WI-LAN Inc. v. Alcatel-Lucent USA Inc. et al

Filing 148

***PLEASE IGNORE. FILED IN ERROR.*** JOINT CLAIM CONSTRUCTION AND PREHEARING STATEMENT filed by Alcatel-Lucent USA Inc., Ericsson Inc., Exedea INC., HTC America, Inc., HTC Corporation, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications (USA) Inc., Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB, Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson, WI-LAN Inc. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A-Parties Proposed Construction of Each Disputed Claim Term, Phrase, or Clause, # 2 Exhibit B-Wi-LAN'S IDENTIFICATION OF INTRINSIC AND EXTRINSIC EVIDENCE, # 3 Exhibit C-DEFENDANTS' IDENTIFICATION OF INTRINSIC AND EXTRINSIC EVIDENCE)(Fedock, John) Modified on 2/7/2012 (leh, ). Modified on 2/7/2012 (mll, ).

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IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE EASTERN DISTRICT OF TEXAS TYLER DIVISION WI-LAN INC., Plaintiff, v. ALCATEL-LUCENT USA INC.; TELEFONAKTIEBOLAGET LM ERICSSON; ERICSSON INC.; SONY ERICSSON MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS AB; SONY ERICSSON MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS (USA) INC.; HTC CORPORATION; HTC AMERICA, INC.; EXEDEA INC.; LG ELECTRONICS, INC.; LG ELECTRONICS MOBILECOMM U.S.A., INC.; LG ELECTRONICS U.S.A., INC. Defendants. § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § Civil Action No. 6:10-cv-521-LED JURY TRIAL DEMANDED JOINT CLAIM CONSTRUCTION AND PREHEARING STATEMENT Pursuant to Patent Rule 4-3, the parties file this Joint Claim Construction and Prehearing Statement. (a) The parties have agreed on proposed constructions for the following claims terms, phrases, or clauses: Claim Term or Phrase orthogonal codes Agreed Construction codes that cross-correlate to zero selectively designate one or more of said make one or more data channels unavailable for transmission traffic channels as locked channels wireless link a radio connection between a central terminal and a particular subscriber terminal for communicating data items therebetween (b) The parties’ proposed constructions of each disputed claim term, phrase, or clause are provided in the table attached as Exhibit A. Wi-LAN’s identification of references from the specification or prosecution history that support its constructions and extrinsic evidence on which it intends to rely is attached as Exhibit B. Wi-LAN further reserves the right to use any intrinsic or extrinsic evidence identified by the Defendants, in this filing or otherwise. The Defendants’ identification of references from the specification or prosecution history that support their constructions and extrinsic evidence on which they intend to rely is attached as Exhibit C. Defendants further reserve the right to use any intrinsic or extrinsic evidence identified by WiLAN, in this filing or otherwise. (c) The parties anticipate that the Claim Construction Hearing will require a total of three hours. This would allow each side 90 minutes to argue the disputed claim terms, phrases, and clauses. (d) Neither party intends to call any witnesses live at the claim construction (e) According to the Docket Control Order, there is no prehearing conference hearing. scheduled before the Claim Construction Hearing. The parties do not at this time have any other issues that might be appropriately taken up at either a prehearing conference before or at the Claim Construction Hearing. 2 Dated: February 6, 2012 Respectfully submitted, _/s/ Akshay S. Deoras_ ________ Michael E. Jones – LEAD ATTORNEY TX Bar 10929400 Allen F. Gardner TX Bar 24043679 POTTER MINTON PC 110 N. College Avenue Tyler, TX 75702 Tel: (903) 597-8311 Fax: (903) 593-0846 mike.jones@potterminton.com allen.gardner@pottenminton.com /s/ John A. Fedock Johnny Ward TX Bar 00794818 Wesley Hill TX Bar 24032294 WARD & SMITH LAW FIRM 111 W. Tyler Street Longview, TX 75601 Tel: (903) 757-6400 Fax: (903-757-2323 jw@jwfirm.com wh@jwfirm.com Gregory S. Arovas (pro hac vice) Robert A. Appleby (pro hac vice) Akshay S. Deoras (pro hac vice) KIRKLAND & ELLIS LLP 601 Lexington Avenue New York, NY 10022 Tel: (212) 446-4800 Fax: (212) 446-4900 robert.appleby@kirland.com greg.arovas@kirkland.com akshay.deoras@kirkland.com Alcatel-Lucent-Wi-LANDefense@kirkland.com David B. Weaver – LEAD ATTORNEY TX Bar. 00798576 Juliet M. Dirba TX Bar. 24051063 Jeffrey T. Han TX Bar 24069870 John A. Fedock TX Bar 24059737 Syed K. Fareed TX Bar 24065216 Avelyn M. Ross TX Bar 24027817 VINSON & ELKINS LLP 2801 Via Fortuna, Suite 100 Austin, TX 78746 Tel: (512) 542-8400 dweaver@velaw.com jdirba@velaw.com jhan@velaw.com jfedock@velaw.com sfareed@velaw.com aross@velaw.com WI-LAN@velaw.com Attorneys for Defendant Alcatel-Lucent USA Inc. _/s/_Richard L. Wynne, Jr.______ Bruce S. Sostek – LEAD ATTORNEY TX Bar 18855700 Richard L. Wynne, Jr. TX Bar 24003214 Matthew P. Harper TX Bar 24037777 THOMPSON KNIGHT LLP 1722 Routh Street, Suite 1500 Dallas, TX 75201 Tel: (214) 969-1700 Fax: (214) 969-1751 bruce.sostek@tklaw.com richard.wynne@tklaw.com Charles P. Ebertin VINSON & ELKINS LLP 525 University Avenue, Suite 410 Palo Alto, CA 94301-1918 Tel: (650) 617-8400 cebertin@velaw.com 3 matt.harper@tklaw.com Attorneys for Plaintiff, Wi-LAN Inc. Attorneys for Defendants Ericsson Inc., Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications (USA) Inc., and Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB _/s/_Martin R. Bader____________ Eric Findlay TX Bar 00789886 Brian Craft TX Bar 04972020 FINDLAY CRAFT LLP 6760 Old Jacksonville Highway, Suite 101 Tyler, TX 75703 Tel: (903) 534-1100 Fax: (903) 534-1137 efindlay@findlaycraft.com bcraft@findlaycraft.com Stephen S. Korniczky (pro hac vice) Martin R. Bader (pro hac vice) SHEPPARD MULLIN RICHTER & HAMPTON LLP 12275 El Camino Real, Suite 200 San Diego, CA 92130 Tel: (858) 720-8924 Fax: (858) 847-4892 skorniczky@sheppardmullin.com mbader@sheppardmullin.com Attorneys for Defendants HTC Corporation, HTC America Inc., and Exedea Inc. 4 CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE The undersigned certifies that the foregoing document was filed electronically in compliance with Local Rule CV-5(a). As such, this document was served on all counsel who are deemed to have consented to electronic service. Local Rule CV-5(a)(3)(A). All other counsel of record not deemed to have consented to electronic service were served with a true and correct copy of the foregoing by email and/or fax, on this the 6th day of February 2012. /s/ John A. Fedock 5

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