Bedrock Computer Technologies, LLC v. Softlayer Technologies, Inc. et al

Filing 93

Minute Entry -- 10.5.09 Status Conference for proceedings held before Judge Leonard Davis and Judge John Love: Status Conference held on 10/5/2009. (Court Reporter Shea Sloan.) (Attachments: #1 Attorney Sign-In Sheet) (rlf, )

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B e d r o c k Computer Technologies, LLC v. Softlayer Technologies, Inc. et al D o c . 93 OCTOBER 5, 2009 STATUS CONFERENCE 1:30 pm Judge Davis called each case and parties announced ready for proceedings. (See attached Sign-in Sheet for Attorney Appearances). Court re-called each case and parties announced whether they consented to Magistrate Judge John Love. Court in recess. Hearing resumed. Judge Love gave parties their prospective Markman Hearing Dates and Jury Selection Dates as indicated below. Mr. Davis addressed the Court in Case No. 609cv116, Eon v Sensus, and requested that the Markman hearing be set at the same time as the related case. Mr. Dacus responded and will have to get with his client. Mr. Bunt responded and will need time to confer with his client. Court asked that if the parties agreed to the date to file a notice with the Court. Case # C a s e Name LED M a r km a n JDL M a r km a n LED Trial JDL Trial 6:09cv113 609cv116 609cv168 609cv260 609cv261 609cv269 609cv272 609cv289 609cv351 Whipstock v Schlumberger Eon Corp v Sensus Davis-Lynch v Hilcorp Cheetah Omni v Verizon Internet Coupon v Bedrock Computer v Softlayer Saxon v Palm Southwire v Encore Balsam Coffee v Folgers 10.14.2010 09.09.2010 09.30.2010 10.07.2010 06.03.2010 06.10.2010 06.7.2010 03.07.2011 03.07.2011 03.07.2011 03.07.2011 04.04.2011 04.04.2011 08.26.2010 04.04.2011 04.04.2011 09.02.2010 04.04.2011 2 :1 5 PM There being nothing further, Court adjourned.

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