King Lincoln Bronzeville Neighborhood Association et al v. J. Kenneth Blackwell et al

Filing 90

Surreply re 81 MOTION for Reconsideration re 78 Opinion and Order filed by Plaintiffs Ohio Voter Rights Alliance for Democracy, League of Young Voters/Columbus, Willis Brown, Paul Gregory, Miles Curtiss, Matthew Segal, Harvey Wasserman & King Lincoln Bronzeville Neighborhood Association. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit 1, # 2 Exhibit 2, # 3 Exhibit 3, # 4 Exhibit 4, # 5 Exhibit 5) (pes1) Modified on 5/28/2009 to correct text (kk2).

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SOS Election Night Network Configuration for Web Results Entry, Web Queries, EN Staff Results Entry as of 10/23/06 Prepared by Robert Mangan 13 14 Email/Fax Server failover 88 counties -- EN Web Entry using SOS ASP Application 10 EN Staff at Borden's Building EN Result On-line Entry Windows XP sp2 And 6i Forms SOSWEB SOSOracle Dell 1850 Win 2000 sp4 IIS.NET SOSWEB2 Dell 1850 Win 2000 sp4 IIS.NET AX56 Hollie WebSat Admin Database 9 SERBI1 Compaq DL380G2 Oracle 10gAS BI Server Win 2000 sp4 Dell 2650 Win 2000 sp4 9i Oracle 11 12 NetScaler1 9800 3 SmarTech Hot Backup Site Chattanooga TN AX55 EN Results and Web Page Database 5 SERRAC1 SerEn1 Compaq DL380G2 Oracle Rac Win 2000 sp4 SERRAC2 Compaq DL380G2 Oracle Rac Win 2000 sp4 SERRAC3 Compaq DL380G2 Oracle Rac Win 2000 sp4 SERRAC4 Compaq DL380G2 Oracle Rac Win 2000 sp4 AC ER X5 5 A 7 Public Internet Up to 10,000 Citizens EN Results Web Query/ Dashboard 1, 16? Router Cache Server Compaq DL380g2 2 NetScaler2 9800 IIS .NET SerEn2 Gosip 1 Gig /100M Cache Server 6 Compaq DL380g2 Win 2000 sp4 IIS .NET AC C ER R A O 15 SERBI2 11/3/06 Stress Test 1 Cliff scripts Interactive Stress Test; also known as a `Denial of Service' attack 10/25/06 Dry Run 1 11/2/06 Dry Run 2 6iForms and XP Clients for SOS Dry Run testing 10 RSS Media Feed AP, UPI, etc. 10 EN Staff failover at SOCC Training Room EN Results On-line Entry Windows XP sp2 and 6i Forms Compaq DL380G2 Oracle 10gAS BI Server Win 2000 sp4 Orac Web Page and EN Results DataBase SERAS1 SERAS2 EN Results Web Entry by Counties -- Bill at Borden's Results Web Query, RSS Feed GovTech Mike Henry at SOCC EN HelpDesk Renee, Sue and Bill at Borden's Solar Winds Network, Bandwidth System Monitor Cliff and Mike At SOCC NetScaler Performance Monitor Cliff and Mike At SOCC Compaq DL380G2 Oracle 10gAS BI Management Server Win 2000 sp4 Digital Guardian Support Team County Field Support EN James, Jeanine, Curt, Renee and Patrick Spotlight on Oracle and 9i OEM Terry At SOCC Legend - Primary Election Night Production System with automatic fail over if device fails. - Hot stand-by with manual cutover requiring 1 - 15 minutes if software [WebSat or EN Entry] fails. - Monitoring tools used to capture test results and provide real-time monitoring and support on election night. - Testing of failpoints with confirmed failover plans (automated or manual) Note - Jim will be primary and Cliff will be secondary on problem resolution for any and all technology problems on Election Night. Questions - VR inquiry y/n - no after polls close; restore following morning - E-mail/Fax of results from counties to PC's? Options to increase inbound lines? - RSS feed test/failover? - Borden connectivity? - Difference between 1 and 16? ORAC AX55 4 Win 2000 sp4 ERAC EN Results and Web Page DataBase 8 8a

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