WI-LAN Inc. v. Alcatel-Lucent USA Inc. et al

Filing 499

STIPULATION of Dismissal [JOINT] with Prejudice by Alcatel-Lucent USA Inc., WI-LAN Inc.. (Attachments: # 1 Text of Proposed Order)(Pai, Ajeet)

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IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE EASTERN DISTRICT OF TEXAS TYLER DIVISION WI-LAN INC., Plaintiff, v. ALCATEL-LUCENT USA INC., et al., Defendants. § § § § § § § § § § § Civil Action No. 6:10-CV-521-LED Civil Action No. 6:13-CV-252-LED CASES CONSOLIDATED FOR TRIAL STIPULATION AND JOINT MOTION TO DISMISS WITH PREJUDICE Plaintiff Wi-LAN, Inc. (“Wi-LAN”) and Defendant Alcatel-Lucent USA Inc. (“AlcatelLucent”) by and through their counsel of record, hereby stipulate and request the Court order as follows: (1) All claims at issue between Wi-LAN and Alcatel-Lucent in this action, including all claims presented by Wi-LAN and all of Alcatel-Lucent’s counterclaims, shall be dismissed with prejudice; (2) Wi-LAN and Alcatel-Lucent each shall bear their own costs and attorneys’ fees; (3) Alcatel-Lucent withdraws the following pending motions and/or oppositions: a. Alcatel Lucent’s joinder to Defendants’ Motion to Recover Attorneys’ Fees (Dkt. No. 475); b. Alcatel-Lucent’s Agreed Bill of Costs (Dkt. No. 478); c. Alcatel-Lucent’s joinder to Defendants’ oppositions (Dkt. Nos. 491, 492) to Wi-LAN’s Motion for a New Trial (Dkt. No. 481) and Renewed Motion for Judgment as a Matter of Law of No Invalidity (Dkt. No. 482); d. Alcatel-Lucent’s joinder to Alcatel-Lucent and HTC’s opposition (Dkt. No. 495) to Wi-LAN, Ericsson, and Sony Mobile’s Partially Opposed Joint Motion to Seal Certain Trial Exhibits. Dated: September 17, 2013 Respectfully submitted, /s/Akshay S. Deoras (by permission) Gregory S. Arovas (pro hac vice) Robert A. Appleby (pro hac vice) Akshay S. Deoras (pro hac vice) Jeanne M. Heffernan (pro hac vice) Mira Atanassova Mulvaney (pro hac vice) KIRKLAND & ELLIS LLP 601 Lexington Avenue New York, NY 10022 Tel: (212) 446-4800 Fax: (212) 446-4900 Alcatel-Lucent-Wi-LAN-Defense@kirkland.com Local Counsel Michael E. Jones (TX Bar No. 10929400) Allen F. Gardner (TX Bar No. 24043679) John F. Bufe (TX Bar No. 03316930) POTTER MINTON PC 110 N. College, Suite 500 P.O. Box 359 Tyler, TX 75710-0359 Tel: (903) 597-8311 Fax: (903) 593-0846 mikejones@potterminton.com allengardner@potterminton.com johnbufe@potterminton.com By: /s/ Ajeet P. Pai David B. Weaver (TX Bar No. 00798576) Lead Attorney Steve R. Borgman (TX Bar No. 02670300) Gwendolyn J. Samora (TX Bar No. 00784899) Avelyn M. Ross (TX Bar No. 24027817) Ajeet P. Pai (TX Bar No. 24060376) Syed K. Fareed (TX Bar No. 24065216) Jeffrey T. Han (TX Bar No. 24069870) Seth A. Lindner (TX Bar No. 24078862) VINSON &ELKINS LLP 2801 Via Fortuna, Suite 100 Austin, TX 78746 Tel: (512) 542-8400 Fax: (512) 236-3476 WI-LAN@velaw.com Local Counsel Johnny Ward (TX Bar No. 00794818) Wesley Hill (TX Bar No. 24032294) Ward & Smith Law Firm P.O. Box 1231, 1127 Judson Rd., Ste. 220 Longview, TX 75606-1231 Tel: (903) 757-6400 Fax: (903) 757-2323 jw@jwfirm.com wh@jwfirm.com claire@wsfirmcom Attorneys for Defendant Alcatel-Lucent USA Inc. Attorneys for Plaintiff, Wi-LAN Inc. 2 CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE I hereby certify that a true and correct copy of the foregoing document was filed electronically pursuant to Local Rule CV-5(a) and served on all counsel of record via the Court’s ECF and by electronic means on counsel of record on September 17, 2013. /s/ Ajeet P. Pai 3

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