Schoolcraft v. The City Of New York et al

Filing 310

FILING ERROR - DUPLICATE DOCKET ENTRY - DECLARATION of NATHANIEL B. SMITH in Support re: 305 MOTION for Summary Judgment .. Document filed by Adrian Schoolcraft. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit, # 2 Exhibit, # 3 Exhibit, # 4 Exhibit, # 5 Exhibit, # 6 Exhibit, # 7 Exhibit, # 8 Exhibit)(Smith, Nathaniel) Modified on 12/24/2014 (db).

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PLAINTIFF'S MOTION EXHIBIT 31 Page 248 1 2 L. ALDANA-BERNIER do you mean? 3 Sure. Q. Well, 4 you used the word 5 "potential." 6 you mean by potential. A. 7 I would like to know what If you 8 disaster, 9 He was was think of the navy yard he an officer or army man? so quite, no one ever found out 10 what was going on with him. 11 happened then? 12 Or So what i f you look at all 13 -- the Range Rover. 14 people 15 of those police officers. Who are all that caused that? 16 So if I think then 18 the ER, 19 20 will be no destruction, 21 get harmed when 22 have that there will be no disaster, to the ER. 24 25 Q. have I to was see a I make I I these They are all 17 23 sure that when of patient in think in the future there or no one will they were discharged from asking about what you meant by potential. A. 212-267-6868 That's the potential. VERITEXT REPORTING COMPANY www. veri text. com 516-608-2400 Page 249 L. 1 Q. 2 ALDANA-BERNIER So if there is any potential at 3 all, you want to make 4 patient is 5 A. Correct. 6 Q. And if there is any potential safe, 7 at all, 8 community is sure that the correct? you want to make sure safe, the correct? 9 A. That's correct. 10 Q. And if there 11 at all, 12 Schoolcraft, 13 15 16 you were going to admit Mr. correct? MR. A. 14 I LEE: With all would have Q. any potential is Objection to form. of those reasons, yes, to admit him. When you admitted him to 17 emergency room, 18 the and regulations MR. 19 20 Q. SUCKLE: Withdrawn. When he was admitted to 21 psych floor, 22 regulations 23 about clothes 24 visitors 25 A. there were certain rules the there were certain rules in the psych ward, they wear, can come, and correct, what hours correct? Yes. ! 1. 212-267-6868 VERITEXT REPORTING COMPANY www. 516-608-2400

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