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DECLARATION of Thomas B. Kepler in Opposition re: 175 MOTION for Judgment on the Pleadings., 152 MOTION for Summary Judgment.. Document filed by American Society For Clinical Pathology, College of American Pathologists, Association For Molecular Pathology, Haig Kazazian, Arupa Ganguly, Wendy Chung, Harry Ostrer, David Ledbetter, Stephen Warren, Ellen Matloff, Elsa Reich, Breast Cancer Action, Boston Women's Health Book Collective, American College of Medical Genetics, Lisbeth Ceriani, Runi Limary, Genae Girard, Patrice Fortune, Vicky Thomason, Kathleen Raker. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit 1, # 2 Exhibit 2)(Hansen, Christopher)

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EXHIBIT 1 Thomas B Kepler, PhD Department of Biostatistics & Bioinformatics Department of Immunology Duke University Medical Center CONTACT office 2424 Erwin Road, Hock Plaza Suite 1103, Durham NC 27705 voice +1 919 681 0620 FAX +1 919 668 5888 Email URL EDUCATION Postdoctoral Fellowship Postdoctoral Fellowship Ph.D. Physics B.A. Physics Santa Fe Institute, Alan S. Perelson, sponsor Brandeis University, Eve Marder, supervisor Brandeis University, Laurence F. Abbott, adviser University of Massachusetts at Boston 1991-1992 1989-1991 1989 1985 5/03-pres. PRIMARY ACADEMIC APPOINTMENTS Chief, Division of Computational Duke University Medical Center Biology, Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Professor, Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Interim Director, Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Vice President for Academic Affairs Associate Professor, Biomathematics Graduate Program Statistics Department Assistant Professor, Biomathematics Graduate Program Statistics Department Duke University Medical Center Duke University 8/02-pres. 4/03-4/05 The Santa Fe Institute North Carolina State University North Carolina State University 7/00-7/02 6/98-6/00 1/93-6/98 SECONDARY ACADEMIC APPOINTMENTS AND MEMBERSHIPS Institute for Statistics and Decision Duke University Sciences, Professor Biomolecular and Tissue Engineering Program, member Duke University 11/0410/07 10/03-pres. Department of Immunology, Professor Center for Nonlinear and Complex Systems, member Human Vaccine Institute, member Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, member Genomic Sciences Program, faculty Bioinformatics Graduate Program, faculty External Faculty member The Center for Research in Scientific Computing, member Interdepartmental Program in Immunology, faculty Duke University Medical Center Duke University Duke University Medical Center Duke University North Carolina State University North Carolina State University Santa Fe Institute North Carolina State University North Carolina State University 11/02-pres. 10/02-pres. 8/02-pres. 8/02-pres. 2/00-6/00 9/99-6/00 1/94-6/00; 8/02-pres 10/94-6/00 10/94-6/00 COMMITTEE MEMBERSHIP AND SERVICE Scientific Working Group, NIAID National Institute of Allergy and Systems Biology of Infectious Disease Infectious Disease Board of Scientific Counselors (ad-hoc member) Science Advisory Board Scientific Working Group, NIAID Proteomics Research Centers Executive Committee, Duke Center for AIDS Research Scientific Working Group, Viral Bioinformatics Resource Center Appointments, Promotion and Tenure Committee; Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Monitoring Committee, Center for Demographic Studies Steering committee, Center for Computational Science, Engineering and Medicine National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease Immune Response Consortium, MIT National Institutes of Health Duke University Medical Center National Institutes of Health Duke University 9/09-pres. 5/08 5/07-pres. 4/07-pres. 8/05-pres. 12/04-pres. 9/03-pres. Duke University Medical Center Duke University 8/03-8/05 10/02-4/07 curriculum vitae: T.B. Kepler. January 2009 2/9 Executive Committee, Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology External Advisory Committee, Center for Evolutionary and Theoretical Immunology Program Director, Innovation in Natural, Experimental and Applied Evolution Local Development Committee Duke University 10/02-pres. University of New Mexico Santa Fe Institute 9/03-pres 9/02-9/03 Statistical and Applied Mathematical 9/02-8/05 Sciences Institute (SAMSI) 9/01-6/05 9/01-8/04 3/01-pres. 7/99-6/00 8/95-6/00 Committee on Applied and Theoretical National Research Council. Statistics National Academy of Science Scientific Advisory Board Life Sciences Representative Director of the Biomathematics Graduate Program Associate Editor HONORS & AWARDS National Young Investigator Award Gillette Fellowship David J. Falkoff Graduate Student Award Department Prize in Physics Ribonomics, Inc. SIAM News (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics) North Carolina State University The Journal of Immunology National Science Foundation Brandeis University Brandeis University University of Massachusetts/Boston 1993 1987 1986 1985 PUBLICATIONS Li L, He Q, Garland A, Yi Z, Aybar LT, Kepler TB, Frelinger JA, Wang B, Tisch R. (2009) beta cell-specific CD4+ T cell clonotypes in peripheral blood and the pancreatic islets are distinct. J Immunol. 18:7585-91. Ciupe SM, BH Devlin, ML Markert, TB Kepler (2009) The dynamics of T-cell receptor repertoire diversity following thymus transplantation for DiGeorge Anomaly. PLOS Comp. Biol. 5: e1000396. Liao H-X, Levesquec MC, Nagel A, Dixon A, Zhang R, Walter E, Parks R, Whitesides J, Marshall DJ, Hwang K-K, Yang Y, Chen X, Gao F, Munshaw S, Kepler TB, Denny T, Moody MA, Haynes BF (2009) High-throughput isolation of immunoglobulin genes from single human B cells and expression as monoclonal antibodies. J. Virol. Meth. 158: 171-9. Volpe JM, TB Kepler (2009) Genetic correlates of autoreactivity and autoreactive potential in human Ig heavy chains. Immunome Research 5: 1. Ji C, D Merl, TB Kepler and M West (2009) Spatial Mixture Modelling for Unobserved Point Processes: Application to Immunofluorescence Histology. Bayesian Analysis 4: 1-20. curriculum vitae: T.B. Kepler. January 2009 3/9 Sales AP, GD Tomaras, and TB Kepler (2008) Improving peptide-MHC class I binding prediction for unbalanced datasets. BMC Bioinformatics, 9: 385. Barefoot B, NJ Thornburg, DH. Barouch, J-S Yu, C Sample, RE Johnston, HX Liao, TB Kepler, BF Haynes, and E Ramsburg (2008) Comparison of multiple vaccine vectors in a single heterologous prime boost trial. Vaccine, 26: 6108-18. Frelinger J, TB Kepler, C Chan (2008) Flow: Statistics, visualization and informatics for flow cytometry, Source Code Biol Med, 3:10. Chan C, F Feng, D Foster, M West, and TB Kepler (2008) Statistical mixture modeling for cell subtype identification in flow cytometry. Cytometry A, 73: 693-701. Buckley KM, S Munshaw, TB Kepler, and LC Smith (2008) The 185/333 gene family is a rapidly diversifying host-defense gene cluster in the purple sea urchin, Strongylocentrotus purpuratus. J Mol Biol, 13: 912-28. (Joint senior authors) Riddle DS, Miller PJ, Vincent BG, Kepler TB, Maile R, Frelinger JA, Collins EJ (2008) Rescue of cytotoxic function in the CD8alpha knockout mouse by removal of MHC class II. Eur J Immunol, 38: 1511-21. Mitha FH, TA Lucas, F Feng, TB Kepler and C Chan (2008) The Multiscale Systems Immunology Project: Software for Cell-Based Immunological Simulation Source Code Biol. Med., 3: 6. Munshaw S, Kepler TB. (2008) An Information-Theoretic Method for the Treatment of Plural Ancestry in Phylogenetics. Mol Biol Evol, 25: 1199-208. Volpe JM, TB Kepler (2008) Large-scale analysis of human heavy chain V(D)J recombination patterns. Immunome Res. 4:3 Ray S, TB Kepler (2007) Amino acid biophysical properties in the statistical prediction of peptide-MHC class I binding. Immunome Res. 3: 9 Kepler TB, Chan C (2007) Spatiotemporal programming of a simple inflammatory process. Immunol. Rev., 216: 153-163. (invited) Chan C, TB Kepler (2007) Computational immunology - from bench to virtual reality. Ann Acad Med Singapore 36 :123-5 (invited review) Markert ML, Devlin BH, Alexieff MJ, Li J, McCarthy EA, Gupton SE, Chinn IK, Hale LP, Kepler TB, He M, Sarzotti M, Skinner MA, Rice HE, Hoehner JC (2007) Review of 54 patients with complete DiGeorge anomaly enrolled in protocols for thymus transplantation: outcome of 44 consecutive transplants. Blood. 109:4539-47 Culton DA, Nicholas MW, Bunch DO, Zhen QL, Kepler TB, Dooley MA, Mohan C, Nachman PH, Clarke SH (2007) Similar CD19 Dysregulation in Two AutoantibodyAssociated Autoimmune Diseases Suggests a Shared Mechanism of B-Cell Tolerance Loss. J. Clin. Immunol., 27:53-68. Bauer DC, Hunter DJ, Abramson SB, Attur M, Corr M, Felson D, Heinegard D, Jordan JM, Kepler TB, Lane NE, Saxne T, Tyree B, Kraus VB (2006) Classification of osteoarthritis biomarkers: a proposed approach. Osteoarthritis Cartilage 14:723-7. Liu C, He M, Rooney B, Kepler TB, Chao NJ (2006) Longitudinal analysis of T-cell receptor variable beta chain repertoire in patients with acute graft-versus-host disease after allogeneic stem cell transplantation. Biol Blood Marrow Transplant 12:335-45. curriculum vitae: T.B. Kepler. January 2009 4/9 Volpe JM, LG Cowell, TB Kepler (2006) SoDA: implementation of a 3D alignment algorithm for inference of antigen receptor recombinations. Bioinformatics 22:438-44. Fadel SA, LG Cowell, S Cao, DA Ozaki, TB Kepler, DA Steeber, M Sarzotti (2006) Neonate-primed CD8+ memory cells rival adult-primed memory cells in Ag-driven expansion and anti-viral protection. International Immunology 18: 249-57. Tomfohr JK, J Lu, TB Kepler (2005) Pathway Level Analysis of Gene Expression using Singular Value Decomposition, BMC Bioinformatics 6: 225-234. He M, JK Tomfohr, BH Devlin, M Sarzotti, ML Markert, TB Kepler (2005) SpA: Webaccessible Spectratype Analysis: data management, statistical analysis and visualization. Bioinformatics, 15: 3697-9. Kepler TB (2005) Microsimulation of Inducible Reorganization in Immunity, in Complex Systems Science in BioMedicine (International Topics in Biomedical Engineering), eds. TS Deisboeck, YJ Kresh, Plenum US. Lu J, JK Tomfohr, TB Kepler (2005) Identifying differential expression in multiple SAGE libraries: an overdispersed log-linear model approach. BMC Bioinformatics, 6: 165-178. 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Immunogenetics 55:594-604. Trachtenberg E, B Korber, C Sollars, TB Kepler, PT Hraber, E Hayes, R Funkhouser, M Fugate, J Theiler, M Hsu, K Kunstman, S Wu, J Phair, H Erlich, S Wolinsky (2003) HLA-A and HLA-B Supertype Alleles Predict Human Immunodeficiency Virus Disease Progression Rate. Nature Medicine 9: 928-935. Cowell LG, M Davila, K Yang, TB Kepler, G Kelsoe (2003) Prospective Estimation of Recombination Signal Efficiency and Identification of Functional Cryptic Signals in the Genome by Statistical Modeling, J. Exp. Med. 197: 207-220. Cowell LG, M Davila, TB Kepler, G Kelsoe (2002) Identification and utilization of arbitrary correlations in models of recombination signal sequences, Genome Biology, 3(12):research0072.1 - 0072.20. McLain JET, TB Kepler and D Ahmann. (2002) Factors Influencing Methane Consumption in a Temperate Coniferous Forest Soil under Elevated Atmospheric CO2: A Field Study. Global Biogeochemical Cycles 10.1029/2001GB001439. curriculum vitae: T.B. Kepler. January 2009 5/9 Morgan KT, H Ni, HR Brown, L Yoon, CW Qualls, Jr, LM Crosby, R Reynolds, B Gaskill, SP Anderson, TB Kepler, T Brainard, N Liv, M Easton, C Merrill, D Creech, D Sprenger, G Conner, PR Johnson, T Fox, R Tyler, M Sartor, E Richard, S Kuruvilla, W Casey, G Benavides (2002) Application of cDNA Microarray Technology to In Vitro Toxicology and the Selection of Genes for a Real Time RT-PCR-Based Screen for Oxidative Stress in HepG2 Cells. Tox. Pathol. 30: 435-451. Kepler TB, L Crosby and KT Morgan (2002) Normalization and analysis of DNA microarrays by self-consistency and local regression. Genome Biology 3(7): research0037.10037.12. Solé RV, R Pastor-Satorras, DE Smith, and TB Kepler (2002) A Model of Large-Scale Proteome Evolution. Adv. Complex Sys. 5: 43-54. Kepler TB and TC Elston (2001) Stochasticity in Transcriptional Regulation: Origins, Consequences and Mathematical Representations. Biophys. J. 81: 3116-36 Kepler TB and M Oprea (2001) Improved inference of mutation rates: I. An Integral Representation of the Luria-Delbrück distribution. Theor. Pop. Biol. 59: 41-48 Oprea M and TB Kepler (2001) Improved inference of mutation rates: II. Generalization of the Luria-Delbrück distribution for realistic cell cycle time distributions. Theor. Pop. Biol. 59: 49-59 Radmacher MD and TB Kepler (2001) Waiting times to appearance and dominance of advantageous mutants: Estimation based on the likelihood. Math. Biosci. 170: 57-78 Elston T and TB Kepler (2001) A linear two-state model with complex dynamics. Phys. Lett. A 280: 204-208 Oprea M, LG Cowell and TB Kepler (2001) Somatic hypermutation closely resembles meiotic mutation. J. Immunol. 166: 892-899 Zavolan M and TB Kepler (2001) Statistical inference of sequence-dependent mutation rates. Curr. Opinion Gen. Dev. 11: 612-5. (review) Buchman TG, J P Cobb, AS Lapedes, TB Kepler (2001) Complex Systems Analysis: A Tool for Shock Research. Shock 16: 248-51. (editorial) Crosby LM, KS Hyder, AB DeAngelo, TB Kepler, B Gaskill GR Benavides, L Yoon, and KT Morgan (2000) Morphologic Analysis Correlates with Gene Expression Changes in Cultured F344 Rat Mesothelial Cells. Toxicol. Appl. Pharmacol., 169: 205-221 Cowell LG and TB Kepler (2000) The nucleotide-replacement spectrum under somatic hypermutation exhibits microsequence dependence that is strand-symmetric and distinct from that under germline mutation, J. Immunol. 164: 1971-1976 Oprea M and TB Kepler (1999) Genetic plasticity of V genes under somatic hypermutation: Statistical analyses using a new resampling-based methodology. Genome Res. 9: 1294-1304 Betts MR, JF Krowka, TB Kepler, M Davidian, C Christopherson, S Kwok, L Louie, J Eron, H Sheppard, and JA Frelinger (1999) Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type-1 (HIV-1) Specific Cytotoxic T Lymphocyte Activity is Inversely Correlated with HIV-1 Viral Load in HIV-1 Infected Long-Term Survivors. J. AIDS Hum. Retrovir. 15: 1219 Keys DA, DG Wallace, TB Kepler and RB Conolly (1999) Quantitative estimation of alternative mechanisms of blood and testes deposition of Di(2-ethylhexyl) Pthalate and Mono(2-ethylhexyl) Pthalate in rats. Toxicological Sciences 49: 172-185 curriculum vitae: T.B. Kepler. January 2009 6/9 Cowell LG, H-J Kim, T Humaljoki, C Berek, and TB Kepler (1999). Enhanced evolvability in immunoglobulin V genes under somatic hypermutation. J. Molec. Evol. 49: 23-26 Gangi-Petersen L, D Sorscher, TB Kepler, and B Mitchell (1999). Nucleotide pool imbalance and adenosine deaminase deficiency induce alterations of N-region insertion during V(D)J recombination. J. Clin. Invest. 103: 833-841 Kepler TB and AS Perelson (1998) Drug concentration heterogeneity facilitates the evolution of drug resistance. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA 95: 11514-11519 Radmacher MD, G Kelsoe and TB Kepler (1998) Predicted and inferred waiting times for key mutations in the germinal centre reaction: Evidence for stochasticity in selection. Immunol. Cell Biol. 76: 373-381 Cowell L, TB Kepler, M Janitz, R Lauster and NA Mitchison (1998) The distribution of variation in regulatory gene segments, as present in MHC class II promoters. Genome Res. 8: 124-134 Cowell LG, L Crowder and TB Kepler (1998) Density-dependent prenatal androgen exposure as an endogenous mechanism for the generation of cycles in small mammal populations. J. Theor. Biol. 190: 93-106 Kepler TB and S Bartl (1998) Plasticity under somatic mutation in Immunoglobulins and Tcell receptors. Curr. Top. Microbiol. Immunol. 229:149-162. (review) Kepler TB (1997) Codon bias and plasticity in immunoglobulins. Mol. Biol. Evol. 14: 637-643 Kepler TB (1997) Oligomerization and PrPSc Stability in Prion Propagation: A Mathematical Analysis. in Advances in Mathematical Population Dynamics: Molecules, Cells and Man, Eds. O. Arino, D. Axelrod and M. Kimmel (World Scientific, Singapore) Kepler TB, M Borrero, B Rugerio, SK McCray and SH Clarke (1996) Interdependence of Nnucleotide addition and recombination site choice in V(D)J rearrangement. J. Immunol. 157: 4451-4457 Kepler TB and AS Perelson (1995) Modeling and Optimization of Populations Subject to Time-Dependent Mutation. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 92: 8219-8222 Kelsoe G, B Zeng, TB Kepler (1995) Do T-cells hypermutate? Nature 375: 286 (Scientific Correspondence) Han S, K Hathcock, B Zeng, TB Kepler, R Hodes and G Kelsoe (1995) Cellular interaction in germinal centers: I. The roles of CD40-ligand and B7-2 in established germinal centers. J. Immunol. 155: 556-567 Perelson AS and TB Kepler (1995) The immune system as a complex system: Adaptation by somatic mutation. In Chaos & Complexity 93, J. Tran Tranh Van, P. Berge, R. Conte and M. Dubois, eds., Editiones Frontieres, Gif-sur-Yvette, France, pp 97-106 Kepler TB and AS Perelson (1993) Cyclic re-entry of germinal center B cells and the efficiency of affinity maturation. Immunol. Today 14: 412-415 Kepler TB and AS Perelson (1993) Somatic hypermutation in B cells: An optimal control treatment. J. Theor. Biol. 164: 37-64 Marder E, LF Abbott, F Buchholtz, IR Epstein, J Golowasch, SL Hooper and TB Kepler (1993) Physiological insights from cellular and network models of the stomatogastric nervous system of lobsters and crabs. Am. Zool. 33 29-39 curriculum vitae: T.B. Kepler. January 2009 7/9 Kepler TB and E Marder (1993) Spike initiation and propagation on axons with slow inward currents. Biol. Cyb. 68: 209-215 Kepler TB (1992) Geometric phases in dissipative classical systems. Mod. Phys. Lett. 6:16131622. (review) Kepler TB, LF Abbott and E Marder (1992) Reduction of conductance-based neuron models. Biol. Cyb. 66: 381-387 Marder E, JM Weimann, TB Kepler and LF Abbott (1992) Computational implications of a serotonin-sensitive region of axonal membrane on a dual-function motor neuron. in Analysis and Modeling of Neural Systems II, F Eeckman, ed. (Kluwer Academic Press, Norwell) pp. 377390 Kepler TB, ML Kagan and IR Epstein (1991) Geometric phases in dissipative systems. CHAOS 1: 455-461 Kepler TB and ML Kagan (1991) Geometric phase shifts under adiabatic changes in classical dissipative systems. Phys. Rev. Lett. 66: 847-849 Kagan ML, TB Kepler and IR Epstein (1991) Geometric phase shifts in chemical oscillators Nature 349 506-508 Kepler TB, LF Abbott and E Marder (1991) Order reduction for dynamical systems describing the behavior of complex neurons. in Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 3, RP Lippmann, JE Moody and DS Touretzky, eds. (Morgan Kaufmann, San Mateo) Kepler TB, S Datt, RB Meyer and LF Abbott (1990) Chaos in a neural network circuit. Physica D 46: 449-457 Kepler TB (1990) Domains of attraction and the density of static metastable states in singlepattern iterated neural networks. J. Phys. A: Math. Gen. 24: 1083-1092 Kepler TB, LF Abbott and E Marder (1990) The effect of electrical coupling on the frequency of model neuronal oscillators. Science 248: 83-85 Marder E, LF Abbott, TB Kepler and S Hooper (1990) Modification of oscillator function by electrically coupled neurons in Induced Rhythmicities in the Brain, T Bullock and E Basar, eds (Birkhauser, Boston) Abbott LF and TB Kepler (1990) Model neurons: from Hodgkin-Huxley to Hopfield. in Statistical Mechanics of Neural Networks, L Garrido, ed (Springer-Verlag, Berlin) Abbott LF and TB Kepler (1989) Universality in the space of interactions for network models. J. Phys. A: Math. Gen. 22: 2031-2038 Abbott LF and TB Kepler (1989) Optimal learning in neural network memories J Phys A: Math. Gen. 22: L711-L717 Kepler TB and LF Abbott (1988) Domains of attraction in neural networks. J. Phys. France 49:1657-1662 ACTIVE RESEARCH SUPPORT N01-AI 5000195(Kepler) 9/15/05 ­ 9/14/10 NIH $1,900,570 / year Multiscale Systems Immunology for Adjuvant Development 6 calendar curriculum vitae: T.B. Kepler. January 2009 8/9 The major goals are to develop an integrated computational model and systematic set of experiments to study the correlation between gene expression programs in dendritic cells and T cells and the spatial reorganization of these cells during the immune response to vaccination. 5 P30 AI 064518-03 (Kepler) NIH Center for Aids Research 7/1/05 ­ 6/30/10 $123204 / year 1.2 calendar The major goal is to provide core expertise and collaboration in computational biology and biostatistics to the community of HIV/AIDS researchers at the Duke CFAR. 5 U19 A1067798-03 (Owzar) 8/31/05 ­ 7/31/10 NIH $96,000 / year Centers for Medical Countermeasures Against Radiation - Bioinformatics 0.6 calendar The major goal is to develop and deploy an information sharing system that will allow rapid and transparent exchange of data and their accompanying analyses among collaborators. U01 A1 067854-03 (Haynes) 7/14/05 ­ 6/30/12 NIH $38,052 / year Center for HIV/AIDS Vaccine Immunology R01 Aim 3 (Kepler sub-investigator) 0.6 calendar The major goals of the CHAVI consortium are ; (1) to elucidate early viral and immunological events and host genetic factors associated with HIV-1 transmission, establishment of infection, and (partial) containment of virus replication (ii) to determine correlates of SIV immune protection in primates (iii) to design, develop, and test novel immunogens and adjuvants that elicit persistent mucosal and/or systemic immune responses to HIV-1 and SIV in humans and primates; and (iv) to evaluate HIV-1 vaccine candidates in early phase clinical trials. 38643 (Kepler, subproject to Haynes) 08/1/06 ­ 7/31/11 Gates Foundation $104,490 / year ZDAC Global HIV/AIDS Vaccine Enterprise 0.6 calendar The major goal is to develop a database and analysis tool set for sequence and structural comparison of immunogens and antibodies. curriculum vitae: T.B. Kepler. January 2009 9/9

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