Eolas Technologies Incorporated v. Adobe Systems Incorporated et al

Filing 712

MOTION to Compel DISCOVERY FROM ADOBE SYSTEMS, INC. REGARDING INVESTMENT/LICENSING AGREEMENTS WITH INTELLECTUAL VENTURES' ENTITIES by Eolas Technologies Incorporated. (Attachments: # 1 Declaration of Rosemary Snider, # 2 Exhibit A, # 3 Exhibit B, # 4 Exhibit C, # 5 Exhibit D, # 6 Exhibit E, # 7 Exhibit F, # 8 Exhibit G, # 9 Exhibit H, # 10 Exhibit I, # 11 Exhibit J, # 12 Exhibit K, # 13 Exhibit L, # 14 Text of Proposed Order)(McKool, Mike)

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EXHIBIT D http://www . intellectual ventures. comlProductsServ icesiLicensing.aspx Licensing INTELLECTUALVENTURES Home Who WeAre Our Inventions Products & 5etvices Inventors News Contact Us Client login LICENSING Bridging the Invention Gap PRODUCTS & SERVICES liCENSING Become a Customer Today's high-tech products ctm (ontain hundreds or thous,mos. of patented IV Customers: invimticns resultlng jn Invention Gap'" exposure for technology companies. The invention Gi.lp-t~e difference between t~ inventIon rights companies own and VAL:JEADDE:.l J'lfWDUCn the intellectua! property (Ipj ilSsetS they use~represents a strategic risk and CONT AC LICENSING potentially substantial financla! liability. According to PricewaterhouseCOOp€f5 lLP, over the past 15 years, Ihc annuaf median damages av.t;)!d for patent Current licensef'$ include many of the world's most successful Fortune SOO companies from the software, consumer electrOnics, litigation in the U.s. hilS ranged from $2AM to $1O.5M-with sIngle initial financial services, mobile ludgments as high as $1,86. Together with our customers, Intellectual Ven!:Jres (lv<t) j,~ Bridging the Invention GapTI" by $lgt\ifical'tly reducing their liabilities ana providing access to valuable invention right!;, phone. <lnu eCommerce indust"ies, including HTC, Sam sung. and SAP. Since our inception, we have joined with many of the world's top innovative IV Invention Portfolio: tec':nology companies to actively minimize the liabifty resulting from their InventIOn Gap exposure, Intellectual Ventures offers licenses to our extensive portfolio of invention rights to reduce these near-term risk<; whi:e providing Braod Techflology Market Coverage: Agriculture, long-term value ti'roughou{ the IP lifu><:ycie. 6enefits:IV's licensees receive include: Competitive advantage by 'ever<;lging of one of the Industr{5largert and autOMotive, communication5, computer hardw;)re, fastest-growing patent portfolios con:;truction, conSUO'Ier Efficient sour<:ing of valuable ~nVffltion nghts-now "H1d in the future electronics, eCommel ce, energy, fin<;lncial services, Reduced expOSJre to costly, !;'me-Consuming litigation health technologies, IV believes that relationships reduce fisk and create value. We also recognize the il)form;)tion technology, Ilfe investment our customers make in licensing nUf portfolio, and are committed to sciences, rrateria!:; science, ensuring that Yalu€ is protected. Because Ideas and il'lv«ltions are Y;;Iluable, when medical devic~, required, we wili rigoroU5Jy defend our invention tights in order to continue nanotechnology, physical to provide strOltegic OInd financlOlI benefits 10 our customent But t~e v<;Ijue customers re<:o!'jye extends beyond licensing our portfolio of mo'e than 30,OCO patent asse:s.IV also offers unique value-;;Idded prooucts and services that further enable companies to M;;Iximile the re!ur'O on their licensing iOvestment sciences, security, semiconductors, and software leamMore: • IV Data Sheet • Li(en~ing Data Sheet • ValUE Acde£l Produces Data Sheet • Contact the G:ot;>a: Llcem,l)v GfO-.lP for more informatior, Copyright to 2011lntellectJal Ventures Managemeflt LLC (IV"'), All rights reserved. lof! 6 / IS/20111:!2PM

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