Mirror Worlds, LLC v. Apple, Inc.

Filing 372

8.26.10 Minute Entry (PRETRIAL): for proceedings held before Judge Leonard Davis: Final Pretrial Conference held on 8/26/2010. (Court Reporter Shea Sloan.) (Attachments: # 1 Attorney Sign-In Sheets) (rlf, )

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Mirror Worlds, LLC v. Apple, Inc. Doc. 372 IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE EASTERN DISTRICT OF TEXAS TYLER DIVISION DATE: August 26, 2010 JUDGE LEONARD DAVIS LAW CLERKS: Kori Anne Bagrowski REPORTER: Shea Sloan MIRROR WORLDS, LLC CIVIL ACTION NO: 6:08-CV-88 V PRETRIAL CONFERENCE APPLE, INC. ATTORNEYS FOR PLAINTIFFS ATTORNEY FOR DEFENDANT SEE SIGN-IN SHEETS On this day, came the parties by their attorneys and the following proceedings were had: OPEN: 9:00 am TIME: 9:00 am MINUTES: Case called. Parties announced ready. (SEE SIGN-IN SHEETS) Opening statement by Otis Carroll. The Court addresses counterclaim. Ken Stein addresses the court. Jeff Randall addresses the court on behalf of Apple. Allan Soobert addresses the Daubert motion (dkt no 220). Response by Ken Stein re claim construction testimony. The court asks for clarification re: diary term. Allan Soobert responds to the Court. The court responds. Response re bounded or unbounded by Ken Stein. Jeff Randall addresses the court. Otis Carroll addresses the court. Jeff Randall addresses the claim theory of bounded or unbounded. Court moves to timestamp. Allan Soobert addresses the issue. Ken Stein responds. Otis Carroll addresses the court. Mr Soobert responds. ADJOURN: 11:45 am DAVID J. MALAND, CLERK FILED: 8.26.2010 B Y : Rosa L. Ferguson, Courtroom Deputy Dockets.Justia.com PAGE 2 - Proceedings Continued TIME: MINUTES: The court addresses timestamp. Jeff Randall responds. Mr Soobert addresses Dr. Levy's report regarding indirect infringement. Ken Stein responds. The court asks about claims in Daubert briefing. Mr. Soobert responds. Ken Stein responds. Jeff Randall responds asking that the infringement issues in the summary judgment motion be ruled on. Mr Stein wishes to pull back the claims. The court wants the parties to get together and determine what they are going forward on . A stipulation will be filed by 5:00 on Monday, 8/30/2010. Jeff Randall addresses the court. Mr Randall lists the claims involved. The parties are supposed to file by noon on Monday all claims that do not require a stream. The court asks for argument re claims re sealed motion 236. Christian Platt addresses the motion. The portion of the transcript dealing with this motion is Sealed. Ian Dibernardo addresses the court. The court asks for other summary judgment argument. Jeff Randall addresses motion 225. 11:08 am Response by Ken Stein. Jeff Randall addresses claims of 227. Court asks pltf if they agree with deft's claim about their identification of documents. Jeff Randall addresses claims re 427, 768 and 999. Ken Stein responds. Jeff Randall responds. Ian Dibernardo responds. Jeff Randall addresses the 427, 313 and 999 claims.. Ken Stein responds. Jeff Randall addresses motion 226. Ken Stein responds. Court will take up any motions in limine that have to be ruled on the morning of trial. Jeff Randall addresses the court. 11:45 am Court in recess.

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