Datatreasury Corporation v. Wells Fargo & Company et al

Filing 211

RESPONSE to Motion re 84 MOTION to Dismiss for Lack of Jurisdiction or in the Alternative, for Failure to State a Claim or for a More Definite Statement (First Citizens Bancshares) filed by Datatreasury Corporation. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit # 2 Exhibit # 3 Exhibit # 4 Text of Proposed Order)(Bruster, Anthony)

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Datatreasury Corporation v. Wells Fargo & Company et al Doc. 211 Att. 1 Forml0-Ke 2:06-cv-00072-DF-CMC 2005 ended December Document 211 31, Cas for year Filed 06/23/2006 Pa 6 I Page 1 ofg e of35 l o - K I dl0k.han FORVT FORYEARENDED lo-K DECEMBER 2005 31, T a b l eofContents UNITED STATES SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION Washington, D.C.20549 F O R M lO.K ANNUAL REPORT PURSUANT TO SECTION 13 OR 15(d) O F THE SECURITIESEXCHANGE ACT OF 1934 F o r the fiscalyarndedDecmber 31,2005 C o n m i s s i o nFile Nunber 0-16,471 F I R S T CITIZENS BANCSHARES. INC. (ExactnameofReistrant as spcifidin the charter) Delaware (Stateor otherjurisdiction of incorporationor oryanization) 56-1528994 ( l . R S .Employer Idntifcation i Nurnber) 3128 Smoketree Court Raleigh, NorthCarolina 27604 (Addrcss ofPrincipal Executive offices,zip code) (9r9) 716-7000 (Registrant'Telephone s Nunber,including AreaCode) Scurities registred pwsuantto: Section 12(b) ofthe Acai Section l2G) ofthe Act: 8.40% Prefrd Scuritirs of FCB,/NC Cap al Trust Il C l a s sA CommonStocL,Par Value$t C l a s sB CommonStock,Par Valu$l o i t l e of Class) Yes I Indicateby checkmark ifthe registrantis a well-known seasoned issuer,asdefircd in Rule 405 ofthe Secudties Act. Notr Indicateby checkmark ifthe registant is not requiredto file reportspunuant to Seclion 13 or Sectionl5(d) ofthe Act. Y e sE NoE Indicateby checkmark whetherthe Registrant(1) hasfiled all rQorts requiredto b filed by Section13 or 15(d)ofth Securities Exchange of 1934dudng the Feceding s,velvenonths (or for suchshorterperiod that the Rgistrantwas Act requiredto file suchreports),and(2) hasbeensubjctto suchfiling rcquiements for the pastninety days.Yes I No D Indicateby checkmark ifdiscloswe of delinquentfilers punuant to Item 405 of RegulationS-K is not contained herein, andwill not be contained,to the bstofRegistrant's knowledge,in definitive Foxy or infomEtion statements incorporated by referencein Part III ofthis Form 10-K or any amendment this FoIm l0-K. E to lndicateby checkma* whetherthe registrantis a large accelerated filer, an accelemtd filer, or a non-accelemtd filer. Seedefinition of'hcceleraEn f er andlarge^cceler^ted flei' in Rule l2b-2 ofth Exchange Act. gov/ArchiveVedgar/data./79894 I I 93I 2506053 http://www.sec. 1/000 680/dI 0k.htm 6 / Doc 1 t . u6 Form 10-Ke 2:06-cv-00072-DF-CMC , 2005 3 Cas for yeaxendedDecember I Document 211 Large accelerated filer I Accelerated filer E Filed 06/23/2006 Pa e Page 2 ofg6 2of35 Non-accelerated tr filr Indicateby checkmark whetherthe registrantis a shell company(as defmedin Rule 12b-2ofthe Exchange Act). Yes tr NoE The aggegatemarketvalue ofthe Registranfs commonequiryhld by non.ffrliates computedby reference the price at to which the commonequi5,was last sold asoithe last business ofthe Registrant'smost recentlycompletedscondfiscal day q u a r t ewas$864,788,307. r On March 10,2006, therewere 8,756,?78ouistanding shares the Rgistrant'sClassA CommonStock4\d 1,617 5 of ,61 outstanding shares ofthe Registrart's ClassB CommonStock. Portionsofthe Registant's definitive Prory Steiement in datedMarch 17,2006 are incorporated Part III ofthis report. 6t9/2006 Form 10-Ke 2:06-cv-00072-DF-CMC , 2005 3 Cas for year endedDecember I Document 211 Filed 06/23/2006 l0 Page P a g e of 35 3 of 6 T a b l eotContents Risk Factors An invesftent in Bancshares'commonstockwill involve somelevel ofdsk. As a publicly-tradedsecurity,the valueof our stockmovesup anddown basedon trendsor marketexpectations may affecra broadrangeof equiryinvestnents, that specificindustries,ot individual secudties.Thesmovements may result ftom extenal disclosues aboutvarioustopics,such as economicgrowth, interestrates,emplo),nentor inflation. Movementsh our stockprice may alsoresult ftom our own activities,by our eamingsor by changs strategies in or management. conjrurction In with our investmntin ISB overthe pastnine years,we haveentercdnw markh that arenot adjacnt our existingfoolpdnt. Lossesgenemted ISB as it continuesits d novo gro*th haveadverselyimpactednet to by incom.In addition to the imract on net income,l\e geographicdislersion ofthese marketsrcpresents additionalshareholder risk. In additionto th capitalrequiremnts mandatd regulatoryauthorities,our ability to grow is limitrd by the amount by of capitalwe generate. rcentyears,we havefocusedon eamingsretentionandhaveusednon-equitycapital souces to In supportour growth. We havenot traditionally issuedcapital stockto supportbalancesheetgowth. Capitaladequacy is thereforea significantrisk factor. To the extentthat we aredependent our bankingsubsidiaries'lendinganddepositgatheringfunctionsto genemte on ircome, shareholders alsoexposed oedit risk, interestraterisk and liquidit risk. ar to Properties Throughits subsidiaryfnarcial institutions,asofDecenber 31, 2005,Bancshares operatod branchoffices at 392 locationsin North Carolina,Virginia, WestVirginia, Maryland,Tennessee, Flodda, Georgi4 Texas,Arizona, Califomi4 New Mexico, Coloudo, Oregonand Washington. otherfacilities from Bancshares ownsmany ofthe buildings and leases third paries. During 2005, Bancshares acquireda nine-storybuilding in Raleigh,which will selve asour corporaleheadquarters beginningin rnid-2006.The 163,000 squarefoot building waspwchasedfor $29.3rnillion. Additional infomation rclating to equipmelltandleasecommitnents is setfofth in Note E ofBancshares' consolidated fmancialstatemnts. Femises, M . r k e t for CommonEquity,RelatedStockholder ofEquity Scurities Mattersand lssuerPurchases Bancshares'ClassA andClassB commonstockis tradedin the over-the-countr maxket.ard the ClassA common stockis quotedon the NasdaqNational Market Systemunderthe synbol FCNCA. The ClassB commonstockis quotedon dle OTC Bulletin Boardunderthe symbolFCNCB. As ofDecember31, 2005,therewere 2,348holde$ ofrecord ofthe ClassA commonstock,and436 holden ofrecord of the ClassB commonstock. T1 per sharecashdividendsdclared Bancshares the high andlow salespncesfor eachquarterlyperiod during by and 2005 and2004 aresetforth in Tabl l8 underthe caption 'Per Shareofstock' ofthis repon. A cashdividendof27.5 cents per sharewas declared the Boardof Directon on January23,2006, payableApril3, 2006,to holde$ ofrecord as of by March 20,2006. Payment ofdividnds is nade at the discretionofthe BoardofDirecton and is contingentupon sstisfactory eamingsaswell asprojctedtuture capital neds. BancshareJpincipal sourceolliquidiry for pa),rnent ofsharEholde. dividndsis th dividendit receivesfrom FCB. FCB is subjectto variousrequirements under federalandstatebankinglaws that restrictthe pa)'rnentofdividends andits ability to lend to Bancshares. Subjectto the foregoing,it is currently management's expectation that companble cashdividendswill continueto be paid in the futur During the fouth quarterof2005, Bancsharcs not issue,sell or repurchase ClassA or ClassB commonstock. any did I I 93I 2506053 I /000 680/dI 0k.htm 6/9t2006 Forml0-K e 2:06-cv-00072-DF-CMC Document 211 December 31.2005 Cas for yearended T a b l eofContents SIGNATURES Filed 06/23/2006 Page 4 P a6 eI of3 of g Pursuant the requirements Section13 or l5(d) ofthe Securities to of Exchange of 1934,the Registrtuithasduly Act caused Amual Reportto be signedon its bhalf by the udenigned, thereuntoduly auftorizd. this Dated: March14,2006 FRsr CrrzENsBANcSriAREs, (Registrant) INc. /s/ JAMES HYLER, B JR. ,""t*fl1IIlT',*;"" Pursuant the requircments to ofthe Securities Exchange of 1934,this rcpoft hasbeensignedbelowby the following Act peNons,on behalf ofthe Registrantand in the capacities indicakd on March 14,2006. /V LEM5 R. HorDrNG* Idb R Iloldlng chairman andchief Executiveoflicer (principal executiveoffi cer) ExecutiveVice Chaimair March 14,2006 M a r c h 2006 14, March14,2006 March14,2006 March 14,2006 A/ FMNKB. HoLDrNc* Fnnk B. Eolding /s/ JAMESB. HYTER, JR. B, Hyl.r, Ji Vice Chairman /s/ FRANK B. HoLDTNG, JR.* President Fnrk B, Holdllg, Jr. /s/ KENNETH A. BLACK KennthA, Black /s/ JoFN M. ALEXANDER, JR. * Joh 11 Aldrnder, Ji Vice President, Treasuer, andChief FinancialOfficer Grincipal financial and accounting ofncer) Director March 14,2006 March 14,2006 March14,2006 March 14,2006 March14,2006 March14,2006 M a r c h 2006 14, /s/ CARMEN HorDrNG AMES * qolding An6 Dircctor / s / VrcroRE. B9LL,III * vicrorE.Belr, rlr * /s/ GEoRGE BRoADRTCK H. Garg. H. Bordnck /s/ HUBERTM. CRATG,III * Hlberr iI Crdg, III Director Director Director /s/ H. LEEDrrRrrAM, * JR. Il. Ie Durbrn, Ji A/ LEwrs M. FETTERMAN Director Director file://C:\Documents and Settings\Anthony\My Documents\Texas Cases\DataTreasury ... 612112006 Pat Form ICase 2:06-cv-00072-DF-CMC , 2005 0-K for yearended December I Document 211 3 /V CIIARLES HoLr B.C. Director Filed 06/23/2006 Page 5 P a6 e of3 of g 2 March 2006 14, 69 file://C:\Documents Settings\Anthony\My ard Documents\Texas Cases\DataTreasury ... 6D112006 Pate Form ICase 2:06-cv-00072-DF-CMC , 2005 0-K for year endedDecember 1 Document 211 3 Filed 06/23/2006 Page 6 P a6 e of3 of g 3 T a b l eof Conterts /s/ FREEMAN JoNEs * R, I r e n . n R. Jor6 Director March 14,2006 /s/ Lucrus S. JoNEs * Director March14,2006 Joseph T, Msloney, Ji Director /s/ RoBDRT NEwcoMB* T. Robeit T, Ndonb Director March 14,2006 /s/ LEius T. N('NNELEE,II lsis T, Nu!ftlee, Il t Director March 14,2006 /s/ C. RoNATD SCHEETER* C, Rodrld S.beler Director March 14,2006 /V RALPH K. SHELToN * Rilph IC Sheltor Director l,rarch14,2006 / s / R. C. SoLEs, * JR. R- c. 5016. Ji Director M a r c h 2006 14, /s/ DA\4D L. WAID, JR * DNtd L. Wrrd. J. Diector Ma.rch 14,2006 AlexanderC. MacFadyen, herebysignsthis Armual Reporton Form 10-K on March 14,2006,on behalfof eachof Jr. th indicatedpenons for whom he is attomey-in-factpursuant a Powerof Attomey filed hrewiftto /V ALEXANDER MACFADyEN, G, JR, Alq0der G MrcFrdyd, JL Ac Altomy-ln-F ct 70 fi1e://C:\Documentand SettingstAnthony\My s Documents\Texas Cases\DataTreasury Pate... 6/2112006

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