WI-LAN Inc. v. Alcatel-Lucent USA Inc. et al

Filing 93

6.9.11 Minute Entry - Status Conf: for proceedings held before Judge Leonard Davis: Status Conference held on 6/9/2011. (Court Reporter Shea Sloan.) (Attachments: # 1 Attorney Sign-In Sheets) (rlf, )

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June 9, 2011 STATUS CONFERENCES 1:50 pm – Judge Davis called each case and parties announced ready for proceedings. (See attached Sign-in Sheet for Attorney Appearances). Ms. Gunter addressed the Court in Case No. 6:10cv473 (Ericsson v D-Link) regarding adding 5 new defendants. Ms. Gunter discussed the issues on timing. Mr. Nemunaitis responded and will work with the parties given the schedule by the Court. Court addressed the parties in Case No. 6:10cv670 (Secure Axcess v Bank of America) and inquired as to how many defendants were in the suit. Mr. Brewster responded that there are 17 defendant groups, and approx 36 - 37 individual defendants. Court inquired as to deviation from the standard DCO – any issues on how to approach the case. None from any party. Court addressed the parties in Case No. 611cv25 & 26 (Memtech v Analog, et al) and inquired as to how many defendants were in the suit. Mr. Pogorzelski responded. Court inquired as to any deviation from the standard norm. Mr. Pogorzelski and Mr. Mike Jones responded. Court addressed the parties in Case No. 611cv48 (Sipco v ABB, Inc) and inquired as to any related cases? Mr. Walsh responded as to the related cases being 610cv533 and 609cv532. Court and parties discussed the referral order the Markman date of 2.23.12 on the 610cv533 case. Court re-called each case and parties announced whether they consented to proceed before him. Court in recess. Judge Davis gave parties their prospective Markman Hearing Dates and Jury Selection Dates as indicated below. Case # Case Name 610cv355 LED Markman Kellstrom v Siemens JDL Markman LED Trial 1.26.12 JDL Trial 9.10.12 CONSENT 610cv473 Ericsson v D-Link 6.28.12 6.3.13 610cv521 WI-LAN v Alcatel-Lucent 4.26.12 4.1.13 610cv574 Refer JDL Innovative v OnStar 5.24.12 4.1.13 610cv580 Refer JDL SmartPhone v HTC 5.31.12 4.1.13 610cv588 Refer JDL Lonestar v Sony 6.7.12 4.1.13 610cv615 Taylor v IBM 5.3.12 5.6.13 610cv670 Secure v Bank of America 5.10.12 5.6.13 Case # Case Name LED Markman JDL Markman LED Trial 610cv671 Refer JDL Global v Travelocity 6.21.12 610cv681 Azure v Texas Instruments 5.6.13 611cv25 Refer JDL Memtech v Analog 6.28.12 6.3.13 611cv46 Refer JDL TransData v Tri-County 2.12.12 11.5.12 611cv53 Phil-Insul v Reward Wall 611cv48 Refer JDL Sipco v Abb 611cv104 Optical Finisar 5.31.12 5.6.13 6.7.12 6.3.13 2.23.12 6.14.12 JDL Trial 7.1.13 6.3.13 Court addressed the parties in Case No. 611cv46 (TransData Case) and will set this case with the existing case. Mr. Smith addressed the Court on Sipco cases and informed that there are 8 defendant groups on the new case and raised concerns regarding Markman briefings being due next month. Court will set on this schedule and will be referred to Judge Love. 2:40 pm - There being nothing further, Court adjourned.

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