Rockstar Consortium US LP et al v. Google Inc

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EXHIBIT 37 Structure Data 2014 - Special holiday offer – register by 12/31 for $200 off. Use code HOHOHO!    1 TAGS: apple / microsoft / patents Microsoft and Apple group use ancient Nortel patents to sue Time Warner Cable, Cisco by Jeff John Roberts DE C. 13 , 20 1 3 - 9 :2 0 A M PST S U M M A R Y : Google rivals formed a group called Rockstar in 2011 to buy old patents from bankrupt Nortel. The group started by suing Android phone makers, but it now looks like it plans to sue everyone else too. photo: DM7 Where do tech companies go when they die? In the case of Nortel, the late Canadian telco has found an afterlife as part of a patent trolling operation that struck Android [] phone makers in October, and is now targeting network and cable operators in lawsuits this week in Texas and Delaware. Nortel’s second act as the walking dead is taking place thanks to “Rockstar Consortium,” a group formed by Microsoft, Apple and other Google rivals, which bought bankrupt Nortel’s patent portfolio in 2011 for $4.5 billion [ mull-option/]. “Nortel was the source of many of the most important innovations in history in the field of telecommunications and networking,” says a new Rockstar lawsuit (embedded below) that accuses Time Warner Cable of violating six patents, including US Patent 6128649 [], which was issued in the year 2000 and describes a method to show multiple screens in a video conference. The complaint doesn’t say how exactly Time Warner Cable is infringing the old Nortel patents, but only notes that “TWC operates, sells and offers to sell video, high- speed data and voice services over its broadband cable systems throughout the United States.” Rockstar, which is suing through a subsidiary called Constellation, also complains that the cable company walked away from its licensing demands in 2012. And in a second lawsuit, filed in Delaware, Rockstar — using the corporate name “Bockstar” — makes a series of broad-based allegations against Cisco that claim the company is violating six other old Nortel patents, including this one [ dq=5732080&hl=en&sa=X&ei=cjSrUvSyNouusASqsIDgCg&ved=0CDcQ6AEwAA]from 1998, related to routers and switches. All of this is will do nothing to help innovation, though it certainly will lead to higher cable bills as Time Warner will have to spend millions on lawyers to fight the suit or else pay expensive license fees for old patents from a dead company; either way, the costs will be passed on to customers. As Joe Mullin of Ars Technica noted []when Rockstar sued the phone companies, “it’s patent trolling gone corporate.” And there’s no indication of where this will stop. Apple and Microsoft are sitting on thousands of patents that date from an era when the Patent Office would grant a patent on nearly anything (including one for a little boy’s method of swinging on a swing []), and it looks like they’re going to use them to sue every industry they can think of. While Congress is taking aim at patent trolling with a proposed law called the Innovation Act [], Microsoft has already succeeded in stripping out [] a part of the law that would have made it easier to challenge bad patents. This means the best hope for a return to patent sanity may lie with the Supreme Court, which last week agreed to consider [] what type of software patents should be granted in the first place. Meanwhile, in Canada, Nortel’s hometown has been transformed from a one-time innovation hotbed into a tech necropolis where, as the CBC reported [], once-proud engineers are paid to pick apart other people’s inventions in search of new patent violations that they can pass on their American masters. Rockstar v TWC [] !"#$ &'()*+,*-(-./*012 34+56$78 ( 9:;$< IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE EASTERN DISTRICT OF TEXAS MARSHALL DIVISION SHOW ME MORE LIKE ROCKSTAR V TWC SIMILAR TO ROCKSTAR V TWC BACK TO DOC More from jeff_roberts881 Previous | Next Featured on Scribd Klayman NSA Decision Previous | Next jeff_roberts881 Slaughterhouse-Five Aereo Cert Petition Response Brief Final (Filed 12-12-13) RosettaBooks jeff_roberts881 The Alchemist - 10th Anniversary Edition Beastie Boys Response to GoldieBlox HarperCollins jeff_roberts881 The Art of Racing YouGotPosted Arrest Warrant forin the Rain HarperCollins jeff_roberts881 Sh*t My Dad Says Rakoff Dismisses Amazon HarperCollins jeff_roberts881 The Fair Tax Book AOL Dismissal HarperCollins jeff_roberts881 State of Fear Google Privacy Policy Ruling HarperCollins jeff_roberts881 Gaudy Night Casey v 23andMe Open Road Media jeff_roberts881 Men Et from Fisa Court NYTAreAl Re Mars, Women Are from Venus: Practical Guide for Improving Communication Image by Vietrov Dmytro [] via Shutterstock Related research SUB SCRIB ER CO NTENT ? How consumer media consumption shifted in the second quarter July 2013 Connected consumer first-quarter 2013: Analysis and outlook April 2013 How the mega data center is changing the hardware and data center markets March 2013 by Jeff John Roberts DEC. 13, 2013 - 9:20 AM PST  Follow @jeffjohnroberts or @gigaom for more stories like this.  3 Comments Guest Friday, December 13 2013 Why do you assume that money is the only goal in suing Time Warner? Maybe Apple and Microsoft want to open the cable company up to services that both Apple and Microsoft would like to provide and that Time Warner want to keep locked down. Remember paying for “ringtones”? the cell companies only broke down after Apple pressured them, this could be similar. Maybe Apple TV and Xbox will gain access to replace awful cable boxes. Name Friday, December 13 2013 As with the beastie boys brouhaha, the life of electronics/ software patents is way too long. 5 maybe 10 years tops then it’s open source. Drugs get 20 years because the approval process takes a while. There’s no reason a patent should extend beyond the industry standard product lifetime of a last time buy. Nico Friday, December 13 2013 So Microsoft and Apple has successfuly changed their business model into patent trolling, I suppose that is one way of staying into business. The courts should calculate the value of the patents though. Since it was not valuable or strong enough to keep Nortell into business, the value of those patents are actually zero. And that is what other companies should pay to use those patents, zero. That would send out the strongest message yet to patent trolls. APPLE CLEANTECH CLOUD DATA EDITORIAL TEAM  EUROPE M EDIA M OB ILE M EDIA KIT POWERED BY WORDPRESS.COM V IP BL O G Privacy Policy Terms of Service R ES EA R C H About EV EN TS Editorial Team 2013 Gigaom, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Media Kit Contact

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