GeoTag Inc v. Frontier Communications Corp et al

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COMPLAINT against Center'd Corporation, CityGrid Media, LLC, Dex One Corporation, Frontier Communications Corporation, Go2 Media, Inc., Hellometro Incorporated, IDC Networks, Inc., Intelius, Inc., Corporation, Magicyellow, Inc., Solfo, Inc., Windstream Communications, Inc., Yellow Book USA, Inc., Yelp!, Inc. ( Filing fee $ 350 receipt number 0540-2587197.), filed by GeoTag Inc.. (Attachments: #1 Exhibit A, #2 Civil Cover Sheet)(Suder, Jonathan)

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GeoTag Inc v. Frontier Communications Corp et al Doc. 1 Att. 1 EXHIBIT "A" 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 US005930474A United States Patent D u n w o r t h et al. [54] [19] [11] [45] P a t e n t Number: Date of Patent: 5,930,474 Jui. 27, 1999 INTERNET ORGANIZER FOR ACCESSING G E O G R A P H I C A L L Y AND T O P I C A L L Y BASED INFORMATION Inventors: P e t e r D. D u n w o r t h , Huntington Beach; J o h n W. V e e n s t r a ; J o a n N a g e l k i r k , both of Balboa Island, all of Calif. Assignee: Z L a n d L L C , Santa Ana, Calif. Appl. No.: 08/595,026 Filed: 6 [75] Noglows, et aI., " C o m i n g Soon to a Town Near You: The LocaINet", Hambrecht & Quist LLC Institutional Research, vol. 1, Issue 1, Nov. 1996. Weintraut, et aI., "The Internet: Webbing The Information Economy", Hambrecht & Quist LLC Institutional Research, Sep. 22, 1995. Screenshot of Home page for online yellow pages located at Internet address: WWW.bigbook.COM (6 pages), Jan. 1996. [73] [21] [22] [51] [52] [58] [56] J a n . 31, 1996 G 0 6 F 17/30 395/200.47; 707/10 395/200.47, 200.48, 395/200.49; 707/4, 10, 103, 501 Primary E x a m i n e r - Z a r n i Maung A s s i s t a n t Examiner~atrice L. Winder Attorney, Agent, or F i r m - K n o b b e , Martens, Olson & Bear LLP [57] ABSTRACT I n t . CI. U.S. CI. F i e l d of S e a r c h References Cited PUBLICATIONS author unknown, Yahoo! Company History, p. 1, Dec. 1994. Mark Brown et aI., Special Edition Using Netscape 2, pp. 1 8 2 - 2 0 7 , Jan. 1995. Yahoo Regional category, directory pages, pp. 1 - 3 , Dec. 1994. Newsbytes, Open Text Teams with Yahoo!, Newsbytes Inc., (Full text), Sep. 1995. Dennis S. Arnon et aI., Using Structured Documents for Implementing Product/Service Yellow Pages Architecture on the Internet, pp. 3 1 2 - 3 2 1 , Dec. 1994. Internet release announcing new "Get Local" service, http:// Aug. 26, 1996. A software interface organizes information predicated upon the geographical area of the resources about which the information is desired. A user is presented with a "viewpoint" map which may comprise, for example, an actual visually displayed map of a selected geographical area, or text information which pertains to the resources associated with the selected geographical area. A geography database, a local content database and a yellow pages database are provided to allow the user to obtain information at different levels. The geography database allows the user to browse through different geographic areas of which are ordered hierarchically, while the local content database includes information about general goods and services available within a given geographic location and the yellow pages database includes information about specific goods and services in the geographic location. Thus, the user is provided with a means whereby information which is associated with particular geographic locations can be readily accessed. 39 C l a i m s , 22 D r a w i n g S h e e t s REFRENCE MAP WORLD HAS CONTINENT USER SELECTED ANOTHER GEOGRAPHIC YES GEOGRAPHY DATABASE COUNTRY REGION -» NO -2/5 HAS S" p" r. REGION CITYPOINT OF INTEREST NO USER SELECTED A LOCAL CONTENT TOPIC REFERENCE , LOCAL CONTENT TOPIC, SUBTOPIC BUSINESS SERVICES GOVERMENT ENTERTAINMENT NEWS INDEX NO HAS -: USER SELECTED A TOPIC FOR WHICH THERE IS NO FURTHER S U B - TOPIC ? YES 130 127 125 120 STAND ALONE PC 100 100 · 'JJ. · d ~ MODEM LINK ··· ..... ..... ~ -e = = N ··· PORT SERVER ROUTING HUB 105~1105 112 ROUTING HUB 105 100 ~ ROUTING HUB 105 I 110 I / I I ETHERNET I I :~-..J 100 ··· ROUTING HUB ROUTING HUB 100 ;-133 I I I I I ' "'" '"0 '0 '0 I TOKEN LAN RING SERVER ....... I I : I I I L NEWS E-MAIL WEB ORGANIZER· · · : SERVER I 114 'JJ. .... N N ~ ~ =- lIB lIS I I ~ e".'", .'".. 142 ~!40 LAN 141 PC I PC ~/OB FIG 1 ..U l .. .... PC ......::I = ~ ~ ~ · 'JJ. · d /200 PRESENT USER WITH LIST OF

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