Bedrock Computer Technologies, LLC v. Softlayer Technologies, Inc. et al

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Joint MOTION For Entry Of Stipulation Of The Parties by AOL Inc, Inc., Bedrock Computer Technologies, LLC, Google Inc., Match.Com LLC, MySpace Inc., Softlayer Technologies, Inc., Yahoo! Inc.. (Attachments: #1 Text of Proposed Order)(Doan, Jennifer)

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Bedrock Computer Technologies, LLC v. Softlayer Technologies, Inc. et al Doc. 636 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT EASTERN DISTRICT OF TEXAS TYLER DIVISION BEDROCK COMPUTER TECHNOLOGIES LLC, Plaintiff, v. SOFTLAYER TECHNOLOGIES, INC., CITIWARE TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS, LLC, GOOGLE INC., YAHOO! INC., MYSPACE INC., AMAZON.COM INC., PAYPAL INC., MATCH.COM, INC., AOL LLC, AND CME GROUP INC., Defendants. CASE NO. 6:09-cv-269-LED Jury Trial Demanded JOINT MOTION FOR ENTRY OF STIPULATION OF THE PARTIES Plaintiff, Bedrock Computer Technologies LLC, and Defendants SoftLayer Technologies, Inc., Google Inc., Yahoo! Inc., MySpace, Inc., Inc.,, Inc. and AOL Inc. (collectively the "Parties"), file this Joint Motion For Entry of Stipulation of the Parties and state that the Parties have entered into the following stipulation: (1) The Parties agree to address the question of invalidity of the '120 patent under a presumption of validity and under the preponderance of evidence standard. The Parties agree not to mention the clear and convincing evidence standard regarding invalidity. The Parties agree not to mention that the presumption of validity does not apply. The Parties agree not to mention to the jury that the law on invalidity has changed over time. (2) The Parties agree that no Party may use this Stipulation at trial or admit this Stipulation into evidence. JOINT MOTION FOR ENTRY OF STIPULATION OF THE PARTIES Page 1 The Parties respectfully request that the Court grant the Joint Motion and enter this stipulation as an Order of the Court. Dated: March 22, 2011. Respectfully submitted, _/s/ Douglas A. Cawley ________ Douglas A. Cawley, Lead Attorney Texas Bar No. 04035500 Theodore Stevenson, III Texas Bar No. 19196650 Rosemary T. Snider Texas Bar No. 18796500 Scott W. Hejny Texas State Bar No. 24038952 Jason D. Cassady Texas Bar No. 24045625 J. Austin Curry Texas Bar No. 24059636 Phillip M. Aurentz Texas State Bar No. 24059404 McKOOL SMITH, P.C. 300 Crescent Court, Suite 1500 Dallas, Texas 75201 Telephone: 214-978-4000 Facsimile: 214-978-4044 Sam F. Baxter Texas Bar No. 01938000 McKOOL SMITH, P.C. 104 E. Houston Street, Suite 300 P.O. Box 0 Marshall, Texas 75670 Telephone: (903) 923-9000 Facsimile: (903) 923-9099 JOINT MOTION FOR ENTRY OF STIPULATION OF THE PARTIES Page 2 Robert M. Parker Texas Bar No. 15498000 Robert Christopher Bunt Texas Bar No. 00787165 PARKER, BUNT & AINSWORTH, P.C. 100 E. Ferguson, Suite 1114 Tyler, Texas 75702 Telephone: 903-531-3535 Facsimile: 903-533-9687 E-mail: E-mail: ATTORNEYS FOR PLAINTIFF BEDROCK COMPUTER TECHNOLOGIES LLC /s/ Claude M. Stern______________ Claude M. Stern Evette D. Pennypacker Todd M. Briggs QUINN EMANUEL URQUHART & SULLIVAN, LLP 555 Twin Dolphin Dr., 5th Floor Redwood Shores, CA 94065 Telephone: 650-801-5000 Facsimile: 650-801-5100 Michael E. Jones Texas State Bar No. 10929400 POTTER MINTON, PC 110 N. College Tyler, Texas 75702 Telephone: (903) 597-8311 Facsimile: (903) 593-0846 ATTORNEYS FOR DEFENDANT GOOGLE INC. AND MATCH.COM, INC. JOINT MOTION FOR ENTRY OF STIPULATION OF THE PARTIES Page 3 /s/ William H. Boice William H. Boice Russell A. Korn KILPATRICK TOWNSEND & STOCKTON LLP Suite 2800 1100 Peachtree Street Atlanta, GA 30309-4530 Telephone: 404-815-6500 Fax: 404-815-6555 Steven Gardner E. Danielle T. Williams John C. Alemanni KILPATRICK TOWNSEND & STOCKTON LLP 1001 West 4th Street Winston-Salem, NC 27101 Telephone: 336-607-7300 Fax: 336-607-7500 J. Thad Heartfield Texas Bar No. 09346800 M. Dru Montgomery Texas Bar No. 24010800 THE HEARTFIELD LAW FIRM 2195 Dowlen Road Beaumont, TX 77706 Telephone: 409-866-2800 Fax: 409-866-5789 ATTORNEYS FOR DEFENDANT SOFTLAYER TECHNOLOGIES, INC. AND AMAZON.COM, INC. JOINT MOTION FOR ENTRY OF STIPULATION OF THE PARTIES Page 4 /s/ Frank G. Smith Frank G. Smith ALSTON & BIRD LLP One Atlantic Center 1201 West Peachtree Street Atlanta, GA 30309 Telephone: (404) 881-7240 Facsimile: (404) 256-8184 Alan L. Whitehurstalan. Marissa R. Ducca ALSTON & BIRD LLP The Atlantic Building 950 F Street, N.W. Washington, DC 20004 Telephone: (202) 756-3300 Facsimile: (202) 756-3333 Louis A. Karasik (pro hac vice) Rachel M. Capoccia ALSTON & BIRD LLP 333 South Hope Street, 16th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90071 Telephone: (213) 576-1148 Facsimile: (213) 576-1100 Deron R. Dacus Texas Bar No. 00790553 RAMEY & FLOCK, P.C. 100 East Ferguson, Suite 500 Tyler, TX 75702 Telephone: (903) 597-3301 Facsimile: (903) 597-2413 ATTORNEYS FOR DEFENDANT MYSPACE INC. AND AOL INC. JOINT MOTION FOR ENTRY OF STIPULATION OF THE PARTIES Page 5 /s/ Fay E. Morisseau Fay E. Morisseau (Texas Bar No. 14460750) MCDERMOTT WILL & EMERY LLP 1000 Louisiana, Suite 1300 Houston, TX 77002 Tel: 713.653.1700 Fax: 713.739.7592 Yar R. Chaikovsky John A. Lee MCDERMOTT WILL & EMERY LLP 275 Middlefield Road, Suite 100 Menlo Park, CA 94025 Tel: 650.815.7400 Fax: 650.815.7401 E-mail: E-mail: Christopher D. Bright MCDERMOTT WILL & EMERY LLP 18191 Von Karman Ave, Ste. 500 Irvine, California 92612 Tel: 949.757.7178 Fax: 949.851.9348 E-mail: Natalie Bennett MCDERMOTT WILL & EMERY LLP 227 West Monroe Street Chicago, IL 60606 Telephone: 312-984-7631 Facsimile: 312-984-7700 Jennifer H. Doan HALTOM & DOAN 6500 Summerhill Road, Suite 100 Texarkana, TX 75503 Telephone: 903-255-1000 Facsimile: 903-255-0800 E-mail: ATTORNEYS FOR DEFENDANT YAHOO! INC. JOINT MOTION FOR ENTRY OF STIPULATION OF THE PARTIES Page 6 CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE The undersigned certifies that the foregoing document was filed electronically in compliance with Local Rule CV-5(a). All other counsel of record not deemed to have consented to electronic service were served with a true and correct copy of the foregoing by certified mail, return receipt requested, on this the 22nd day of March, 2011. /s/ Jennifer H. Doan Jennifer H. Doan JOINT MOTION FOR ENTRY OF STIPULATION OF THE PARTIES Page 7

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