Eolas Technologies Incorporated v. Adobe Systems Incorporated et al

Filing 878

MOTION for Leave to File Excess Pages [DEFENDANTS' MOTION FOR LEAVE TO CLARIFY OR EXCEED PAGE LIMITATIONS] by Adobe Systems Incorporated, Amazon.com Inc., CDW Corporation, Citigroup Inc., Google Inc., J.C. Penney Company, Inc., Staples, Inc., Yahoo! Inc., YouTube, LLC. (Attachments: # 1 Text of Proposed Order)(Reines, Edward)

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IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE EASTERN DISTRICT OF TEXAS TYLER DIVISION EOLAS TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED, PLAINTIFF, v. ADOBE SYSTEMS INC., et al., DEFENDANTS. § § § § § § § § § § § Civil Action No. 6:09-CV-446-LED JURY TRIAL DEMANDED DEFENDANTS’ MOTION FOR LEAVE TO CLARIFY OR EXCEED PAGE LIMITATIONS Defendants Adobe Systems, Inc., Amazon.com, Inc., CDW LLC, Citigroup Inc., Google, Inc., J.C. Penney Corp., Inc., Staples, Inc., Yahoo! Inc., and YouTube LLC (collectively, “Defendants”) respectfully move pursuant to Local Rule CV-7(l) to clarify, and if applicable exceed, the page limitations for summary judgment motions, and would state as follows: The Docket Control Order provides, for dispositive motions, that “[m]otions shall comply with Local Rule CV-56 and Local Rule CV-7.” [Dkt. No. 249 at 3]. With respect to the page limit applicable to summary judgment motions, Local Rule CV-7(a)(3)(A) further provides that “a party’s summary judgment motions shall not exceed sixty pages collectively, excluding attachments.” In this case, there are 9 separate and distinct parties remaining as defendants and counterclaimants. So far, the defendants have filed three summary judgment motions: • a Motion for Partial Summary Judgment of Indefiniteness joined by all defendants (13 pages) [Dkt. No. 568]; • a Motion for Partial Summary Judgment of Intervening Rights joined by all defendants (10 pages) (“Intervening Rights Motion”) [Dkt. No. 567]; and • Go-Daddy alone filed a Motion for Summary Judgment of Noninfringement Based on Its License Defense (14 pages) (“Go-Daddy License Motion”) [Dkt. No. 790]. That is a total of 37 pages of summary judgment motion briefing. However, all defendants are concurrently withdrawing the Intervening Rights Motion. So of the 24 pages of summary judgment motions that would remain pending for adjudication, 14 pages are associated with the Go-Daddy License Motion. When Go-Daddy submitted its own motion on the licensing issues, because of Local Rule CV-7(a)(3)(A)’s reference to a “party” none of the Defendants objected to that filing on the grounds that it would consume almost a quarter of the group’s summary judgment allocation. If they had known that it would, they would have done so. For that reason, the Defendants request that the Court not count the 14 page Go-Daddy License Motion against the 60 page “per-side” summary judgment limit or, if it does, grant Defendants 14 additional pages for their motions. All the defendants have worked hard to consolidate their briefing in joint motions and are submitting the following summary judgment motions jointly, subject to the Court’s disposition of this motion to clarify or exceed page limits: • Motion for Summary Judgment of Invalidity Under §102(b) (7 pages); • Motion for Summary Judgment of Invalidity for Lack of Written Description (7 pages); • Motion for Partial Summary Judgment of Non-Infringement Based on Divided Infringement (8 pages); • Motion for Summary Judgment of Noninfringement Based on Microsoft/Apple License Defense (20 pages)1; and • Motion for Summary Judgment of No Enhanced Damages for Willful Infringement (5 pages). In sum, Defendants file this motion to clarify the page limits applicable to each individual Defendant as well as to all the Defendants collectively.2 In particular, whereas Go Daddy has filed the Go-Daddy License Motion on behalf of Go-Daddy only and joined by no other Defendants, Defendants request that the Go-Daddy License Motion be excluded from the limit 1 Go-Daddy is not a party to this motion. Adobe is also filing an individual motion seeking leave to file a separate summary-judgment motion that is unique to Adobe’s circumstances. 2 2 remaining for summary judgment motions filed on behalf of other Defendants individually and for Defendants collectively, or the Defendants be permitted to exceed the page limit by 14 pages if the limit is being applied “per side” rather than per “party.” Respectfully submitted, Dated: August 17, 2011 By: /s/ James R. Batchelder (with permission) James R. Batchelder (pro hac vice) james.batchelder@ropesgray.com Sasha G. Rao (pro hac vice) sasha.rao@ropesgray.com Mark D. Rowland mark.rowland@ropesgray.com Brandon Stroy (pro hac vice) brandon.stroy@ropesgray.com Rebecca R. Hermes (pro hac vice) rebecca.wight@ropesgray.com Han Xu (pro hac vice) han.xu@ropesgray.com ROPES & GRAY LLP 1900 University Avenue, 6th Floor East Palo Alto, California 94303-2284 Telephone: (650) 617-4000 Facsimile: (650) 617-4090 Michael E. Jones (Bar No. 10929400) mikejones@potterminton.com Allen F. Gardner (Bar No. 24043679) allengardner@potterminton.com POTTER MINTON A Professional Corporation 110 N. College, Suite 500 Tyler, TX 75702 Telephone: (903) 597-8311 Facsimile: (903) 593-0846 ATTORNEYS FOR DEFENDANTS GOOGLE, INC. AND YOUTUBE, LLC /s/ Edward R. Reines 3 Edward R. Reines Jared Bobrow Sonal N. Mehta Aaron Y. Huang Andrew L. Perito WEIL, GOTSHAL & MANGES LLP 201 Redwood Shores Parkway Redwood Shores, CA 94065 Telephone: (650) 802-3000 Facsimile: (650) 802-3100 Email: edward.reines@weil.com Email: jared.bobrow@weil.com Email: sonal.mehta@weil.com Email: aaron.huang@weil.com Email: andrew.perito@weil.com Doug W. McClellan doug.mcclellan@weil.com WEIL, GOTSHAL & MANGES LLP 700 Louisiana, Suite 1600 Houston, TX 77002 Telephone: (713) 546-5000 Facsimile: (713) 224-9511 Jennifer H. Doan Texas Bar No. 08809050 Joshua R. Thane Texas Bar No. 24060713 Haltom & Doan Crown Executive Center, Suite 100 6500 Summerhill Road Texarkana, TX 75503 Telephone: (903) 255-1000 Facsimile: (903) 255-0800 Email: jdoan@haltomdoan.com Email: jthane@haltomdoan.com Otis Carroll (Bar No. 3895700) Deborah Race (Bar No. 11648700) IRELAND, CARROLL & KELLEY, P.C. 6101 South Broadway, Suite 500 Tyler, Texas 75703 Telephone: (903) 561-1600 Facsimile: (903) 581-1071 Email: fedserv@icklaw.com 4 ATTORNEYS FOR DEFENDANTS AMAZON.COM, INC. and YAHOO! INC. /s/ David J. Healey (with permission) David J. Healey healey@fr.com FISH & RICHARDSON P.C. 1 Houston Center 1221 McKinney Street, Suite 2800 Houston, TX 77010 Telephone: (713) 654-5300 Facsimile: (713) 652-0109 OF COUNSEL: Frank E. Scherkenbach scherkenbach@fr.com FISH & RICHARDSON P.C. One Marina Park Drive Boston, MA 02110-1878 Telephone: (617) 542-5070 Facsimile: (617) 542-8906 Jason W. Wolff wolff@fr.com FISH & RICHARDSON P.C. 12390 El Camino Real San Diego, CA 92130 Telephone: (858) 678-5070 Facsimile: (858) 678-5099 ATTORNEYS FOR DEFENDANT ADOBE SYSTEMS INC. By: /s/ Thomas L. Duston (with permission) Thomas L. Duston tduston@marshallip.com Anthony S. Gabrielson agabrielson@marshallip.com Scott A. Sanderson (pro hac vice) ssanderson@marshallip.com MARSHALL, GERSTEIN & BORUN LLP 6300 Willis Tower 233 South Wacker Drive Chicago, IL 60606-6357 Telephone: (312) 474-6300 5 Facsimile: (312) 474-0448 Eric H. Findlay (Bar No. 00789886) efindlay@findlaycraft.com Brian Craft (Bar No. 04972020) bcraft@findlaycraft.com FINDLAY CRAFT, LLP 6760 Old Jacksonville Highway Suite 101 Tyler, TX 75703 Telephone: (903) 534-1100 Facsimile: (903) 534-1137 ATTORNEYS FOR DEFENDANT CDW LLC By: /s/ M. Scott Fuller (with permission) Edwin R. DeYoung (Bar No. 05673000) edeyoung@lockelord.com Roy W. Hardin (Bar No. 08968300) rhardin@lockelord.com Roger Brian Cowie (Bar No. 00783886) rcowie@lockelord.com M. Scott Fuller (Bar No. 24036607) sfuller@lockelord.com Galyn Gafford (Bar No. 24040938) ggafford@lockelord.com LOCKE LORD BISSELL & LIDDELL LLP 2200 Ross Avenue, Suite 2200 Dallas, TX 75201-6776 Telephone: (214) 740-8000 Facsimile: (214) 740-8800 KING & SPALDING LLP 1185 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10036-4003 Telephone: (212) 556-2100 Facsimile: (212) 556-2222 Eric L. Sophir (pro hac vice) esophir@kslaw.com KING & SPALDING LLP 1700 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Suite 200 Washington, D.C. 20006-4707 Telephone: (202) 626-8980 Facsimile: (202) 626-3737 6 ATTORNEYS FOR DEFENDANT CITIGROUP INC. By: /s/ Christopher M. Joe (with permission) Jeffrey K. Joyner (pro hac vice) joynerj@gtlaw.com Jeffrey F. Yee (pro hac vice) yeej@gtlaw.com GREENBERG TRAURIG LLP 2450 Colorado Avenue, Suite 400E Santa Monica, CA 90404 Telephone: (310) 586-7700 Facsimile: (310) 586-7800 Christopher M. Joe (Bar No. 00787770) chrisjoe@bjciplaw.com Brian Carpenter (Bar No. 03840600) brian.carpenterb@bjciplaw.com Eric W. Buether (Bar No. 03316880) eric.buethere@bjciplaw.com BUETHER JOE & CARPENTER, LLC 1700 Pacific, Suite 2390 Dallas, TX 75201 Telephone: (214) 466-1270 Facsimile: (214) 635-1842 ATTORNEYS FOR DEFENDANT J.C. PENNEY CORPORATION By: /s/ Donald R. Steinberg (with permission) Mark G. Matuschak (pro hac vice) mark.matuschak@wilmerhale.com Donald R. Steinberg (pro hac vice) donald.steinberg@wilmerhale.com WILMER CUTLER PICKERING HALE AND DORR LLP 60 State Street Boston, MA 02109 Telephone: (617) 526-6000 Facsimile: (617) 526-5000 Kate Hutchins (pro hac vice) 7 kate.hutchins@wilmerhale.com WILMER CUTLER PICKERING HALE AND DORR LLP 399 Park Avenue New York, NY 10011 Telephone: (212) 230-8800 Facsimile: (212) 230-8888 Daniel V. Williams, (pro hac vice) daniel.williams@wilmerhale.com WILMER CUTLER PICKERING HALE AND DORR LLP 1875 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20006 Telephone: (202) 663-6000 Facsimile: (202) 663-6363 Michael E. Richardson (Bar No. 24002838) mrichardson@brsfirm.com BECK REDDEN & SECREST 1221 McKinney, Suite 4500 Houston, TX 77010 Telephone: (713) 951-6284 Facsimile: (713) 951-3720 ATTORNEYS FOR DEFENDANT STAPLES, INC. 8 CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE The undersigned hereby certifies that all counsel of record who are deemed to have consented to electronic service are being served with a copy of this document via the Court’s CM/ECF system per Local Rule CV-5(a)(3) on this 17th day of August 2011. All other counsel of record will be served via facsimile or first class mail. /s/ Cynthia Jacobs Cynthia Jacobs CERTIFICATE OF CONFERENCE The undersigned hereby certifies that, in compliance with Local Rule CV-7(h), counsel for Amazon.com, Inc. and Yahoo! Inc. Edward Reines conferred in good faith in a phone conversation with counsel for Eolas Technologies, Inc. John Campbell on August 17, 2011. Counsel for Eolas indicated that Eolas opposes the relief requested herein, and after a full and thorough discussion of the parties’ positions it was agreed that an impasse was reached, leaving an open issue for the court to resolve. /s/ Edward R. Reines Edward R. Reines 9

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