Ceglia v. Zuckerberg et al

Filing 240

DECLARATION signed by Gerald M. LaPorte re 237 Response in Opposition to Motion,,,, filed by Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, Facebook, Inc. filed by Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, Facebook, Inc.. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A)(Snyder, Orin)

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UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT WESTERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK ------------------------------------ x : PAUL D. CEGLIA, : : Plaintiff, : : v. : : MARK ELLIOT ZUCKERBERG and : FACEBOOK, INC., : : Defendants. ------------------------------------ x Civil Action No. 1:10-cv-00569-RJA DECLARATION OF GERALD M. LAPORTE I, Gerald M. LaPorte, am competent to testify to the matters set forth herein and make this declaration of my own personal knowledge and belief. 1. I respectfully submit this declaration in support of Defendants' Omnibus Opposition to Ceglia's Six Motions. 2. For my professional qualifications and resume, I respectfully refer the Court to the Declaration I submitted in support of Defendants' Third Motion to Compel and for Other Relief, filed on October 14, 2011. 3. I participated in Defendants' inspection of the Hard-Copy Documents on July 16, 2011, and on August 27, 2011. 4. This Declaration does not constitute an expert report on the results of my testing and examinations. I will submit a report of those results to the Court when appropriate. 5. On the morning of July 16, 2011, I received for inspection a two-page document titled "WORK FOR HIRE CONTRACT" (the "Work for Hire document"). I also received a sixpage document titled "StreetFax Back-End Technical Specification" (the "Technical Specification"). 6. Prior to performing any examination of the Work for Hire document or the Technical Specification, I captured high-resolution color digital photographs and scans of both documents. True and correct copies of my initial scans are attached hereto as Exhibit A. 7. The Work for Hire document contained two areas of handwriting: a handwritten interlineation and a set of two initials on page 1 and two signatures in the bottom right side of page 2. 8. Upon taking possession of the Work for Hire document on the morning of July 16, 2011, and before conducting any examinations, I immediately observed that the ink in the handwritten areas on the Work for Hire document was noticeably faded. 9. I also observed that the paper on which the Work for Hire document was printed was atypical. The paper appeared noticeably discolored, and both pages 1 and 2 were unusually tensile (stiff). 10. In contrast, the ink and paper of the Technical Specification did not exhibit any obvious visible signs of deterioration or discoloration. 11. The last time I observed and scanned the Work for Hire document on August 27, 2011, which was the last day of Defendants' inspection of the Hard-Copy Documents, the appearance of the ink and paper had not changed from the time I first observed and scanned it on the morning of July 16, 2011, with the exception of sampling conducted by both parties' experts. 12. In the course of Defendants' examination, I and other experts used a Foster & Freeman VSC-400. A Video Spectral Comparator (VSC) is standard digital imaging equipment used in forensic document examinations. A VSC includes visible, ultraviolet and infrared light sources, among others, the use of which is standard practice in the field of document examination. A VSC is common laboratory equipment that has been used for decades by thousands of examiners worldwide. I am not aware of any reports or documented findings that 2

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