Bedrock Computer Technologies, LLC v. Softlayer Technologies, Inc. et al

Filing 744

4.15.11 Minute Entry - JURY TRIAL - DAY 5 (BEDROCK V GOOGLE): for proceedings held before Judge Leonard Davis: Jury Trial completed on 4/15/2011. (Court Reporter Shea Sloan & Judy Werlinger.) (Attachments: #1 Attorney Sign-In Sheets) (rlf, )

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IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE EASTERN DISTRICT OF TEXAS TYLER DIVISION DATE: April 15, 2011 REPORTER: Shea Sloan JUDGE LEONARD DAVIS LAW CLERKS: Nicole Mitchell & Anna Phillips BEDROCK TECHNOLOGIES, LLC V CIVIL ACTION NO: 6:09-CV-269 GOOGLE, INC. JURY TRIAL - DAY 5 ATTORNEYS FOR PLAINTIFFS ATTORNEY FOR DEFENDANT SEE SIGN-IN SHEETS On this day, came the parties by their attorneys and the following proceedings were had: OPEN: 8:55 am ADJOURN: 2:05 pm TIME: MINUTES: 8:55 am. Trial resumed. Jury not present in the courtroom. Court inquired if the parties had any matters to be brought up before the Jury came in. Mr. Cawley responded he did not. Mr. Stern asked that the courtroom be sealed close to the end of his argument. Court asked for the Jury to be brought in. Jury entered and seated in the courtroom. Court read the charge / instructions to the Jury. 10:55 am Court in recess for 15 minutes. 10:15 am Trial resumed. Jury seated in the courtroom. Mr. Cawley presented closing argument to the Jury on behalf of the Plaintiff, Bedrock. 10:50 am Mr. Stern presented closing argument to the Jury on behalf of the Defendant, Google. 11:40 am Court addressed the Jury and gave them some final instructions. Court excused the Jury to commence deliberations. Court addressed the parties regarding the exhibits being ready to be tendered to the Jury. DAVID J. MALAND, CLERK FILED: 4.15.2011 BY: Rosa L. Ferguson, Courtroom Deputy PAGE 2 - Proceedings Continued TIME: MINUTES: Mr. Cassady moved to withdraw PX 124, 125, 126, 127, 201, 202, 222, 223 as these are not exhibits, and without objection, these exhibits withdrawn. Clerk addressed the Court on Plaintiff’s Exhibit 128. Mr. Cassady responded and will get a copy to Clerk. Court complemented both sides on a well tried case. 11:45 pm Court in recess awaiting Jury Verdict. 1:55 pm Jury advised Court Security Officer that they had reached Verdict. Trial resumed. Jury not present in the courtroom. Court addressed the parties and advised that the Jury has reached verdict. Court inquired if they had anything before he brings the jury in. Jury entered and seated in the courtroom. Court addressed Jury and inquired if they have reached a verdict. Jury foreperson responded. Verdict form tendered to the Court. Court asked Clerk to read the verdict. Verdict read. Court inquired if any side wished to poll the jury. None requested. 2:00 pm Court thanked the jury for their service and excused them to the jury room where someone would be there to excuse them. Court addressed the parties regarding a briefing schedule. Court asked parties to get together and bring a resolution to this case. 2:05 pm There being nothing further, Court adjourned.

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