200$ for ,4n Ur^offìcíal Mugg^e 's Guide to the Wizarding Warld, by Fiorma Boyle ís at^a^hed hereto as ^xttibrt C. 7 year. The book also contains, for example, an alphabetized glossary of various characters organized by family or other grouping. Other lists describe f^ctíax^al "facts" from the Potter books relating to places ("Hagwarts"ÿ, groups ("Øuidditc^'j and other elements (spells and magical items). See Harris °(} i, Ex. 4. ^tDR's Corrective Letter to tñe C a^^rt ^. 1 also emote that RDR was forced to ad^r^ít that its brief gave a false ímpressían regarding these books. O^ Monday, ]^ebruary 25, X00$------more than two weeks after sub^r^itting its papers and only two days before Plaintiffs' papers were due. RDR sent a letter to tl^e Co^^rt expíaini^^g that, upan contacting publishers of the books referenced in Mr. Marrís' Declaration, RDR had learned that three of the baoks ít cites-The J.K. Rowlá^g Encyclopedáa, Harry Potter A-Z, An Únoff^cá^l Nluggle's ^ruáde to the Wáz^rdáng YVarld--are no longer available and are out of print. The letter does not make clear, however, that these books lead very li^x^^ited sales prior to Øeíng palled from pub^icatíon, as described abave. A true and correct enpy of the letter sent by Mr. ^^ammer to the Ca^lrt on Eebra^ary 25, 200$ is attachecl hereto as Ex^ båt 1^. C1air^ of Seiective if3ooic Choice $. My previous declaratíor^ was criticized ^^y RDR f®r allegedly selectively cho^s^n g ceriaí^^ beaks, s^^ggestíng that ^ analyzed vario^^s boks jest beca^^se they were different from the Lexicon. Mij paint i^ my original declaration, however, was to give a sample overview of ^ar^-y Patter Øooks in the marketplace ta show that there are many non-ín^ri^gíng books contain g sígníi^cant critícís^n, commentary a^d analysis that are not like the Lexicon or like the book Ms. Øav^rli^^g intends to write. RDR's papers admit that almost 200 Harry Potter books have been published that cantaín commentary and analysis that distinguish them from the Lexicon. Decl. 8 of S. Malhots at ^¡ 7. Moreover, the very reason that I an alyzed twn books ín partíeular----^luggle^et.c^^m's YVI^^t Wiil Happen in Harry Potter 7 by Ben Schoen, et al. and The Can^plete Idiot's Guide t^ the World of Harry Potter by Tere Stouffer-was because RDR specifically rraentíoned these t^vo books ín its early statem^e^ts tØ the press after the lawsuit was Bled, usíg then to argue that , because allegedly sírr^ílar books had already been published, they could proceed with publishing the Lexicon book. Decl. of ^. Blumsack at 8. RDR row seems to be retreating from that argument, after my previous declaration showed that the books they mentioned were different from the proposed Lexicon. Admíssío^^ r^hat Tl^e Lexi-con Is Not i.ike Previous Books 9. I also note that RDR asserts there would be r^o harm to Ms. IZowlíng from being "scooped" by the Lexicon book because other books Dave already been printed sí^nílar to the Lexicon that would have already had this effect. This argument ís belied, however, by RDR' ^ own words ín marketing its rr^ateríals for the Lexicon book which attempt to ern phasíze its u^^aíque mature. for example, ín trying to market tine book to books stores and foreign publísi^ers, RDR repeatedly asserts: The Marry Øotter Lexicon ís the only reference work that covers all seven books including tine brand r ew Harry potter and the Deathly ^-Iail ows. Dec1, of M. 1^radiey ("13rad1ey,,} at ^ 17, Ex. M. Sír ^ílarly, ín ar^ err aíl to Joa^ ^au1o Rí^f of the Agencía Ríff, RDR saíd that other prevíously publíshed books were ^ot as good as tlae Lexícon book, and explained that: 9 Sïnce there is no index to [these] books and every other book on the subject is row out of date, our title will be the only complete up to date reference book on the series through Book ?, Harry Potter a^^d the Deathly Hallows. Id. RDR has clearly recogr^^zed the value of publishing the first encyclopedia ^^ cover all seven of the Hamy P©tter books. Ad^nissíoØ that Bein Firsi to Publish Constitutes A ïVlarket Ø^vanta e 10. Moreover, RDØ's own documents deonstraie that RDR believed that the market for a comprehensive Harm Potter encyclopedia had not yet been exploded and sought ^o preserve for itself just such a market benefit. RD^Z. specifically reØuested that Mr. Vander Ark refrain from p©sting entries about the seventh Harry Potter book to the Lexicon website as he wrote them far the Lexicon book in order ^o prevent Mugglenet, a potential competitor, frarr^ "scooping" ^r. Vander Ark's surr^aries. RDR tells Mr. Vander Ark that from a competitive standpai^^t, "if we can come out a month ahead, that will sure help." 1=-ie later explains part of this competitive advantage to Mr. Vander Ark. His email states: Remember, Muggler^et would love to see your book 7 material on the web. would appreciate it if yo^^ would riot put the book 7 updates on your website until after year book has beep out far awhile. Sound like a good ideer Upon learning that the competing boek was ^o longer slated for p^^blication ^p^rsuar^t ta a cease aid desist letter frog Plaintiffs, Mr, Vander Ark has since started updating the Lexicon website with this rg^aterial. ^r^,^e aid correet copies af err^ails between Mr. Rapaport and Mr. Var der Ark dated Septe^^ber 9, 2Qßß are attached hereto as E^hit^it F. Ar^vare^aess of íVs. towlin gs P1ans to ®csu v the 1^Iarket for a H^r d'atter Éns eio etha 10 1l. I have reviewed the declastion af Mr. Malhots as will as the exhibits attached thereto. While Mr. Malhots seems t^^ suggest that Ms. Rowl^ng does not actually intend to publish her own encyclopedia, Mr. Vander Ark's own statements from as far back as July 2.ØO0 shave that he-a self professed Harry Potter expert-knew that Ms. Bowling intended to publish the first Øn á only comprehensive Harry Patter encyclopedia. In fact, Mr. Vander Ark openly discussed Ms. Rowling's intention to publish an encycl^^pedia more than seven years ago on a fan chat forum called "Marry Potter for Grown Ups" that e references in his own declaration. Decl. of S. Vander Ark ("Vander Ark"^ at ¶ 5. ®n July 2^, 200 0, Mr. Vander Ark posted an entry ^o tl^e forum replying to a suggestion from another fan that Scholastic should hire him to publish the Lexicon. He stated: gom what I bear, JKR herself has talked about doing an encyclopedia of the HP Universe when she gets through all 7 books. If she decides not to, hey, I'^^^ ready t^ go! A true and correct copy of the pasting made by ^r. Vander Ark to the public Internet forum "I-larry Potter for Grown L7ps," dated Ju1y 26, 2000 is attached hereto as ^xh l^ it ^. AvvareØess tat the OØíe I,exiun -^as a 1)ife^ea^t Market #'r m the ^^ak I2. Moreover, as far back as I3ecerr^ber 20Q0, Mr. Vander Ark himself admitted that arkØt for the book. Mr. Vander Ark tl^e market for the Lexicon website is different from tl^e rejected the idea of publishing a book version of the Lexicon, not for his r^o^^-proffered reasen that the series was incomplete, Øut rather beeause, [W^itho^^t her pe-t^^ ssi ^n, I won't publish [the LØxicon^ in any foran except online. [Ms. Bowling is] entitled to that market, nat me and ^o^ [another a^^thor^. 11 A true aa^d correct copy af Mr. Vander Ark's posting to the Yahoo Group "Harry Potter far Grown Ups" dated December 14, 2000 is attached hereto as ^xhibít G. Admission that Vander Ark's Pr® ^ ínence in the Hamr Potter ^+'aØ Ct^mmu^T ís L,ikel tc^ Increase Sales 13. T alsq note despite its clairr^ that the market for Ms. Rowling's book will not be haz-^^^ed y p^^blícatíon of the Le^i^on, Mr. Rapoport himself asserts thai the Lexicon ' s success will be significantly increased by virtue of Mr. Vander Ark's prominence in the fan community. Tn an err^aíT exchange with the British publisher af the Lexicon, Mr. Rapoport states, Steve Va^ader Ark, who created the le^ícon is a rack star at academic Harry Potter conferences, not to rnentign fan events. Rowl^ng herself is ^ fan. In the Potter name his an Elvis like figure [sie]. Tam sure he will continue ta attract huge audiences everywhere lie goes. This will be great for the book. A tree and correct copy of an email sent by Roger Rapoport to Peter Tum^r^ans dated August 2l, 2007 referenced by Bates Number RDR0941-RL)R0942 is attached hereto as E^hilri# I-I. T^. Moreover, Mr. Vander Ark cgntínues to work at remaining well-knawn i^^ the HØ^°rJ' Putter fan cgmmt^níty, despite this lawsuit. Tie has even plaxined to take a prorr^inent role in these kinds of events through the ^^peomíng year, for e^ampl.e, by featuring as a HØrry Øatter expert qn atour afPatter-related To^ations throughout England scheduled for this summer. A tree axed correct copy of a websíte brochure for harry Potter Tours' surr^rr^er event entitled "The ^1ltimate Tour with Steve Vander Ark," slated to takc place ïrorr^ JuTyl4-23, 2008 is attached hereto as Exhibit I. 15. In fait, the very same day that Plaintiffs filed their Amended Complaint, Mr. Vander Ark was speaking in Manhattan at an event sponsored by the New Yark Public Library entitled "Meet Steve Vander Ark, A^^thar af The Harry Potter Lexicon." Mr. Vander ArT^ has 12 gained enough notoriety that the New York Public Library refers to him as a Harry Patter "guru." A true and correct copy of the website advertisement for this program is attached hereto as Exhibit ^. B. RD1t'S INC©NS[STNT STATEMEN^^S ^ ^o I understad that RDR has described the Lexicon in marketing ^^^^aterials as the product of an "exceptzoral tea^rz of academic and reference scholars" that was "written by 2fl acadeie scholars and reference experts including the world's leading Carry Potter c^-itie, Steve Vaa^der Ark." See Bradley ^^ 17-18; Decl. of R. Rapoport at 6, Ex, A. Mr. Rapoport has also used this claim zn his commu^icatzor^s with book retailers, such as Barnes aid Noble. 1 note, however, that there is nØ mention of these alleged researchers in RDR's papers, other than Mr. Vander Ark's reference to ^ part-tzxr^e staff of 10 volunteers. Pi. Br., p. 2; Vander Ark ^[ 10. A true and correct copy of the err^ail between Roger Rapoport and employees of Barnes and Noble dated ®ctober 18, 20Øi representzr^g Bates numbers RDR0492-RlDRØ49^ is attached hereto as Exhibit e F^^ Reeo nítío^^ ® the Ilíffere^^^e BetvvØen ti e Free ^Vebsíte Lexíce^n ^Ød the Book 17. I also note that, byhis own admzssiØn, Mr. Vander Ark did not even write the Lexicon book himself, but rather that 4®% of thØ book was authored by other me^^^bers of the Lexico^i staff, guest coztributors and volunteers who submitted z^aterzal to the website. Vander Ark ^¡ 13. A nurr^ber of fans who have ec^ntrib^^ted to the Lexicon website have reviewed tl^e filings in this case and l^ osted to a fan discusszoz foru^^^. ^dhile these faz contributors to the Lexicon knew that they were contributing to a free fan website, they did zoot know that their efforts would then be turred into afar-profit Øook. Recognizing the distinction between tl^e free 13 Lexicon fan website and the for-profit book, some fans who have contributed content to the Lexicon have expressed this in online fan discussion groups. One fan stated: N^ , [I had] ^o inkling that there was a book in the ^nakíng, As a fan I happily participated in collecting solid canon. facts and presenting them for corrections. I also made suggestions on improvements , things like that. Tans af posts. I sever conside^^ed the `facts' mine , because obviously the facts are JK Rowling's. I never asked to be recognized or conb atulated or rr^onetarily rewarded or any such thing. Like everyone else , I was just happy to participate and make the info contained on the [Lexicon] site that much mare accurate. [...] Steve didn't write a ba^^k that listed facts and gave speculation, summary, commentary , analysis. Instead, he copy and pasted and paraphrased all things Potter frozx^ a website in which his Staff and fellow ^^IP fans fully participated ire its overall factual content --- when he expressly stated he'd never pul^hsh a book without Jo's perm^ss^on. A true and correct copy of the forum posting from "The Leaky Cauldron" Øy user "dresdenfiles.fan" is attached hereto as Exh^i^it I.. 18. Nor does this fan's experience appear to be unique. Anoti^er fan described noticing an error in the Lexicon, ser^díng ara email t ^ the Lexicon editors about the error, and subsequently discovering that thi entry had been corrected. Upar^ learning of the .for-profit Lexicon book, this fan explained that she did x^ot ir^terzd to help Iv^r, Vander Ark profit off of :NIs. R^wling's work ar the fa^^'s owe effoa^^s, The fan explained: ^^^t, if I load any idea that SVA [I^^r. Vander Ark] was gair^g to try to sell the contents of the Lexicon for money, I would have dare n®thing [rather than send in a correction]. I thought I was doing a service fir the I-II^ Fandom when I ^na^le my s^^ggestion , not making corrections to Steve's book. A true and correct copy oftl^e forum posting from "The Leaky Cauldron" by user "^l^m" dated February 20, 2008 is attached hereto as ExI^ íbít IVI. l4 Admission of Doutele Standard In Claimi^ Fair Use of Material l9. I also understand that ØR claims that the Le^ícon makes a fair use of Ms. Rowlíng's Harry Patter broks alt^^oug, as noted in Plaintiffs' original papers, this claim ís inconsistent with the aggressive stance taken by the Le^^con website regarding protection af its own purported copyright. See Bradley ^( Ø-I2. In addition to the copíot^s cØpynght protectíons^ used by Mr. Vander Ark on the Lexicon website-which ØR d©es n^t contest--as recently as three months prior to signing the contract with RDR, Mr. Vander Ark appears to have retained a copyright attorney to pursue teis own clairx^s of infringement. Mr. Vander Ark posted an entry to the "ZVhat's New" section of the website explaining that he decided to enforce his own perceived copyright in the content of the Lexicon website, despite now claiming that the ^raateal constí^utes fair anse Øf Ms. Rowlíng's b^^oks. ^^e stated, Two days agn I did something I've never done before. I sicced t^sy lawyer Orl someone. ^...^ Ilais fellow is basically out tja scara^ fars out of money as fast as he can before book seven comes out. I-Ie's written a book which. e wants to sell and in order to sweeter. the deal, he offers bonus rtaaterial. This b^r^us rraateríal is all from the Lexicon, from Accio Quote, and fromt JA's website. I'tn sorry, but that's where I draw the line. I will not stand for s®^neone stealing my matezial and using it to scam fans out of money." ^-·-^ I don't like to do things like this. But this leech ís not a ^r a e fan. de's an opportunist who sees a cl^ace to make sorr^e cluiek money by playing on fans' enthusias^ra leading up to book seve^a, This appears to be precísely what RDR, in cnnjuraction with Mr. Va ^der Ark, is dning by ^ We note that sines plaintiff s previous fïli^ g, w^ích ported ©ui that the Le^íco includes features designed to make it difficult to copy its content, the Lexicon website's "right click" copy^ght protectío^ has recently either bee^a re^^^ved or modified from numerous pages throughout the website. See Bradley !^¶ 9-1 1. l5 attempting to publish an encyclopedia on the heels of the publication of Harpy Potter and the Deathly Hallows. A true and correct copy of a screen shot showing the entry titled "Something I had to dØ..." frc^^x^ the Lexicon website posted on May l 1, 2007 is attached hereto as Exhibit l^^ Z0. It ^s also my understanding that RDR is presenting the Lexicon book as a critical reference work. I note, however, that RDR's owr^ editor of the Lexícor^ book-a former attor^ ey-re}eetel the contentío that the book contained sufficient criticism or commetar^ to justify a fair use claim. Discussing the scope of RDR's proposed disclaimer which called the Lexicon a "critical reference work,,, Richard Harris stated, lust because you say it's a "critical reference work " or covered by the fair use doctrine doesn ' t mean. ít is. I think "reference work" and "reader's guide" protect as fulla as possible. RDR ^^evertheless appears to maintain its position that the work is ^ critical reference work in its legal papers, demonstrating once again that RDR will adopt whatever position is most expedient, rather than that which is most accurate. A true and correct copy of an email exchange between l^/Ir. Rapoport and Richard Iazrís dated September 30, Z0Ø7 is attached hereto as Exl^íbit í^, Va ^ der A.rIC's ^ns©nsiste^^ t Statet^eaat R.e a^-din Seeki a Per r issi^r t® P^ blish the Lexie© ^ Z 1. I have reviewed Mr. Vander Ark's declaration and understand that Mr. dander Ark clairr^s that he contacted the ChristaØhe Little Literary Agency (^L,LA) to request a meeting to disc^^ss turning the Lexicon websíte into ^ print book. I note that Mr. Vander Ark provides no evidence to substantiate this claim. Vander Ark 26. Moreover, a review of his e^naíl exchanØe with Emma Schlesinger of the ALLA relating to this alleged request produced ín Plai^^tíffs' papers shows that, contrary to his declaration, Mr. Vander Ark did not submit a formal proposal or egen "pitch" his idea for the Lexicon, but merely asked to work on Ms. Rowling's encyclopedia in order to secure a visa to move to London. Hís email states, l^ I have no idea what Rowling is planning now that the novels are finished, but if she ís thinking of working on an encyclopedia nr other references to the series, I would be a good candidate for work as an editor , given y work on the Lexicon. I had hoped to meet with you sirr^ply to give you a note to pass along to Rowling maki ^g the enquiry. See flair ^1 12, Ex. ^. Auer hís res{uest to work on Ms. Rowling's encyclopedia was declined, ii^Ir. Vander Ark responded, I wasn't really thinking of collaborating, }ust working somewhere in the nrganízation..." Id. Nowhere i^^ this email exchange does l^^ir. Vander Ark n eriiora wanting to discuss "the possibility of using material frorr^ the Lexicon for a book,>' much less ask permission to dn so. Vander Ark ^j 26. Sta^xf^^r Fair LJse P^c^°ect's Stated. Ps^lítical A enda tt^ Ex a^^d the Faåt° Lise De^ense 22. I have reviewed the webs^te for ØR's intellectual property counsel, the Stanford lair Use Project, located at ^http:/^cyberlaw.stapf®rd.edu/node/3136. I r ^ te that this organizatiar^'s stated goal is to "clarify, and extend, the boundaries of `fair use.", I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America that the foregoing is true and correct. Executed o^ Eeba.^ary 28, 2008 , at New work, l^^ew ^ ork. Respectfully s^^^itted, By: 17

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