Padora et al v. John Doe #1 et al

Filing 1

COMPLAINT against John Doe #1, John Doe #10, John Doe #11, John Doe #12, John Doe #13, John Doe #14, John Doe #15, John Doe #16, John Doe #17, John Doe #18, John Doe #19, John Doe #2, John Doe #20, John Doe #21, John Doe #3, John Doe #4, John Doe #5, John Doe #6, John Doe #7, John Doe #8, John Doe #9 ( Filing fee $350, Receipt Number 0314-2273036), filed by Buddy A Touchinsky, Larry Padora, Joseph D Sterns, Sonja Padora, Robert Heffner. (Attachments: # 1 Civil Cover Sheet, # 2 Exhibit A, # 3 Exhibit B, # 4 Exhibit C, # 5 Exhibit D, # 6 Exhibit E, # 7 Exhibit F, # 8 Exhibit G, # 9 Exhibit H, # 10 Exhibit I)(lh, )

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Exhibit "G" Page 1 of3 Robert Heffner outed as "Eric Cartman" - Topix Local News: Pottsville, PA 123 VOLCANO PHOTO: Iceland Closes Main Airport Amid Volcano Eruption :. • Forums & Polls Robert Heffner outed ... Robert Heffner outed as "Eric Cartman" Posted in the Pottsville Forum Politics Ads by Google PA Work Comp Lawyer .. Fighting Hard For Injured Workers Your Case Is Important To Me Rehoboth Delaware Homes .. See all Available Homes Large Photos, Prices, Maps & More Local Business Read Real-Time News Dating Crime Obituaries Share 3 Comments Local Sports Yellow Pages Add to my Tracker White Pages Cuisinart PowerBlend Duet B1enderlFood Processor- Cuisinart More Pottsville Discussions » Entertainment Lotto Results Model: BFP-lOCH UPC: 862790137508 Photos Shopping 119.99 Coupons Real Estate ,"-xdi~fJkJiMfl Jobs at Sears Weather ".' . ' ,::",,:... .':-,... ~~~~.I..~.~.~~ Cuisinart PowerEdge 700 56 oz. B1ender- Cuisinart Comments Powered by Klillion Showing posts 1 .. 3 of 3 Floyd The Barber Maidenhead. UK Pottsville Jobs Thursd~y M~y".12 Sales Representative Norristown, PA Fire Support Specialist Allentown. PA Multiple Launch Rocket System Crewmember Allentown, PA Plumber Allentown, PA Concrete and Asphalt Equipment Crewmember Allentown, PA Direct Sales Supervisor York. PA See All Jobs The Colonel and I joined forces, using Liptok's wide array of intel, we were able to determine the real life identity of poster "Eric Cartman" . hUp:/ The person responsible for posting as Eric Cartman using a Tamaqua IP on Topix is Robert Heffner of Tamaqua. He is employed at the Social Security office in Pottsville as a Service Representative, which explains how he obtaine',j""i"he"'Colonel's personal information. Robert Heffner has continually posted the Colonel's private information on this and other websites. Robert Heffner did this at the direction of Skook GOP Chair, Joe Stems, Vice Chair, Larry Padora and Communications Director, Hank Clarke. !keywords The Colonel is livid and plans to contact Mr. Heffner's employer as well as !.?:~ enforcement. Jobs by SimplyHired ilocation ....... Joe and Hank can't help you now. Well maybe Hank can, since he is a criminal defense .~~~?'.~~y'. You might need one. Floyd The Barber Maidenhead, UK POTISVILLE DATING The Skook GOP has shot themselves in the foot once again. f ~ Thursday f.1~y'.1~ ~~.. I ,r·..·.:.·.·u·.·.·.·:.·:i.I.,'IJI·I. u·u·.u ~h·:.J J[I:: Seeking a ;Age [Y.Y~~~~~]jIJI ~.~~.~~i.!I.I . ~~.~?.~~~.~:.:J.~~pl.Y.:.>.) Here is a pic of Heffner at Padora's fundraiser, with Clarke and Sterns in attendance. 2~::::~J to i_~~._ . . J more search filters hUp:/ Looks like Sterns, Padora, Clarke, Touchinsky put this mentally challenged young man up to carrying out their dirty tricks against Staud and Liptok. By the way, Liptok and I are not the same guy. The pic of Floyd on his f1ickr acet was a ruse to throw you guys off the track. [F1ndfnY .Matett .1 Find a school Your Zip Code: U7~01_ 5/24/2011 Robert Heffner outed as "Eric Cartman" - Topix Page 2 of3 taking advanatage of little TIMMAYI!! or Tiny Tim was terrible I Shame on the new Skook GOP. (6) This kid will get fired for using the Colonel's personal info that he obtained from his jQ.Q at the Soc. Sec. office. john wayne gacy Thursday May 12 ---- .. - Selinsgrove, PA - - - - - --.-_ #8-.-I o Online 0 Campus 0 Both Subject: r~s~i~~tAlls~~~~i~~ ow;;; Degree: i ~~E!lect,A.n<::ourses&[)egrees·tii ISUbmitl Judge it! I Report Abuse I Reply» . Judged: POTTSVILLE PEOPLE SEARCH i used to make break when i was still alive. i once met nancy reagan and even grabbed her butt. those were ttie days. Addresses and phone numbers for FREE First Name the worms are eating me alive. Tell me when this thread is updated: (Registration is not required) Last Name City Send me an email Add to my Tracker State ...~~.?":'.~.~.~ ..P..?s.~s. ~ =~ ?.t...~ . .. Type in your comments below Name (appears on your post) EVENTS & INFO Comments Type the numbers you see in the image on the right: i PERSONAL FINANCE - 18 MONTH CD Discover Bank Please note by clicking on ·Post Comment" you acknowledge that you have read the Tenns of Service and the comment you are posting is in compliance with such terms. Be polite. Inappropriate posts may be removed by the moderator. Send us your feedback. APY: 1.30% Min. to Earn APY: $2500 I Promo APY: 1.30% Last Updated: 05/17/2011 Data Provided by Informa Research Services 5 Users are viewing the Pottsville Forum right now MORTGAGES [ See current mortgage rates] Amount: Loan Type: 1-200,OOO~Q YEl~rYi~Elc:jg<:lI1!()rrniI19iiittli Topi~ _~l>.~.~.~~~.~~.~.~~X _ _.__ _ who has the most retarded facebook posts? 4 hr al capone I Search I ~~.IlI'.n.~I1~~ .. 16 ~ Who do you support for U.S. Senate in Pennsylva (Oct '10) 7 hr greymouser 2,641 PonSVILLE YELLOW PAGES [ See all ] §,] Who do you support for Governor in Pennsylvania (Oct '10) 8 hr Oprah 2,038 Christy Joy, not who he seems Mon The Chamber 10 Pottsville - Carpet and Rug Cleaning Pottsville - Notes & Contracts Buyers Pottsville - Dentists Pottsville - Car Repair CNN profiles John Liptok's childhood Sun crabby patty 2 Meet Brad Gotshall Sun DuhWalt 3 GOP Chairman Joe Sterns insults 94-year-old par... Sun Schuylkill County GOP 5 I Search I See all threads in the Pottsville forum» Do you support building more nuclear power plants? Vote now on the Nuclear Power Map. COUPON OF THE DAY Roaman's - $20 off Coupon J t_ ] '.)'(),;\·\/f/\N; 'S' .\! _, i l h.J Save $20 on All Purchases of $60 or more at Roaman's. Coupon Code: RD31073 FEATURED COUPONS See coupons from Pottsville, PA Electronics • Women's Apparel' Toys & Games Computers' Furniture· Flowers and more ... POTTSVILLE NEWS • Schuylkill officials establish Marcellus Shale ... 5/24/2011 Page 1 of4 you cannot silence us .... - Topix I Sign Up I Sign In Local News: Pottsville, PA 1 reply Forums & Polls you cannot silence us... you cannot silence us Posted in the Pottsville Forum Real-Time News Ads by Google McCormick & Schmick's - Fresh seafood flown in daily. Make your reservation today Gas Drilling Nearbv? - Protect your drinking water State certified lab results Dating. Crime Obituaries Politics Local Business IRAQ <l"tiAFGHANISTAN VETliRANS <JfAMEIUCA Share Read 25 Comments Local Sports Add to my Tracker Yellow Pages More Pottsville Discussions» White Pages Waring Pro Professional Citrus JuicerStainlesslBlack- Waring Pro Local Entertainment Lotto Results Model: peJ2I8 Photos Shopping 106.19 ";i;~:~ii:4$l Coupons Real Estate at Sears Jobs Weather ~~.~.~ . L~.!.~~ Cuisinart PowerBlend Duet Blender/Food Processor- Cuisinart .~.~.~.~.~.~.~~.J.P.~.g.~ ~l. Showing posts 21 - 25 of 25 skooklife Pottsville. PA < prev page Jun 5, 2~1.L._. __ I . next page> _..... Go to last page Powered by Krillion I Jump to page: ·2i;mim Pottsville, PA Jobs ~~~J..~~.~~~.i~I.J .. ~~~~~..~~~~~.. L~.~.~.I~.~'. Is Buddy Touchinsky a !~!.~.~.~E man's version of Dunkel. Director of Technical Services - Waste & Disposal ,PA We'll let you know. Is an intervention necessary?, we'll see. Associate Account Executive? Medical Device Sales Alii know, between Touchinsky and Padora, stay the hell off the roads when a "new" Skook GOP meeting let's out. gunk...gunk...gunk...burrrrp. And why is the Heffner fellow even allowed to ~r..~y.~.? DuhWalt Jun 5,2011 #30 I ~·~Y~Y~'W.W~W.W.Y'.Y'·' ·~,·MW.·,y~·,·~w··'.w.·,.,.·~~·,_,._,y· .,- _. - -~-~ Who's Heffner? What kind of intel do you have on this person? anon Data Base Clerk Fleetwood, PA Student Drivers ,PA Judge it! I Report Abuse I Reply» ••, Maple Shade, NJ YA Assistant Manager Trainee ,PA Real Estate Professional Pottsville, PA FridayJul1 Pottsville, PA Judged: DuhWalt wrote: Who's Heffner? What kind of intel do you have on this person? jobs by lndeed Hank aka DuhWalt, Rob Heffner is your little half retarded butt boy. POTISVILLE DATING Intel: -Is one of Jerry's kids. -Won a trip to Disney courtesy of Make-A-Wish (Michelle and her lesbian friends) -Loves to play Dungeons and Dragons down at the Pottsville GOP HQ. -Works at the Pottsville Soc Sec office and messes with the KERNAL. -Is a "new" Skook GOP Groupie, loves blowing Padora and Stems. -Lost his virginty to Christine Holman at a drunken fundraiser (Just like Brad Gotshall, Scott Thomas and Justin Simmons) Christine broke all their cherries. What more do you want to know?..... justmike3377 33- McAdoo, PA I'm a prettykristel 29- Shoemakersville, PA ~_~_~_~_i,-,.~__~._._. skook_bat 31 - Schuylkill Haven, PA ~~!. __ L~om_~_tlili i 25 ;to : 40 7/7/2011

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