Albritton v. Cisco Systems, Inc. et al

Filing 296

RESPONSE to Motion re 285 Opposed MOTION to Quash Trial Subpoena of Michael Smith filed by Cisco Systems, Inc.. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A, # 2 Exhibit B)(Babcock, Charles)

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SIEB AN, REYNOLDS, BURG , PHILLIPS IL tieristered limited Liability Partnership ATTORNLYS ^%T I:A", & SMITH Federal Courthouse Square 301) North Tr tx is. Street Stcernian.1 ex t -, 5111)0 (-)O3) 8-0-00-'o -1r1cphune (:C77) ED 'I`LXAS (338-392-) (90j) 870-0066 facsimile 1-iChI1139 u 00111caec.ccun Plano Orrice 4949 Ilcdgctjxe Rd- Suite 230 I'lano . Texa 74124 I.uWn Office 120 Sauth 2" Streit 1_uMin. `texas 759112 I __j Board Certified Civil `trial I,a%v I exss Board of I-rwal Special izati(tn BRYAN It. RURG )MCII At-l_ C. SNIITII SUSAN' ti. FISIIE:R 1-1 l-%%% RENCE i%. (LARRY) PHIL1,114S CAROL A. WILSON Of Counsel :1lsn Practicin); Individualk 71 3 s. 1'4`ashin- tccn ;exc. 1'1 1 x51: RrVINTOSHE:RMA Ntarsttall. Texas Marshall Office =;6" O September 4. 2009 SENT VIA E-MAIL TO AI l._, COUNSE L 01 REC. O R I) Re: Albritton v. Dear Counsel: C isco SN'sterns. Inc. et al.. Motion t o Quash, No. 6 :08-cv-00089-RAS tria l con flicts as relates I -anted to update VOU regarding a change in Michael Smith's the motion to quash trial subpoena xv filed ill he above referenced case. We have Iealned that Mr. Smith's trial setting that wa s set to be(yi n on September 21 , 20 09 in the 71 `t .11.1d icial District i larrison Counter. Texas. along with the jury selec tion in that matter that ,N,,a s set f()r September 16. 200 9 have been continued. I' do not believe this change impacts the merits of out- motion to quash begin at 9 :00 a.m. on September 14. 2009 at the as %/fr. Smith's other trial conflict remains set United States District Court in \Marshall. Texas, Please !'eel free to share this inf*onnation wit h the in response to our motion desire. I will be quash. Should C'otlrt in any pleading Nou ma N . contact notify the Court di rectiv of this minor chant e cif' cirCUmstances. Please feel free -lad m e wit h anti- questions you niaN- have. t it to of to to , to volt to Sincerel\,, Sl1'MMt1N. RI YNOLDS. BURGi P1I14.I"IPS & SHIT"II. I..I^.l'. Lilr y A. Phillips DEFENDANT'S EXH1131T

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