Clark v. The Walt Disney Company et al

Filing 54

Supplemental Memorandum Opposing re 11 MOTION to Dismiss Plaintiffs' Memorandum in Opposition to Defendants JAKKS Pacific, Inc., Play Along Toys and Toys "R" Us' Motion for Summary Judgment filed by Plaintiffs John Peirano, Aaron Clark. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A, # 2 Appendix A, # 3 Appendix B, # 4 Appendix C, # 5 Appendix D, # 6 Appendix E, # 7 Appendix F, # 8 Appendix G, # 9 Appendix H, # 10 Appendix I, # 11 Exhibit B, # 12 Exhibit C, # 13 Exhibit D, # 14 Exhibit E, # 15 Exhibit F, # 16 Exhibit G) (Dickerson, Brian)

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Appendix I Dictionary definitions When the word "blend" is referred to as a visual, as in art, patterns, colors, looks, and styles, it is considered an intransitive verb. 1. The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language (4th ed. 2000) defines "blend" as: "1a: to mingle intimately or unobtrusively; b. to combine into an integrated whole; 2. To produce a harmonious effect or result. Example: picked a tie that blended with the jacket" 2. Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary [Random House, 2005] defines "blend" as: "to fit or relate harmoniously." 3. The Oxford American Dictionary of Current English (Oxford University Press, 1999) defines "Artistic" as: "1) having natural skill in art 2) made or done with art 3) of art or artists." And in the same dictionary, the definition of intransitive verb, "blend" as it refers to décor, music, colors is to "go well together; harmonize."

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