PA Advisors, LLC v. Google Inc. et al

Filing 275

Minute Entry for proceedings held before Judge David Folsom: Markman Hearing held on 9/17/2009. (Court Reporter Libby Crawford.) (Attachments: #1 Exhibit Cts Preliminary Claim Construction) (mrm, )

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PA Advisors, LLC v. Google Inc. et al Doc. 275 IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE EASTERN DISTRICT OF TEXAS M A RSHA LL DIVISION Judge David Folsom PA ADVISOR )( )( )( )( V. )( CIVIL NO. 2:07CV480 )( GOOGLE INC. )( ________________________________________________________________________ ATTORNEY FOR PLAINTIFFS: Andrew Spangler; David Pridham; Marc Fenster; Patrick Anderson; John Bustamante; Ari Rafilson; Brian Cannon; David Beck; Charles Verhoeven; John Bufe; Jason White David Keyzer and John Lahad Mel Martin ATTORNEY FOR DEFENDANTS: LAW CLERK: COURTROOM DEPUTY: COURT REPORTER: Libby Crawford _________________________________________________________________________ CLAIM CONSTRUCTION HEARING September 17, 2009 @ 9:00 a.m. OPEN: 8:58 ADJOURN: 11:36 _________________________________________________________________________ 8:58 ct opens; ct/ preliminary claim construction on 6 of the 10 terms; 8:59 9:19 9:19 9:20 9:20 recess; ct resumes; Fesnter/ agreement both sides on 1, 3, and 6; plf does agree to 2 and 4 as well; ct/ what about 5 any room for agreement Verhoeven/ agree with all except 2 and 4; 9:21 ct/ that should save us some additional time; prefer claim term or related term; response and then reply; is that how ptys anticipate going forward; Fenster/ yes ct/ don't need a lot of time on general claim construction principals; Fenster/ 2 mins background of patent and inventor; ct/ makes preliminary claim construction a part of the record as cts exh 1; 9:30 "linguistic pattern" first term; Verhoeven/ response; 9:22 9:22 9:22 9:25 9:40 10:04 ct/ did you touch on term repeating 10:04 Verhoeven/ yes; 10:05 Fenster/ reply; first with respect to repeating; 10:13 Fenster/ next term is "segment" we agreed to cts preliminary construction; 10:14 Verhoeven/ responds; 10:17 Fenster/ reply; 10:21 Verhoeven/ reply; 10:27 Fenster/ sur-reply; 10:28 three profile terms; "search request profile" ; proposed compromise 10:30 Verhoeven/ responds; 10:30 ct/ so we still have a disagreement; 10:31 Fenster/ difference between collection and file; 10:33 Verhoeven/ response; 10:34 Fenster/ next term "user profile and user data profile" 10:35 Verhoeven/ leaves out important aspect of proposed construction; 10:36 ct/ you think we need language about frequency; 10:36 Fenster/ claims don't require it; 10:47 Verhoeven/ response; 10:49 ct/ suggested compromise 10:50 Verhoeven/ responds; 10:59 Fenster/ reply; 11:03 recess 11:18 Fenster/ "data item profile" 11:21 Verhoeven/ response; 11:23 Fenster/ "psychological profile" on cts preliminary construction which plfs agree; 11:24 ct/ let's hear from dfts 11:24 Verhoeven/ psychological profile; 11:26 ct/ can plf live with initial construction; 11:26 Fenster/ initial construction was offered before I joined the team; 11:28 Verhoeven/ reply; 11:29 ct/ new compromise 11:29 Fenster/ responds; last term "text item" 11:32 Canon/ responds; 11:33 Fenster/ reply; 11:35 Canon/ sur-reply; 11:35 ct/ what else 11:35 Fenster/ that is it; 11:35 ct/ will try to have order out in advance of me leaving for Marshall docket; is this case set for March 2010; 11:36 Fenster/ yes; 11:36 adjourned

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