WI-LAN Inc. v. Alcatel-Lucent USA Inc. et al

Filing 415

Joint MOTION Approval of Proposed Agreed Juror Questionnaire by Alcatel-Lucent USA Inc., Ericsson Inc., Exedea INC., HTC America, Inc., HTC Corporation, Sony Mobile Communications (USA) Inc., Sony Mobile Communications AB, Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson, WI-LAN Inc.. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A - Agreed Juror Questionnaire, # 2 Text of Proposed Order)(Bufe, John)

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Exhibit A TO PROSPECTIVE JURORS This questionnaire is designed to obtain information with respect to your qualifications to sit as a juror in this case. Use of this questionnaire will shorten the jury selection process. Please answer the questions as completely as possible. The information contained within the questionnaire will become part of the Court's permanent record, but it will not be distributed to anyone except the attorneys in the case and the judge. During the questioning by the Court or the attorneys, you will be given an opportunity to explain or expand any answers, if necessary. If for any reason you do not want to answer any of the questions asked, please write the word "PRIVATE" next to the question and we will take this matter up with you in private. This questionnaire is part of the jury selection process. The questions must be answered by you under penalty of perjury and you should fill out this questionnaire by yourself without consulting any other person. Please use the back of the questionnaire should you wish to make further comments regarding any of your answers, and please remember to indicate the corresponding question number. If you do not understand a question, please write "I DO NOT UNDERSTAND" and the question will be explained to you in Court. PLEASE REALIZE THERE ARE NO RIGHT OR WRONG ANSWERS - JUST HONEST ONES. * * * JUROR QUESTIONNAIRE Juror No. ______ Age:  Male  Female 1. Name 2. What is the last level of education you completed:  Less than High School  High School/GED  Some College/Technical  Associates Degree  College Degree  Advanced D eg ree Major or field of study:_____________________________________________________________ 3. What is your current marital status?  Single  Married  Separated  Divorced  Divorced, but remarried  Widowed 4. Spouse’s Name: 5. What is your current employment status? (Check all that apply) Full-time Part Time Self-employed Full-time homemaker Unemployed, not looking for work Unemployed, looking for work Disabled/Worker’s Compensation Retired Student  Other 6. Please list your employment history for the past three jobs (continue on back of paper if needed). If you own or owned a business, please also state the number of employees: Dates/Employer Job Title Nature of Business No. of Employees Spouse’s Employer: JUROR QUESTIONNAIRE 7. Have you ever held a public service job or worked for the government?  Yes  No If yes, please describe (If military service, include branch and highest rank): 8. Do you use a smart phone (for example, Blackberry, iPhone, or Samsung Galaxy phone)? 9. Do you use a computer?  Yes  No If so, what for: [Check all that apply]  Email  Shopping  Work  Searching for information  News  Finance  Sports  Listen to music  Read books  Watch videos  Other 10. Do you have internet access at home?  Yes  No If yes, what kind? [e.g., dial up, DSL, cable, satellite] ______________________________ 11. Outside of your appearance here in court as a prospective juror, what experiences have you had with the legal or judicial system: 12. Have you or someone close to you ever: Been a witness in court?  Yes  No Brought a case or lawsuit:  Yes  No Been sued?  Yes  No If yes to any of the above, please describe what kind of lawsuit and what was the outcome: 13. Have you or someone close to you ever worked in the legal field or had specialized legal training?  Yes  No If yes, please describe:_______________________________________________________________________________  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 14. a. Have you ever created or developed an idea or new technology? b. Have you or someone you know considered filing for a patent? c. Has someone used an idea of yours without permission? d. Have you ever been accused of using the idea of someone else? If yes to any of the above, please describe:     No No No No 15. Please list any organizations or groups that you belong to, participate in, or donate money to (for example, social, fraternal, service, political, business, and community organizations): 16. What are your hobbies, recreational interests, or leisure time activities: 17. Do you watch television on a regular basis?  Yes  No If yes, what stations, programs, or hosts: 18. Do you read newspapers or magazines on a regular basis?  Yes  No If yes, what newspapers or magazines: 19. Do you own stock in any of the following companies: Wi-LAN?  Yes  No Alcatel-Lucent?  Yes  No Sony?  Yes  No Your Signature: Ericsson?  Yes  No HTC?  Yes  No Date Signed:

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