Eolas Technologies Incorporated v. Adobe Systems Incorporated et al

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Staples, Inc.'s Third Amended Answer, Defenses and Counterclaims ANSWER to 891 Amended Complaint,, COUNTERCLAIM against All Plaintiffs by Staples, Inc.. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit Third Amended Answer (pages 16-17), # 2 Exhibit Third Amended Answer (pages 18 - 27), # 3 Exhibit Third Amended Answer (pages 28 - 33), # 4 Exhibit Third Amended Answer (pages 34 - 48), # 5 Exhibit Third Amended Answer (pages 49 - 69))(Richardson, Michael)

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intelligence of the scripts in the application. Given more work, this chess board application can front-end a chess server, connected to it using the socket facility in viola. Chess Board This is a demo a viola "application" (the chess board) being reùieved uia HTTP, instantiated, and plugged into this HTML document, -üEnE E m 'Etrtr trgEtr ,IflTtrEI 'llll ,rtrr 'I EEIffiI 'EIEETgEEE 'H @ËtMelm ahcdefgh What follows is a screendump of a demo of an embedded viola application that lets readers of this HTML page communicate by typing or drawing. Like the chess board application above, this chat application can stand-alone (and have nothing to do with the World Wide Web), or be embedded into a HTML document. By the way, to make this possible, a multi-threaded/persistent server was written to act as a message relay (and to handle HTTP as well). t6 I.JHO Bighþ':This is me, Fighry,, broaclcasting rnyselT, f,'o you copyl) Leþ: Yeah, I copy. Leþ': Tlrat's niy boat up there.,.. tlAhlE=Fighry S¡rY This i:-i me, Fighþ', broadcasting mysell, lio you copy? This next mini application front-ends a graphing process (on the same machine as the viola process). An important thing to note is that, like all the other document-embeddable mini applications shown, no special modification to the viola engine is required for ViolaWWW to support them. All the bindings are done via the viola language, provided that the necessary primitives are available in the interpreter, ofcourse. Put it another way, because of the scripting capability, the ViolaWWW browser has become very flexible, and can take on many new features dynamically. C-code patches and recompilation of the browser can frequently be avoided. This attribute can be very important for several reasons. It keeps the size of the core software small, yet can grow dynamically as less frequently used features are occasionally used, or as new accessories/components are added. I7

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