Drake v. Jones et al

Filing 128

ORDER appointing Ms. Amy Jowers, Esq. as counsel for plaintiff for the purpose of conducting trial only. Signed by Honorable Joseph F Anderson, Jr on 08/03/2010. (Attachments: # 1 Pretrial Order (ECF No. 118 ), # 2 Order Amending Pretrial Order (ECF No. 127 ))(bshr, )

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D rake v. Jones et al Do c. 128 Att. 2 IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT F O R THE DISTRICT OF SOUTH CAROLINA G R E E N V IL L E DIVISION H o b a rt P. Drake, ) ) P la in tif f , ) ) v. ) ) S g t. Scott Jones; Sgt. Brian Taylor; ) O f f ic e r Natasha Alston; Officer Harry ) P e re z ; Two Officers as John Doe, et al.; ) o f f ic ia l and individual capacity, ) ) D e f e n d a n ts . ) ) C / A No. 6:09-908-JFA ORDER F o r good cause shown, this court will amend its pretrial order in this case so as to a ll o w the plaintiff and defendants to each add one additional witness not disclosed at the p re tria l conference. The court takes this action after receiving the plaintiff's submission s u g g e stin g that he did not receive the court's pretrial order prior to his attendance at the p re tria l conference, and the defendants' representation that the existence of their proposed w itn e ss was not known prior to the pre-trial conference. These will be the only modifications o f the court's pretrial order. F o r the reasons set forth above, the pretrial order is hereby amended so as to add N u rs e Practitioner Blake, a white female, from Lee Correctional Institution in Bishopville, S o u th Carolina, asa potential plaintiff's witness, who treated the plaintiff for his injuries; and S e rg e a n t Glenn Gatson, an eyewitness, as a potential witness for the defense. P lain tiff has also requested that the court allow him to add an additional exhibit Dockets.Justia.com specifically, an artificial human head, to illustrate to the jury the plaintiff's injuries. The c o u rt will allow this amendment as well, with the clear understanding that the exhibit will b e a demonstrative exhibit, not a trial exhibit to go to the jury room during deliberations. IT IS SO ORDERED. A u g u st 3, 2010 C o lu m b ia , South Carolina J o s e p h F. Anderson, Jr. U n ite d States District Judge

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